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The Protestant Reformation I got 95 theses but the Pope ain’t one…

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1 The Protestant Reformation I got 95 theses but the Pope ain’t one…

2 Reform?  To reform is to restructure or reorganize with the hope of improving.

3 The Protestant Reformation  The Protestant Reformation is the name given to the religious reform movement that divided the Western European churches into Catholic and Protestant groups.  Started by Martin Luther in early 16 th century (1500s), but based on developments that set stage for religious change.

4 Christian Humanism  New classical learning that was part of Italian Renaissance Humanism started to spread to thoughts about religion  Christian Humanists believed in the ability of humans to reason and improve themselves  If people read the classics, they would be more pious  Inner piety will help to improve Church and society  In order to bring about social change, must first change individual

5 Our old friend Erasmus  Wanted to reform Church (not split with it) and society  “The Philosophy of Christ”  Christianity should show people how to live good lived on a daily basis instead of provide a system of beliefs for people to practice exactly  External forms of religion from Middle Ages (pilgrimages, fasts, etc.) not important

6 Why Reform?  Renaissance Popes 1450-1520 failed to meet Church’s needs  Supposed to be spiritual leaders, but often more concerned with politics and worldly matters instead  Julius II (aka “warrior pope”) led armies against enemies  Many church officials concerned with $ and used job to advance careers and wealth

7 Shady Salvation…  Relics -- a religious object carefully preserved with the purpose of showing servitude before the Church and God. Believed having relics reduced one’s time in purgatory.  Prince Frederick, Luther’s Prince, had collected over 5 thousand relics said to reduce his time in purgatory 1, 443 years.  Indulgence – Given by the Catholic Church and is granted as temporary forgiveness of sin. Indulgences were purchased at this time.

8 Relic

9 Additional Vocab  Salvation – saving of the soul from sin and evil.  Penitence – The condition of being sorry for one’s wrongful acts/sins.  Purgatory – Stage after death and of temporary punishment.

10 Question:  What causes people to rebel?

11 Next Question – The Big One!  Under what circumstances do you think that you would rebel or take part in a revolution?

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