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F451 Day 9 Bell Ringer-Flashback Topics for discussion (pages )

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1 F451 Day 9 Bell Ringer-Flashback Topics for discussion (pages 146-165)
Part Three Quiz Narrative writing with skill focus introduction Pair Work Individual Practice Exit Slip

2 Bell Ringer #4: (A) 5/18 & (B) 5/23
Bradbury begins the novel with a quote from Juan Ramón Jiménez:“If they give you ruled paper, write the other way.” What does this mean? Make an inference -- why did Bradbury select this statement? At the conclusion of the novel, does Montag’s life represent this idea? Do you agree or disagree with this quote? Explain.

3 Word Work #4 Bombardier: 1. The US Air Force responsible for sighting and releasing bombs. 2. A rank of noncommissioned officer in certain Canadian and British artillery regiments, equivalent to corporal.

4 Word Work Day 9 Metropolis: A major city, especially the chief city of a country or region:

5 Word Work Day 9 Oblivion: 1. The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. 2. The state of being forgotten, esp. by the public.

6 Word Work #4 Activity Think about each of the words from today’s word work. Use your critical thinking skills to come up with an alternate form of the word to use in a sentence. Example: Democracy=Democratic The United States is known for being a democratic country; it is the land of the free and brave.” Bombardier Metropolis Oblivion

7 Part Three Quiz

8 Reading Check How does Beatty die?
What happens to the Mechanical Hound? What near death experience does Montag have? Where does Montag go to hide? What do Montag do to a fellow fireman? Who does Montag meet in the forest? What do they have in common? How does society “think” Montag dies? What happens to Mildred? What does Montag become? What is his new name? How is Montag a phoenix?

9 After completing the quiz, Incorporate the following words into a narrative (be creative).
You must use the words in the order they appear. since 2. consequently 3. because 4. therefore 5. due to (the fact that) 6. for this reason 7. seeing that 8. as a result (of this)

10 Share Narratives and Make an Inference
After writing and sharing your creative narratives, what can you infer about the writing? Can you guess what skill is being introduced?

11 That’s Right!! Skill Focus: Cause and Effect
Cause-and-effect relationship is both a way of thinking and a format for writing. Analyzing and emphasizing cause-and-effect writing develops critical thinking skills.

12 since consequently because 4. therefore 5. due to (the fact that)
The eight key words used to create the narrative are transition words creating a cause/effect organizational pattern. Can you identify which word is associated with cause and which is related to effect? since consequently because 4. therefore 5. due to (the fact that) 6. for this reason 7. seeing that 8. as a result (of this)

13 A Sound of Thunder Reading Skills: Cause and Effect
The plot of “A Sound of Thunder” , also written by Bradbury, is based on a theoretical cause-and-effect chain that might look something like this: Time-traveling human steps on butterfly in past. Butterfly population declines. Entire ecosystem is upset. Humans evolve in different environment. Modern civilization is altered.

14 Pair Practice-- Cause and Effect
Work with a partner to create a cause and effect graphic organizer using evidence from F451. You must use direct quotes and page numbers.

15 Individual Practice--The Metamorphosis of Montag
Directions: Chart Montag’s change from a “happy,” thoughtless fireman to a rebel reader. Use direct quotes and explain Montag’s change. Evidence of Change Justification of Effect on Montag Ex: “And then, very slowly, as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain, for just a few moments, and opened his mouth…” Ex: In the short time he spends with Clarisse, he is affected. She teaches him to consider his own feelings and appreciate the beauty of nature. 1. 2. 3. 4.

16 Carla was a diffident young woman, and this characteristic often held her back. She hesitated to express her ideas at work, although her ideas were as good as, if not superior to, those of her coworkers. When her friends discussed what movie they might see that night or what restaurant they would eat at, Carla always went along with the crowd. The result was that her own favorites were overlooked, and she sat through a few films in which she had little interest and ate some meals that she actually disliked. She even found it hard to end a phone conversation when she needed the time for another activity, or to refuse a friend a favor, however inconvenient it might be. Exit Slip List a cause/effect key word from this passage Justify how this word creates a cause/effect organizational pattern. Create another appropriate cause/effect statement appropriate for “Carla”.

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