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Advanced Personal Property Seminar September 13,2010 Presented by: Randy Faircloth Tax Administrator Wilson County.

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1 Advanced Personal Property Seminar September 13,2010 Presented by: Randy Faircloth Tax Administrator Wilson County

2 Advance Personal Property How many have a routine you try to stick to when you are doing something at work or at home? Why?

3 Advance Personal Property This is a story about change that takes place in a maze where four characters look for cheese…………… Who has hear the story?

4 Advance Personal Property Who Moved My Cheese? By Dr. Spencer Johnson READ IT! or……

5 Advance Personal Property oved+my+cheese+pdf&aq=3&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=who+moved +my+cheese++&gs_rfai=CYGzCExVGTNX_OJSEygTtl5nAAQ AAAKoEBU_QLUWI read the summary of the book and what it means

6 “The world hates change yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” Charles F. Kettering US inventor 1876-1958 Advance Personal Property

7 You want to get ahead in your career? You want to be recognized? You want to make your job easier? You want taxpayers to love you? THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX

8 Advanced means: 1. Employing the newest ideas or techniques 2. At a higher stage of development or progress than other similar people or things

9 SESSION OBJECTIVES Primary: Keep everyone awake Secondary: Discuss new ideas and techniques to get personal property listed and establish a relationship with the community

10 OBJECTIVES Identify Personal Property Educate Taxpayers Communicate with Taxpayers

11 Identify The process of identifying what personal property should be listed may seem somewhat easy, but do you have all of it listed? So what are some of the sources you can draw from to identify where the property might be?

12 Identify Publications- newspaper; phone book; city directory; etc.

13 Identify Phone book? newspaper? city directory?

14 Identify Train Staff -Use your sense of “smell” – where there’s smoke there’s fire- it takes everybody's eyes

15 Identify Train your staff to sniff it out

16 Identify Consider an audit firm to identify property and get it listed

17 Identify If you don’t have trained auditors on staff consider an outside source

18 Educate Taxpayers Brochures & Pamphlets Inserts Speaking engagements Normal course of business Other innovative ways?


20 Educate Taxpayers What Is Tangible Personal Property? Tangible personal property consists of mobile homes, untagged motor vehicles, campers, trailers, motorcycles, air & watercraft and engines for watercraft. Business furniture, equipment, etc., including free standing appliances used in connection with rental property must also be listed. Are Tax Records Private Or Public Information? All records regarding listing and valuation are public record. The public may view these records at anytime during normal business hours, 8:00 AM—5:00 PM. Some records may also be viewed online at:



23 Educate Taxpayers Digital picture frame

24 Educate Taxpayers



27 Communicate with Taxpayers Proactive approach Reactive approach No approach

28 Proactive Approach Scheduled mailings; calls; etc Phone messaging Brochures & Pamphlets Listing inserts Preminder program

29 Phone messages “On hold” messages

30 Communicate with Taxpayers.

31 Emails “Preminders”

32 Reactive Approach Mailings; calls; etc Email responses Reminder program

33 Emails “Reminders”

34 Reminder This is a reminder to all business accounts that requested an extension on filing their business personal property. The deadline is Thursday April 15 th, 2010. General Statutes require a 10% late list penalty for those accounts that are not timely filed. If you have questions please contact the Tax Office at 252-399-2912 or email us at taxoffice Thanks Randy Faircloth Tax Administrator

35 Advance Personal Property > I was not aware you have been digitizing your records until I > received your email about the mailing of property tax bills in August. > I congratulate you on your progress to date. > > I know you have to mail bills to those who do not have computers or > access to one. But for those that you have email addresses for, we > should be able to pay electronically or print the bill and mail it in? > That's the way we handle most of our monthly payments. Send me an > email when the bills are available, and I am then responsible to > ensure the payment reaches you on time. If you are not ready for this > change in 2010, please start planning for it for 2011!! > > Thanks. > > James May >

36 Advance Personal Property  First, thanks for your response. It is important to  us to know how people feel about what we are doing.(good or bad) We are always looking for ways to better serve the public. > > We are trying to inform others of the Preminder program and would like to put some responses we have received about it on our webpage. > > Would you allow us to put your response on the web page in an effort to encourage others to consider using this informative tool? > > Thanks > > Randy A. Faircloth > Wilson County Tax Administrator > (252) 399-2900

37 No Approach

38 What did we learn?

39 Identify the personal property Know your sources Educate the taxpayer Take a little time now and save some stress later Communicate regularly Implement a preminder/reminder program



42 Advance Personal Property Change Happens “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Benjamin Franklin

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