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1 Old Testament. Old Testament History Genesis 1-11.

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1 1 Old Testament

2 Old Testament History Genesis 1-11

3 3 Introduction. Titles for Genesis. “In the beginning” (Hebrew). “Genesis” (Greek)


5 5 Introduction. Genesis is 1 of 5 books which form a larger unit called …. Torah … “ instruction ” … or …. Pentateuch … “five books”

6 6 Introduction How should Genesis be read? a in light of the other 4 books, which describe the origin of Israel a gives the pre-history of the nation of Israel & of the universe

7 7 Introduction Common Genealogical Records (ANE): Account of … c the heavens and the earth (1:1--2:4) c human origins (2:5--5:2) c Adam’s family (5:3--6:9a) c Noah’s family (6:9b--10:1) c the Nations (10:2--11:10a) c Terah’s family (11:10b-27a)


9 9 Creation (1-2) Two Accounts

10 10 Creation First Account (1:1--2:4)  Universe, the free creation of God by his sovereign word (1:3, 6, 14, 20, 24)  Origin of the universe was a process...

11 11 Creation Process... X creation of basic matter (1:1-2) X fashioning/shaping matter into the universe & earth as it is (1:3-25)

12 Movement... formlessness... and emptiness (1:2)

13 13 Creation Order & Habitation For this is what the LORD says — he who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth, he founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited — he says: I am the LORD, and there is no other. — Isa. 45:18

14 14 Creation Humans: male & female Final Act!

15 15

16 16 Creation C God is a someone, not merely something. C God’s capacity for creativity was passed to humans. C God is shown to be sovereign over all the universe.

17 17 Creation Second Account (2:5--2:25): Adam/Eve R Shaped from dirt R Placed in a tropical garden R Instructed re responsibilities R Not good to be alone! 1. Named the animals 2. Formed a woman

18 18 The Fall (3-5) Rebellion out of Freedom S God had given them limited freedom (2:16-17) S Their rebellion:

19 19 The Snake & the Woman & the Man K Confronted, created doubt re God’s instructions K Snake : “God is with- holding something good” she ate... gave to the man... he ate K Realized the significance of their rebellion... ashamed… vulnerable...

20 20 The Fall God Confronts L The man blamed the woman and L The woman blamed the snake. L Both were equally guilty as evidenced by the punishment given...

21 21 The Fall Judgments Snake: offspring of the woman would crush his head Woman: increased difficulty in childbirth; exploitation by men Man: work would be frustrated with alien elements

22 22 The Fall Judgments -- the BIG ONE... DEATH... entered the human family.

23 23 The Fall Depravity spreads C Fratricide C Polygamy C Uncontrolled revenge

24 24 The Fall Good Spreads/Develops X Skills in farming, music, & metallurgy X Some began to seek after God. X Enoch X Noah, “comfort” Shows that … l humans sought relief from the difficulty of surviving in a world cursed due to their sin (Gen. 5:29)

25 25 The Flood God Determines to Destroy Humankind X Few tried to seek God X Human wickedness rampant X extended 120 years of grace to give time to avert judgment

26 26  God Commissions Noah  Eight humans, and selections of animals, survived a 371-day flood.  Emerged, offered sacrifices in worship.  God’s Promise...

27 27 God promised never again to destroy the human race in this fashion.

28 28 Dispersion (10-11) The First Account a Family branches spread out a Japheth, Shem, and Ham.

29 29 Japeth Shem & Ham

30 30 Dispersion x Nimrod (“we shall rebel”) l founder of Babylon & other cities l singled out for special attention as a champion hunter l Reason in the 2nd account

31 31 Dispersion Second Account [ Babel & descendents of Noah [ Displacement of God [ Confusion of Language [ The Family Line of Shem

32 32 Lessons from the Old Testament F God was the Creator of the whole universe; the sovereign Lord over all mankind. F Depravity of the human race & its deserved judgment became repeating patterns in the fall of Adam & Eve (3), the curse of Cain (4), the flood of Noah (6-9) and the confusion at Babel (11).

33 33 Lessons from the Old Testament  God himself must take the initiative to set it right.  Although there were few who sought after God, the overwhelming trend was rebellion and violence.

34 34

35 35

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