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Tim Adams 12442 SE 162 nd Ave. Clackamas, OR 97015 503-658-5959

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1 Tim Adams SE 162 nd Ave. Clackamas, OR

2 Europe In 1999, I traveled for two weeks to 7 European countries as part of a music tour. This trip saw my “crash course” to photography with my just purchased Olympus OM-1. I’ve loved the art ever since.

3 This was taken in the Louvre, a part of the Greek Antiquities Collection Olympus OM-1

4 I always called this my “postcard shot,” also taken at the Louvre Olympus OM-1

5 Notre Dame at sunset Olympus OM-1

6 One of the interior hallways of the Paris Opera House Olympus OM-1

7 Africa 2001 saw me travel to Tanzania for a 3 ½ week evangelistic campaign that was aired around the world via satellite. The focus of my work on this trip was video production, which I did, though I did get out my trusty OM-1 a few times to snap away and I came away with the following.

8 Masai child outside a village on the edge of the Masai Mara in Tanzania Olympus OM-1

9 Portraits The following are a series of black and whites that were shot between 2002 and the present. The color series presents my recent introduction to digital.

10 A good friend of mine, this is one still of many, my first “model” shoot Canon EOS 10S

11 A mission trip to New York 6 months after 9/11. The last day of the trip I did a photo shoot with all the team members. This was taken in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Canon EOS 10S

12 The same trip, this shot was in Central Park Canon EOS 10S

13 A scene in the Park that caught my eye. Canon EOS 10S

14 An intimate portrait… there is a Mona Lisa quality to this still Canon EOS 10S

15 This shot is so calm, yet dramatic. Canon EOS 10S

16 One of my best friends. Canon EOS 10S

17 Another successful series and two happy friends Canon EOS Rebel

18 And another series Canon S5000

19 Digital Most of the following are examples of experimentation with lighting and interesting visual effects as I work on finding what works for me in my growth towards a more professional style. All images are shot with a Canon S5000 5MP camera



22 Photography Digital Video Production Non-Linear Editing Motion Graphics

23 Tim Adams SE 162 nd Ave. Clackamas, OR


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