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Lewis & Clark High School Music

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1 Lewis & Clark High School Music
Vancouver Trip May 22-25, 2014

2 Itinerary Trips like ours follow a strict itinerary. It is VERY important that you follow the itinerary closely. Students will receive a copy of the itinerary and are expected to carry it at all times. Parents, you can keep your copy of the itinerary to help you know where we are and how to reach us should an emergency occur.

3 Thursday May 22, 2014 5:15 AM- Arrive at Lewis & Clark High School.
Load the buses Alpha Omega Charters Check in with your Chaperone and show necessary documentation and inhalers/epipens 6:00 AM- Depart Lewis & Clark High School

4 Thursday May 22, 2014 Breakfast/Lunch on the bus. Please bring sack meals (all fruit must be eaten before the border) 3 PMish- Arrive in Vancouver- Check in at Hotel time permitting- Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Center, 4331 Dominion St, Burnaby, BC 4:00 PM- Dinner

5 Thursday May 22, 2014 6:00 PM- Jazz 2 Warm Up (Douglas College- 700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC) 6:35 PM- Performance- Jazz 2 6:45 PM- Concert Orchestra Warm Up 7:20 PM- Performance- Concert Orchestra 7:30 PM- Symphonic Band Warm Up 8:05 PM- Performance- Symphonic Band

6 Thursday May 22, 2014 8:40 PM- Depart for Hotel 10:00 PM- In Rooms
11:00 PM- Lights Out

7 Friday May 23, 2014 7:30 AM- Wake up call 8:45 AM- Depart hotel
10:00 AM- Show Choir Warm Up (Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC) 10:30 AM- Performance- Show Choir 11:00 AM- Cantabile Warm Up

8 Friday May 23, 2014 11:30 AM- Performance- Cantabile
11:55 AM- Bands Leave for Lunch 12:00 PM- Concert Choir Warm Up 12:30 PM- Performance- Concert Choir 1:00 PM- Depart for Lunch 2:20 PM- Jazz 1 Warm Up (Douglas College) 2:55 PM- Performance- Jazz 1 4:10 PM- Concert Band Warm Up

9 Friday May 23, 2014 4:45 PM- Performance- Concert Band
5:25 PM- Chamber Orchestra Warm Up 6:00 PM- Performance- Chamber Orchestra 6:00 PM- Symphonic Winds Warm Up 6:35 PM- Performance- Symphonic Winds 7:00 PM- Depart for Dinner/Movie

10 Friday May 23, 2014 10:00 PM- Return to Hotel 11:00 PM- Lights Out

11 Saturday May 24, 2014 7:00 AM- Wake-Up Call/Breakfast
8:30 AM- Depart for Hyak Parade 9:00 AM- Stage for Hyak Parade 11:00 AM- Parade Begins 12:30 PM- Parade Ends- Change and then disperse for lunch PM- Afternoon Activity Stanley Park 7:00 PM- PNE Playland- Rides, Dinner, Awards, Dance 11:00 PM- Light’s Out

12 Sunday May 25, 2014 6:30 AM- Wake-Up Call/Check-out
8:00 AM- Check Out/Depart for Capilano Suspension Bridge 9:00 AM- Capilano Sus. Bridge 11:30 AM- Depart for Home/Boxed Lunch Afternoon (4-5ish)- Stop for dinner in Ellensburg (1 hr?) 9:30-10:30 PM- Return to Lewis & Clark High School

13 Packing Each passenger is allowed to carry on one backpack-sized bag and one personal item such as a purse or briefcase. Assistive devices and outer garments do not count as personal items. All carry-on “luggage” must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. You can then put a small suitcase and your instrument under the bus.

14 Packing List (1/9) Medical Supplies Inhalers Epipens Others
See your teacher for all other related medical supplies All prescription and over the counter drugs must have the proper paperwork completed 5 days prior to the trip. Prescriptions may go into Canada but need to be in original packaging.

