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The Montgomery High School Vocal Family

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1 The Montgomery High School Vocal Family
Jeffrey Woodworth – artistic director Doug Radziewicz – assistant director (vice versa at UMS) Concert Choir, MHS Chorale, Chamber Choir Choraliers, Men’s Ensemble, Vocal Jazz

2 Where We Are Now Over the past 7 years, we’ve grown from a fledgling program of two choirs with one teacher to: 3 Curricular Choirs with Progressive Advancement 3 Co-Curricular Choirs + Student A Cappella 2 Teachers for all choirs 7-12 grade 1 Vocal Family with a close student community

3 What We’ve Been Up To Thus Far…
Concert Choir Individual Voice Placements for parts. The voice is constantly changing til late 20’s. Once a year is a minimum to check Beginning Octavo Reading (BINDERS!!!) Beginning Rhythm/Solfeggio Literature starts this Friday

4 What We’ve Been Up To Thus Far…
MHS Chorale Divisi Voice Parts (SSAA, SMC) SGO’s (Singing/Writing) Winter Concert Literature First Assessment is forthcoming

5 What We’ve Been Up To Thus Far…
Chamber Choir Divisi Voice Parts (SSAATTBB, SMCTB) Carols for December Winter Concert Literature First Assessment is forthcoming

6 What We’ve Been Up To Thus Far…
Choraliers (all-girl) / Men’s Ensemble Second week of rehearsal Still open to additional singers!! Choraliers – T: 5:00 – 6:30 Men’s Ensemble – T: 6:30 – 8:00 Both groups non-auditioned clubs

7 What We’ve Been Up To Thus Far…
Vocal Jazz Auditions in two weeks 12 singers (3 per part) Does not cut into PM time, lunch rehearsals regularly

8 Online Resources For All Ensembles: (District Page) Departments Music Department MHS Vocal Ensembles Choose the respective ensemble

9 Online Resources Ensemble Pages Practice Tracks (.mp3) for independent work Forms (Handbook) and Handouts Links to Surveys or Additional Supplements (including this ppt) Decimated Paper Consumption

10 Performance Dates Select Ensembles Concert (Chamber) – Nov. 19 – 7pm
UMS Winter Concert (Chamber) – Jan. 21 – 7pm MHS Winter Vocal Concert (All) – Jan. 22 – 7pm Spring Vocal Concert (All) – Jun. 1 – 7pm End-of-Year Gala (All) – Jun. 11 – 7pm Region Choir Auditions – Dec. 13 – JP Stevens HS, Edison All-State Auditions – either Apr. 11 or 13 – Location TBA

11 We are here to nourish your child’s well-being; in four critical ways:
Vocal Program Core We are here to nourish your child’s well-being; in four critical ways: Nourish healthy vocal technique. Nourish their knowledge of visual/aural skill. Nourish abstract thought and affect. Nourish their need for community.

12 Healthy Vocal Technique
Bel canto singing – head voice dominant Resonant singing / rounded singing Voice parts are based on where the head voice lies Chest Voice is used sparingly Singer’s breath is used Power is established using the Singer’s Formant (the “ring”) Ensemble style of blend and balance

13 Healthy Vocal Technique
Body-mapping and singing alignment Increased accessibility of registers and changes in registers (passagio) Tuning and Blending according to the music Breath/Voice connection (onset) Projection Bel canto INCREASES skill set but does not take away from other vocal styles many, many more…

14 Aural/Visual Skill Ear Training – the ear/brain connection and ability to accurately reproduce sound through the internal ear (audiation) Reading Skill – increased fluency of what is theoretically written (pitch & rhythm) and the structure of the repertoire Sight-reading – ability to, as accurately as possibly, perform a line of music with limited assistance “at first sight”

15 Abstract Thought / Affect
A broader perspective of the “infinite variety” of vocal music (varying styles, genres, periods, cultures, languages) and the growing canon of choral music Connection to the music’s message and semantic value. Ability to critique and analyze music using discipline-specific terminology (walk the walk, talk the talk) Engage in discussion

16 Community! Support group within a row, a section, an ensemble and as a program (including Council) Healthy socialization as a part of the art form Safe environment where ideas are valued and considered Equality in terms of respect Equality in terms of expectation Rapport left to right, and front to back Growth of involvement (beyond the bell) Many close bonds and friendships were borne here

17 Team-Teaching Incentives
Teaching vocal music is multi-tasking (piano, conducting, modeling) Simple Vigilance (four eyes are better than two, four ears are better than two) Accompaniment = conducting freedom Sectionals – small group (voice part, gender, small quartets, individual) provide more detailed examination and better time management Cohesiveness in sending school (UMS) Individual Assessment to track and foster goals/growth

18 Additional Opportunities
Region Choir (auditioned in December) – brings together students from: Somerset, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex & Monmouth Counties. Rehearses in January, concert within a month of rehearsals All-State (auditioned in April) – students from all across the state. Concerts are the following year Students have gained entry into these, All-Eastern, All-National Choirs consistently.

19 Additional Opportunities
Choraliers, Men’s Ensemble, Vocal Jazz Spring Musical – each year a high-calibre performing opportunity. Previous shows: All Shook Up, Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music, Aida Coffeehouses – Student-run, student-performances. Takes place in the foyer in the evening. Fundraises for the program. Trips – Previous destinations: Quebec, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic. Next year is our turn!!

20 Program Advancement Options
Chamber Choir (mixed), Chorale (all-treble) Both groups are auditioned and therefor balanced in terms of voice parts Placements are done each February/March Every 9, 10, 11 grade Concert Choir member does placement (many don’t know they are “ready” or “qualified” for this opportunity) Allows for growth Regardless we consider the music commitment as long term, not transient

21 What Can Parents Do?? ADVOCATE (that doesn’t mean you have to sing with them!) If you can, support their interest in private instruction (ensembles never teach enough individual technique) Music is a well-respected institution in Montgomery Township Do you have a young son who sings?!?! Art is a graduation requirement but…

22 Colleges Look for… The “Well-Lopsided Student” – students who show a commitment (similar to sports) and focus Common Application Supplements – even if not majoring in music, there are scholarships and benefits to gifted non-music majors AP’s, SAT’s, ACT’s aren’t all there is. The interview is prevalent and social skills are important; they want their potential students to fit into the institution’s fabric

23 MHS Choir/Orchestra Parents Organization
NEW initiative spearheaded by myself and Debbie Meola Provide opportunity to support the program outside the classroom Create opportunities to build financial support for trips and other events Please sign up! Especially if you have accounting experience/interest!

24 Contact:
MHS extension: 6126 This powerpoint and additional information are posted on the MHS Vocal Ensembles web

25 "Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the motion of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering." - St. Augustine

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