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St. Elizabeth Catholic High School A Vibrant Catholic Learning Community.

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1 St. Elizabeth Catholic High School A Vibrant Catholic Learning Community


3 St. Elizabeth Award Winners §Sanofi-Aventis Biotech Challenge Senior Team, Second Place - 2010 §Art and Physics Competition- Second Place - 2010 §University of Toronto National Biology Scholar Certificate- 2011 §Mock Trial York Region- Champions - 2011 §Model UN Best Foreign Delegate - 2011 §Provincial Jeunes Ecrizains Award §Music Alive Festival l Awarded Platinum to Senior Choir - 2010 l Awarded Gold to Junior Choir - 2010 l Awarded Platinum to Calliope Six - 2010 l Awarded Gold to Jazz Band - 2010 l Awarded Gold to String Orchestra - 2010 l Awarded Platinum to String Orchestra - 2011 l Awarded Gold Level 5 Senior Band - 2010,2011 §Ontario Vocal Festival Senior Choir Awarded Gold - 2010 §Ontario Band Association Festival Awarded Gold Senior Band - 2010 §Music Fest Canada Senior Band Gold - 2010 §Music Fest Canada Senior Choir Bronze - 2010 §Sears Ontario Drama Festival l Award of Excellence for Acting 2010 l Award of Excellence for Ensemble 2010 Stratford Challenge - Fourth Place

4 St. Elizabeth Award Winners §Toronto Star Newspaper Award - 2 nd Place §Jostens Yearbook Photography Contest First Place in 3 of 4 categories, including the grand prize - 2010 §Toronto Sun - Best Overall Yearbook Award 2009 §Junior Achievement Titan Challenge - First Place 2010 §CA Philanthropy Competition- Save the World Challenge, Scribbles for Success- First Place 2010 §The Vaughan Business Plan Challenge -2 nd Place 2009 §Provincial Skills Competition - Silver 2009 §House Solutions Technology Contest - First Place - 2010 §Senior Boys Hockey - York Region Champions - 2010, Qualified for OFSAA §Girls Hockey Team - York Region Champions - 2008 §Senior Boys Soccer Team - Qualified for OFSSA - 2008 §Senior Girls Soccer Team - York Region Champions - 2009 §Senior Girls Basketball - Richmond Green Tournament Champions - 2010 §York Regional Champion for Single Junior Boys Tennis - 2011 §Swim Team qualified for OFSAA - 2011 §Boys Wrestling Team - Third Place in York Region 2011 -Qualified for OFSAA §Track and Field: qualified for OFSAA -2011 §Senior Boys Rugby- First Place Tier 2 -2010 §Snowboard Team –qualified for OFSSA- 2011





9 EQAO Grade 9 Math Results 2010-2011 Applied Math55%St. Elizabeth CHS 45%Board 42%Province Success Rates Academic Math91% (achieved level 3) St. Elizabeth CHS 86%Board 83%Province

10 LITERACY 2011 Success Rates 88% SuccessfulSt. Elizabeth CHS 88%Board 83%Province

11 SCHOOL SUPPORTS/SERVICES §Chaplaincy §Guidance §Special Education

12 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Leadership Opportunities §Student Council §Peer Ministry §Peer Tutoring Sports §soccer, basketball, hockey, slo-pitch baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, track & field, cross country, table-tennis, ultimate frisbee, wrestling, badminton, swimming, curling, ski & snowboard, rugby

13 §School Musicals §Waterloo Math Contest §Biotechnology Competition §Modern Languages Competition §Technology Challenge §Improv Team §Hip Hop Crew §Newspaper - The St. Elizabeth Times §Creative Writing-Print People §Investment Club §Computer Club §Global Culture Club §Anime Club EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (continued)

14 §Nations United §Robotics Club §Science Society §Set Design Club §Tech Crew Raising Social Awareness §Toy Drive §Tanzania Water Project §Food Drive §Staff-Student Hockey Game Fundraiser §Sharelife (Bi-annual)



17 Locally Developed Stream §Essential concepts of a subject are taught §Generally recommended by Grade 8 teachers for students with specific learning needs §Greater teacher direction and instruction provided to accommodate learning needs

18 Typical Timetable - Semester 1 Grade 9 FROMTO §Warning Bell 8:10 §Homeroom Announcements 8:20 8:25 §PERIOD 1 - Math 8:17 9:40 §PERIOD 2 - Gym 9:4511:00 §LUNCH11:05 11:45 §PERIOD 3 - English 11:45 1:05 §PERIOD 4 - Religion 1:10 2:22 §DISMISSAL 2:22

19 Typical Timetable - Semester 2 Grade 9 FROMTO §Warning Bell 8:10 §Homeroom Announcements 8:20 8:25 §PERIOD 1 - Science 8:17 9:40 §PERIOD 2 - Technology 9:4511:00 §LUNCH11:05 11:45 §PERIOD 3 - Geography 11:45 1:05 §PERIOD 4 - French 1:10 2:22 §DISMISSAL 2:22

20 IMPORTANT DATES December 8, 2011 - Feeder School Students - Return completed registration packages to your grade 8 teacher Blessed Scalabrini Blessed Trinity Father John Kelly Holy Family Our Lady of Peace Our Lady of the Rosary St. Joseph the Worker St. Cecilia

21 Feeder School Boundaries  NORTH: The south side of Major Mackenzie Dr. from the Railroad Tracks to Dufferin St.  EAST: The west side of Dufferin St from Major Mackenzie Dr. to Autumn Hill Blvd., then the south side of Autumn Hill Blvd. From Dufferin St. to Bathurst St., then the west side of Bathurst St. from Autumn Hill Blvd to Highway 7; then the south side of Highway 7 from Bathurst St. to the East Don River; then west of the East Don River from Highway 7 to Yonge St.; then the west side of Yonge St. from the East Don River to Steeles Ave.  SOUTH: The north side of Steeles Ave. from Yonge St. to Highway 400  WEST: East of Highway 400 from Steeles Ave. to Langstaff Rd.; then the south side of Langstaff Rd. from Highway 400 to the Railway Tracks; then east of the Railway Tracks from Langstaff Rd. to Major Mackenzie Dr.

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