15 Packing List (2/9) Picture ID- (Drivers License and/or ASB Card).
Birth Certificate (Original or Certified Copy)(students only), Passport, Passport Card, Enhanced License/ID, Trusted Traveler Program Cards (Nexus, Sentri, Fast, Global Entry) $75-80 Spending Money for the trip (5 meals & a movie). This does NOT include souvenirs so if you plan to spend more bring more Movies for the Charter Busses (PG-13 or -)

16 Packing List (3/9) Pillow/Blanket for the bus trips
Quiet Entertainment Books iPods* Hand-held Video Games* Movies* Travel Games Homework

17 Packing List (4/9) Cell Phones/Calling Cards
You will not be able to call using room phones Be aware of your Cell Phone call and texting fees for international travel Glasses, Contacts, Sunglasses Cameras Snacks, Beverages, Thursday morning breakfast items LC Logo Clothing (WEAR THIS- it helps us find you in a crowd)

18 Packing List (5/9) Uniform (Preferably pre-ironed and in a flat garment bag) Shoes (Concert and Marching) Dress/Shirt (Concert Shirt and Marching Shirt) Pants Vest Ties Black Socks/Nylons/etc.

19 Packing List (6/9) Instruments (make sure your name & address is tagged on the outside of the case) Mouthpiece/Reeds/Ligatures/Bows Valve Oil/Cork Grease/Slide Grease/Rosin Mutes/Rock Stops Sticks/Mallets/Accessories Secondary Instrument (?) Some Percussion/Amps Music (will be put in pep band travel bins)

20 Packing List (7/9) Clothes for 4 days Pants/Shorts
T-Shirts/Long Sleeve Shirts/Jacket Under Garments/Unmentionables Highly Appropriate Night Wear (Pajamas) Shoes (Tennis Shoes/Sandals) Hat/Sunglasses (?)

21 Packing List (8/9) Toiletries Deodorant Toothbrush/Toothpaste
Floss/Mouthwash Retainers Brush/Comb Eye glasses/Contacts cleaning solutions Shaving Needs

22 Packing List (9/9) Toiletries (cont.) Feminine Hygiene Products
Make-up (?) Fingernail Clippers (?) Curling Irons (?) Sunscreen

23 Medications on the Trip
View form entitled “Medications During Over Night or Extended Field Trips.” Due to the circumstances of this trip we are encouraging a mixture of step 3 and step 4 (student self-carry and administer and then put students name in blanks of step 4). Include necessary notes/forms with your student or turn in to teachers ahead of time. Unless….your students needs adult supervision to insure medications are taken, student needs a lot of medication, or medication is “strong” (i.e. narcotics for a mental health condition).

24 Medications continued…
All medication on the trip must be in original bottle with a readable original label. Please only send the amount of medication you believe your student will need for the trip. This helps us with safety and security. Students requiring Epipens/Inhalers need to have a way to carry the device on their person at all times. They will be requested by chaperones to show the device prior to all departures on the trip.

25 Items Inappropriate for the Trip (1/2)
All inappropriate items will be confiscated and the student may be subject to disciplinary action. Video Game Consoles Valuables (excessive and/or expensive Jewelry, etc.) Athletic Equipment Noisy Items (anything loud enough to bother someone else)

26 Items Inappropriate for the Trip (2/2)
Drugs/Alcohol Weapons (including pocket knives) Gang/Sex/Drug Paraphernalia Excessive amounts of clothing and/or toiletries Excessive amounts of Entertainment Items (including movies) The School & Festival cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items on the trip. Please pack accordingly

27 Overnight Travel Rules & Guidelines
For students (1/2): Remember you are an ambassador of Lewis & Clark High School. Every one of your actions, positive and negative, will reflect on our school, community and yourself. It is your responsibility to maintain contact with your assigned chaperone and obey all the requests and rules given to you.

28 Overnight Travel Rules & Guidelines
For students (2/2): Students will not loiter in hotels halls unless given express permission by your chaperone. All students will be in their rooms, behind locked doors at the time designated by the directors or your chaperone. The hotel calls for quiet at 10 PM. Students are not allowed in other students’ rooms of the opposite gender or in the rooms of other students from other schools.

