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6 TH Grade Middle School Parent Meeting Welcome to Chisholm Trail Middle School.

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1 6 TH Grade Middle School Parent Meeting Welcome to Chisholm Trail Middle School

2 CTMS Overview TEA Recognized Rating Title One Campus Approximately 880 students

3 CTMS Overview Named as a “Texas School to Watch” by the Texas Middle School Association. Pearson National Model School Award given for Academic Excellence over time and Development Responsiveness to the needs of students

4 STAAR Testing Higher level assessment 4 hour time limit End of Course Exams 6 th Grade: – Reading & Math 7 th Grade – Reading, Math, Writing 8 th Grade – Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies – (Algebra 1 EOC)

5 6 th Grade Schedule 8 periods 1 ½ periods for Math and LA 1 Science, 1 Social Studies 1 P.E. (all 6 th graders take P.E.) 1 elective of a Fine Art (band, choir, or orchestra) 1 other elective which could include a second fine art *** Each class is 45 minutes *** ~ 4 minutes for passing period~

6 6 th Grade Daily Bell Schedule 1ST9:20 – 10:04 2ND10:08 – 10:52 3RD10:56 – 11:40 LUNCH….11:40 - 12:10 (three lines to choose from) 4TH 12:14 – 12:58 5TH1:02 – 1:46 6TH1:50 – 2:34 7TH2:38 – 3:42 8TH3:46 – 4:30(4 minute passing periods) *We have a 20 minute “homeroom” period: 7 th Period. (Character Lessons, DEAR, and announcements.)

7 Factors to consider when choosing classes:  Your child’s academic strengths  Teacher input  Past STAAR performance  Personal goals

8 Choices for 6 th Grade Core Classes Pre-Advanced PlacementRegular (On-grade level) Pre-AP Language Arts (GT version also) Language Arts Pre-AP MathMath Pre-AP ScienceScience Pre AP World Cultures and Geography World Cultures and Geography

9 Questions to Help Determine Pre-AP Readiness Attitude Are they excited about their learning mathematics? Do they try to do things “faster” than the other students? Are they intrigued/not frustrated by problems that cannot be solved right away? Do they show an aptitude for building and drawing? Do they appear strong in science? Aptitude Have they done well on standardized tests? Do they have an easy time learning mathematics? Do they like to read for pleasure?

10 ??? How many PreAP classes should my child take??? Only you and your child can determine this! We encourage all 6 th graders to try at least one. What are your child’s strengths? The amount of extracurricular activities should be considered. How important are these classes to your child? What path are you aiming for in High School?

11 Over 50 % of CTMS Classes are Pre AP Classes 60% of CTMS students take at least one Pre AP class. We encourage all students to take at least one Pre AP class to challenge themselves. 40% of students take all four Pre AP classes.

12 Math Course Sequences (NISD uses middle school PAP to condense the curriculum and get one year ahead) 3yrs in 2yrs. Regular Math Pre AP Math

13 English Course Sequences Language ArtsEnglish IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV PreAP Language Arts PreAP English I PreAP English II AP-English III Courses Offered at Level English I (9) English II (10) English III (11) English IV (12) PreAP English I (9) PreAP English II (10) AP English III (11) AP English IV (12) 8 th Grade9 th Grade10 th Grade11 th Grade 12 th Grade AP-English IV Gray boxes indicate courses required for graduation Courses must be taken one at a time, and in order Students are not bound to stay on one track or another (ex. students can move into PreAP with teacher and parent approval.

14 Sequence of Courses Social Studies Course Sequences

15 PreAP Biology PreAP Chemistry PreAP Physics Biology 4 th year TBD Physics Chemistry One Credit must come from each area of science listed: Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, or IB Chemistry Physics, AP Physics, or IB Physics And a fourth science credit from a higher level science course approved by the state. AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Physics N IPC N Chemistry N 4 th year TBD Science Course Sequences

16 Byron Nelson High School Northwest High School Steele High School

17 Fine Arts Electives Students must choose one elective from: - Band, Orchestra, or Choir General Electives The 2 nd elective is chosen from: - Exploratory Wheel (technology class ) or - Intro to Theatre or - Band, Orchestra, or Choir All 6 th grade students will receive 2 electives chosen from the following:

18 Elective Choices: 9 possible combinations Band & Wheel Band & Theater Band & Orchestra Band & Choir Choir & Orchestra Choir & Wheel Choir &Theater Orchestra and Wheel Orchestra and Theater

