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Chapter Three Jeopardy Crazy Cats______ Maps and More Key Terms? Colonies for All Religion Squared Things that Rhyme with Orange 20 40 60 80 100 120.

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2 Chapter Three Jeopardy

3 Crazy Cats______ Maps and More Key Terms? Colonies for All Religion Squared Things that Rhyme with Orange 20 40 60 80 100 120

4 20 Points Who was responsible for writing Pennsylvania’s first constitution and planning the city’s layout? A) Sir George Carteret B) William Penn C) Oliver Cromwell D) Peter Stuyvesant B) William Penn

5 40 Points What law protected Catholics from any religious take over, especially in Maryland by the Protestants? A) Act of Toleration B) Catholic Reformation C) Maryland Law D) Law of Religious Freedom A) Act of Toleration

6 60 Points In Virginia, who was the greatest rebel and threat to government? A) William Penn B) Roger Williams C) Nathaniel Bacon D) John Locke C) Nathaniel Bacon

7 80 Points What was the last river/body of water that John Smith explored? Chesapeake Bay

8 100 Points Why was Eliza Lucas important to South Carolina’s economics? Marketed Indigo

9 120 Points What formed the border between John Locke’s South Carolina and John Oglethorpe’s Georgia? Savannah River

10 20 Points A _____ allows merchants and settlers the right to settle land in North America. Charter

11 40 Points A ______ refuses to fight or use violence. They would also be against wars. Pacifists

12 60 Points _____ were established by the Spanish to assist in converting Native Americans to a particular religion. Missions

13 80 Points _____ was the last British colony to be established in America. Georgia

14 100 Points The ___ ____ refers to the movement of over 15,000 Puritans to Massachusetts. Great Migration

15 120 Points ____ _____ were workers who paid their French lords an annual rent. Tenant Farmers

16 20 Points Which Native American groups neighbored the Plymouth colonists? Narraganset & Wampanoag

17 40 Points What body of water is Jamestown located the closest to? Chesapeake Bay

18 60 Points Which settlement was established first based on those that are listed? Roanoke Island

19 80 Points What economic products did New Hampshire specialize in? Rum, Furs, Lumber, Fish

20 100 Points In Virginia, how many African Americans were there in the 1700s? About 16,000 thousand

21 120 Points What two colonies had the fewest number of colonists in the 1700s? New York and Pennsylvania

22 20 Points What term refers to be treating harshly for what you believe in? Persecuted

23 40 Points A person that works to pay off their debt, primarily from coming to North America from England, is a(n) what? Indentured Servant

24 60 Points The business of what should be separated from the business of what according to Roger Williams? Church and State

25 80 Points What are the two major ideas/concepts that are driving colonization in North America? Money and Religion

26 100 Points What country set up religious establishments, missions, throughout the West, South, and in Mexico? Spain

27 120 Points What two countries are at odds as a result of colonization in North America? This leads to the French and Indian War. England and France

28 20 Points What was the crop that saved the Jamestown settlement? A) Maize B) Cotton C) Tobacco D) Wheat C) Tobacco

29 40 Points Puritans formed the New England Company and received a charter to establish what colony? A) Plymouth Colony B) Massachusetts Bay Company C) Rhode Island Colony D) Mayflower Colony B) Massachusetts Bay Company

30 60 Points This allowed for a diverse population to establish in Maryland and respect for many based on practicing beliefs. A) Act of Toleration B) Charter Privileges C) the Fundamental Orders D) Maryland Constitution A) Act of Toleration

31 80 Points This colony was created for debtors and prisoners, in addition to serving as a buffer to Spain. A) New York B) Pennsylvania C) Georgia D) South Carolina C) Georgia

32 100 Points Which of the following was the most important to Spain in keeping other European powers from threatening its empire? A) missionaries B) merchants C) fur traders D) explorers A) missionaries

33 120 Points What colony serves as a buffer zone between England and Spain in North America? Georgia

34 20 Points What were the group of individuals called that wanted to leave the Anglican and Catholic churches to establish their own churches? Separatists

35 40 Points The Separatists that had a religious purpose and beliefs when settling in North America were referred to as __ A) Pilgrims B) new colonists C) Puritans D) strangers A) Pilgrims

36 60 Points What did the Separatists want to do with the church in England? Start a new religion separate themselves from the church

37 80 Points What did the Puritans want to do with the church in England? Remain with the church, but “clean” it up

38 100 Points What religion did Martin Luther begin as a result of him disagreeing with the church and its beliefs? Protestant

39 120 Points Where is the most religious diversity throughout the colonies? A) New England Colonies B) Middle Colonies C) Southern Colonies Middle Colonies

40 20 Points Which group maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans? (who didn’t want to change their culture) A) French B) Spanish C) Dutch D) English A) French

41 40 Points What color is at the top of a stop light? Red

42 60 Points What word in the English language rhymes with month? None

43 80 Points How long is a standard coat hanger if it were straightened? 44 inches long

44 100 Points True or False, an Ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain. True

45 120 Points What is the longest one-syllable word in the English language? Screeched

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