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 Signed Declaration of Independence  Served in GA’s colonial legislature (Second Continental Congress)  Failed as a merchant and became a planter on.

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1  Signed Declaration of Independence  Served in GA’s colonial legislature (Second Continental Congress)  Failed as a merchant and became a planter on St. Catherines Island  Briefly commander of Georgia’s Continental battalion (replaced by Lachlan McIntosh)

2  Led the opposition to the Christ Church Parish Coalition and elected speaker of Georgia’s Provincial Congress.  Played a key role in passage of Constitution of 1777.  Died of a gunshot wound from a duel with Lachlan McIntosh

3  Parish  Second Continental Congress: delegates from 13 colonies met after battle of Lexington and Concord (first shots of the revolution) ◦ Established militia as continental army and elected George Washington as commander.  Provincial Congress: legislative body/bodies of individual provinces (colonies) similar to state government  Whig Party: Political party that rebelled against British Rule in colonies.

4  Name appears on petition in support of the king’s government but later joined the rebels as militia captain (did not sign declaration)  Led the victory of rebel militia at Kettle Creek  Used guerilla warfare tactics  Rewarded by Georgia with a plantation and thousands of acres of land grants.  Participated in Yazoo Land Fraud

5  Grew impatient with failures of national and state government and tried to from an independent republic (Trans-Oconee Republic) by seizing lands on Oconee frontier

6 Signed Declaration of Independence Served numerous capacities for state of Georgia after Revolution One of the most successful lawyers in Georgia Elected to Provincial Congress and served as a delegate of Second Continental Congress Elected governor of Georgia in 1779

7  Signed Declaration of Independence  Representative to Continental Congress and served as Georgia’s governor in 1783-84  Ordained Congregational Minister  Abandoned Ministry for Medicine  Elected to represent St. John’s Parish in Second Continental Congress  Helped establish the University of Georgia in 1785

8  Did not sign Declaration  Frontierswoman often called “Aunt Nancy”  Husband served during the war while she stayed at home with family  Acted as a spy for American cause.  Possibly present at Battle of Kettle Creek  Individually out smarted 6 Tories in her cabin and killed two when they were searching for Whigs

9  Did not sign Declaration  Was a slave who served in the Georgia militia  Only African American to receive land by state of Georgia for his service  Joined the militia because his master wanted to avoid military service and sent Dabney in his place  Only black soldier in Battle of Kettle Creek

10  Cared for by Giles Harris (white soldier) when wounded and work for Giles Harris for the rest of his life.  Paid for Giles Harris’ son to attend Franklin College (UGA)

11  Kettle Creek found in Wilkes County  February 14, 1779  600 Loyalists or Tories (supporters of British Cause) were in route to Augusta led by James Boyd  340 South Carolina and Georgia militiamen under control of Andrew Pickens, John Dooly, and Elijah Clarke were preparing to attack Boyd’s camp.

12  Pickens men disobeyed orders and fired upon Boyd’s troops who pursued while Dooly and Clarke’s men were entangled in the swamp  Boyd was mortally wounded during the skirmish and Loyalist panicked with their leader down.  150 of Boyd’s men were taken prisoner and 270 escaped to British Army

13  Provided the rebel cause with a victory amidst a string of larger defeats  British leaders should have realized that Loyalist support in the south had disappeared.

14  Governor James Wright returned to GA July 1779 and announced restoration of GA to the crown with the privilege of exemption from taxation  Georgia was the only one of the 13 states to be restored to royal allegiance  French fleet of twenty five ships led by Charles Henri d’Estaing came to Savannah to recapture for George Washington. Sept 3 1779

15  4000 to 5000 men proceeded to recapture Savannah along with Benjamin Lincoln from South Carolina with his army.  Sept 16 D’Estaing demanded surrender of Savannah but General Augustine Prevost asked for 24 hours to make a decision allowing for British reinforcement from Beaufort SC to arrive. The surrender was declined.

16  Oct 9 1779, allies launched grand assault upon British lines suffering 752 casualties while British lost 18.  Battered French Army withdrew to its ships and Benjamin Lincoln returned to SC with troops.

17  Initially Georgians hesitated to join war effort even though they opposed British regulations.  Colony prospered under royal rule and feared they needed British support from Native American attack  Georgia did not send delegates to first continental congress.  Battles of Lexington and Concord stirred up Georgians to join the cause

18  Sons of Liberty broke into a gun powder magazine in Savannah and distributed the powder to South Carolina revolutionaries  July 4 1775, Georgia’s second Provincial Congress named delegates to Second Continental Congress and adopted the ban on trade with Britain.  1778 the war reached a stalemate in the North and moved to the South.

19  James Wright assured that hundreds of loyalists were waiting in the backcountry for British troops to arrive  Archibald Campbell (Britain) invaded GA with 3000 troops from Savannah  Southern GA from Savannah to Augusta was under British Control  Kettle Creek ensured continued independence in upper GA.

20  Nathanael Greene (Continental Commander in the south) and Elijah Clarke were able to capture Augusta from British June 5 1781  American peace negotiators in France now had reason to demand for Georgia’s Independence  July 11 1782: British evacuated Savannah

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