29 Overnight Travel Rules & Guidelines
For chaperones: Know the students assigned to your care, including any medical concerns. As chaperone, you are responsible for the safety and well being of your students. Know where your students are at all times. Enforce school policy. Consistent discipline is a requirement for chaperones. Chaperones, coaches and teachers on overnight trips will not consume alcohol.

30 Overnight Travel Rules & Guidelines
Miscellaneous (1/2): A cell phone will be switched on and carried at all times by the lead chaperone, coach or teacher. Every student will carry the phone number with them for use in emergencies. You can reach Mrs. Gilmore at (509) , Mrs. Pederson (509) , or Mr. Hancock at (509)

31 Overnight Travel Rules & Guidelines
Miscellaneous (2/2): The school discipline policy must be consistently followed on the trip. Any infringement of the rules will be dealt with immediately.

32 LCHS Trip Policies While on a music trip, students are expected to behave in a manner above reproach. No amount of disrespect, disobedience or “attitude” will be allowed. Students should always be on their best behavior as representatives of Lewis & Clark High School. The following rules will be STRICTLY enforced:

33 LCHS Trip Policies, Rules (1/2)
Adherence to all LCHS school policies as outlined in the LCHS student handbook and Spokane Public Schools Policies & Procedures. Trips are an extension of the class, and as such are treated in the same way. Certain infractions (such as possession of alcohol, drugs tobacco, etc.) may call for the student(s) and/or the entire group to be sent home immediately. This would most probably jeopardize or cancel future trips for all of the LCHS Music Program.

34 LCHS Trip Policies, Rules (2/2)
All staff members and chaperones are to be treated with the utmost respect. Any difficulties/disagreements with the chaperones or staff are to be brought to the director’s attention immediately. LCHS Band/Choir/Orchestra members act with CLASS- treat each other and all others with respect and dignity. Schedule and time-lines will be followed strictly- Do not get left behind.

35 LCHS Trip Policies, Consequences
In case of problems/concerns, the discipline policy will be determined by the director, other staff members or possibly the LCHS administration. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the consequences may include: A phone call to the student’s parents. The student being sent back home at the parent’s expense, with further disciplinary action through the LCHS discipline policy. The loss of further travel privileges and possible removal from the class.

36 Personal Safety Tips (1/3)
Be cautious when you talk to strangers. Do not offer any personal information such as last name, where you are staying, your room number or phone number. Always travel in groups of a minimum of 3-4 students.

37 Personal Safety Tips (2/3)
Always ask your chaperones permission before your small group leaves the larger group for ANY reason Be aware of people around you, especially in hotel lobbies and in the hallways near your room. Do not flash your room key or large amounts of money.

38 Personal Safety Tips (3/3)
When you first enter your hotel room, determine where the fire exit is located. Count the doors between your room and the exit. Remember, if there is a fire, chances are you won’t be able to see anything so check it out before hand. In the event of an emergency parents, students, chaperones, or staff members may call the directors.

39 Chaperone Student Assignments
The chaperones for this trip are: Tracy Berg Deborah Gardner Michele Halsted Mary Schauer Kathy Bruce Scott Kusel Dan Burgess Stacy Kowtko Lisa Heimbigner-Moore Leslie Martin Libby Whitley Lynda Williamson Christine Schaffer Mathew Rawlins Joe Kinsella Joe Kowtko Courtney Susemiehl

40 Chaperones Continued Michelle Grady Kristi Seppa Lori Snyder
Sonya York

41 Tracy Berg Meri Magnuson Lucy Riley Hattie Stone Charlotte Wall
Cassidy Cunningham Maria Franchino Mackenzie Frandsen Ashlynn Traina Olivia Cook Allison Little Emily Love Isabella Manoguerra

42 Simone Gardner Luke Copley Peter Erwin Nathan Lee Kahlil Wilson-Moore
Ethan Burchett Brendon Davis Jackson McMurray Malcolm Teel Max Hamby Norman Robbins Tyler Schmitz Wells Stromberg

43 Michele Halsted Jacob Bragg Patrick Cunningham Haydn Halsted
Eli Miller Mike Howard Tyler Ohmann John Thayer Billy Ward Andy Greene Mitch Hamm Andrew Larson Braeden Tyler-Babkirk