19 Band and Orchestra Instrument Drives (no reservations needed; show up to try various instruments for comfort and fit) BAND April 7 th 5:00 - 7:00 at CTMS April 21 st 5:00 - 7:00 at CTMS ORCHESTRA April 28 @ Wilson MS from 6:00-8:00pm May 6 @ Pike MS from 6:00-8:00pm May 8 @ Chisholm Trail MS from 6:00-8:00pm

20 All 6 th graders take PE. 45 minute class. PE outfit - $15. Athletics starts in 7 th grade. (football, volleyball, basketball, track, tennis, cross- country running, soccer & cheerleading.) Runners Club: open to all grades (afterschool)

21 New Dell Tablets for 6 th graders Each NISD middle school student will be issued a tablet at the beginning of the year. Insurance is available (highly encouraged.) Tablet = textbooks and are used as instructional tools.

22 Why do they need Tablets? NISD Vision: The best and most sought after school district where every student is future ready: Ready for college Ready for the global workplace Ready for personal success

23 Tablets…What access do they have? While at school, students have access to the NISD server and most inappropriate websites and social networking is blocked. Away from school, netbooks can log on to any wireless access point and would not be protected by the NISD server. Teachers have the ability to monitor all student netbooks from their own computers.

24 Tablets…What access do they have? (Cont.) All students have email access but can only send and receive from ‘’ Student have live access to their grades online. Almost all school work is downloaded & uploaded to netschool.

25 Success in 6 th grade STUDENTS Use your Netbook for organization. Turn in assignments on time Attend tutorials when needed. Form bonds with teachers and staff Ask questions for help when necessary. Maintain a well-rounded schedule which includes extra-curricular activities. PARENTS Check your child’s Netschool and Netbook. Check grades and assignments on-line. Work to make sure your child attends tutorials as needed. Form bonds with teachers and staff. Ask questions for help when necessary. Make sure your child maintains a well-rounded schedule. Sign up for e-mail updates and weekly reminders. Success in middle school involves much more than just good grades!

26 Communication is the Key! All school employees have email. – Principal newsletter (weekly) – Teacher websites Campus website. SchoolMessenger (Email and Phone blast) Opportunities to volunteer. (Mentor – Watchdog)

27 6 th Grade Students can… Attend Pep Rallies (Parents too!) Attend school dances, after school sporting events and programs (Parents too!) Attend field trips (Parents too!) Be nominated for Student Council Join the runner’s club & drama club Participate in UIL events

28 UIL Art Calculator Applications Dictionary Skills Impromptu Speaking Listening Skills Mathematics Maps, Graphs, and Charts Number Sense Oral Reading Ready Writing Science I and II Social Studies Spelling

29 Students get recognized!!! TOP DOGS Each student of the A/B Honor roll each six weeks get recognized with a special treat and some “free time” outside of class or go to lunch early!

30 Parent Involvement Watch Dog Volunteer PTA Board or member Volunteer in the classroom Principal’s Coffee (monthly) Access School Website and teacher websites Access to child’s grades online Visit for lunch with your child Parent/Teacher Conference Thanksgiving/Veterans’ Day Field Day

31 LOCKERS Every student will be assigned their own locker. Lockers have assigned combinations. You will have MANY opportunities to practice your combination BEFORE school starts next year. You WILL have trouble with your locker! DON’T WORRY… We will help you!

32 Less is More. Use a string/sling bag – small back pack. Have a book you are reading. Small binder – w paper Pencils / pens. Netbook. Student ID- ( Library – lunch – everything ) That’s all you need: Daily.

33 PUP CAMP!! At pup camp students will meet new friends, meet their teachers and do fun activities to help get ready for middle school. Exact times and dates will be posted on the campus website during the summer. Be on the lookout for more information on this exciting event! Aug 23 th (Morning of Saturday, Aug 23 th )

34 Last but Not Least… If in doubt….ASK! Get to know the Administration and teachers at the Middle School. Remember your child needs your guidance more than ever during this transition.

35 Important Contacts Principal - Mr. Todd Rogers 817.215.0602 Assistant Principal – Matrice Raven 817.698.1645 Assistant Principal – Amy Wagner 817.215.0645

36 Counselors Contact Information Steve Bates (A-L) 817-215-0608 Barbara Hardy (M-Z) 817-215-0604

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