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Safavid Empire! Emily, Ryan, Anna.

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1 Safavid Empire! Emily, Ryan, Anna

2 The Start of the Safavid Empire
Persia Were often at war Religious conflicts

3 Abbas The Great King of Safavids Strengthened economy
Lowered taxes on farmers Encouraged growth of Industry Tolerated Non-Muslims New Capital Isfahan Silk Trade

4 Safavid Empire Declines
After the death of Shah Abbas the glory of the empire declined Shiite scholars challenged the authority of the shah This caused the Sunni Afghans to rebel In late 1700s the Quajars won control and ruled until 1925 Ottomans also pressured the Safavids with their army Scholars stressed their own authority and encouraged the persecution of religious minorities They forced the Safavid ruler to abdicate in 1722 They made Tehran their capital



7 What present day country was the united empire of the Safavids?
England France Iraq Iran

8 What was the name of the great king?
Shah Avis Shah Abbas Shah Nabis Shah Gras

9 After whose death did the Safavid empire start to decline?
Jesus Shah Abbas Michael Jackson Russell Brand

10 Which two countries was Persia between?
Ottoman Empire and Mughal India Songhai Empire and Bali India Islamia Empire and Bath India Coloradoan Empire and Illinois India

11 What was one way Abbas strengthened the economy?
Made meat eating competitions Reduced taxes on everybody Reduced taxes on farmers Reduced taxes on nobles

12 Who challenged for more authority?
Shile scholars Shiite scholars Boring people Bored farmers

13 What was a cause for conflict?
Cows kept crossing into other empire’s lands Shah Abbas was always trying to invade Religion was different They all wanted same piece of pizza.

14 What was Isfahan? Center of cow trade Center of milk trade
Center of slave trade Center of silk trade

15 Who rebelled during the decline of the Empire?
Farmers Herders Funni Afghans Sunni Afghans

16 When was the start of the empire?

17 What did they do to non-muslims in Shah Abbas’ reign?
Tortured them Tolerated them Stuck kick me notes on their backs Shunned them

18 Who, in the late 1700’s, won control of Persia?
The French The Vikings The Quajars The other people who make things

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