44 Lisa Heimbigner-Moore
Scott Innes Bryan Krych Chris McGovern Spencer Moore David Archer Hank Armstrong Brian Baker Blake Greensword Wilffer Bokmej Ryan Hahto Estebon Hughes Connor Radford

45 Leslie Martin Zoe Brown Kaylee Martin Katy Schermerhorn
Theresa Simpson Chantel Dugger Sojeong Han Ashley Pyle Malia Schram Saryna Jones Delaney Kramer Jo Lockhart Tori Schauer

46 Libby Whitley Katie Grainger Caroline Halvorson Annie Mattson
Isabella Weiand Ren Dimico Maggie Henley Taylor Olsen Inna Shevchenko

47 Lynda Williamson Trevor Beamer Max Dompier Caleb Hindman Duncan Lang
Brady Alexander Ryan Felker Jacob Goguen Blaine Gustafson

48 Scott Kusel Cody Boyd Tim Jones David Kusel Ben Marr Eric Erkela
Brendan Finch Colin Hardie Danijel Milovanovic Morocco Branting Grant Cook Jacob Shaffer Matthew Wildman

49 Dan Burgess Yuval Berenstein Nathan Budke Evan Burgess Kyle Fager
Devin Connor Gavyn Fees Lucas Masjoan Daniel Erwin Will Koentopp Jamys O’Reilly Patrick Phillips

50 Joe Kinsella Hannah Kinsella Linnea Love Brooklyn Peterson
Lacey Schram Mel Anderson Julia Behling Alyssa Folie Kyra Folie Abigail Bergler Jessica Daugherty Naomi Saito Molly Schermerhorn

51 Stacy Kowtko Brianna Freeman Ashley Hohenstein Brooke Merritt
Bridgette Olsen Alexa Dempsey Sicily Kapstafer Hannah Larzelier Myra Crosby Alexis Hinkle Alyssa Mueller

52 Kris Seppa Kathryn Purdum Jennifer Roberts Audrey Burg Peyton Hockett
Mikayla Binns Mackenzie Grady Anna Lee Foster Anna Seppa

53 Michelle Grady Emily Asplin Jenna Haines Maggie Kernie Annie Ward
Alyssa Baheza Emma Braks Anne Farley

54 Kathy Bruce Cory Cogley Jun Luntzel Adriaan Luu Elliot Robison
Kenny Sato Ricky Sato Kyle Thiessen Dakai Long Connor Gu Joe Mouser Gabe Soileau Alex Stewart

55 Joe Kowtko Adam Blake Thomas Eilertsen Lewis Melcher Holland Heyenrath
Draven Klamm Brennan Kowtko Josh Moltich Brandon Benoit Max Gillmer Branson Hutchins Eddie Wardwell

56 Sonya York Megan Monroe Savanna Warren Andrea White Brandi York
Jane Abbott Tailer Englehart Grotte Corianna Gillis Halaina Halsted

57 Courtney Susemiehl Veronica Greeg Cameron Holman Mariah Snyder
McKenna Susemiehl Madison Allen Shelby Fiskland CaraLee Howe Tianna Patrick

58 Christine Schaffer Amanda Schaffer Leslie Cogley Kimberly Radford
Kelly Stone Madeliene Wienclaw Grade Ndayizeye Angeline Tibbets Cheyenne Villegas

59 Lori Snyder Casey Balogh Courtney Charneski Cosette King
Amanda Rawlins Jerica Miller Sage Miner Elizabeth Moore

60 Mary Schauer Elissa Black Maia Depner Kira Dionne Chloe Forsberg
Olivia Fouts Rheanne Harkness Jesslin Olmos Christina Smith

61 Matthew Rawlins James C Hogstad Nikolas McAvoy Thomas Wilson-Vike
Parker Heyenrath Zachary McMaster Tristan Moxley William Petro Jack O’Grady Joenah Bredeson

62 Closing The floor is now open to questions.
Thank you for coming tonight and have a safe ride home.

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