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MACBETH A study of ambition, guilt and madness. Setting: Medieval Scotland Scotland 1040.

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1 MACBETH A study of ambition, guilt and madness

2 Setting: Medieval Scotland Scotland 1040

3 Was there a real King Macbeth? Yes. Circa (around) 1040. Mac Bethad (MacBheatha) Shakespeare based his tragedies on historical documents, in this case a History of England by Holinshed. The real King Macbeth was not so evil, nor was the real King Duncan so virtuous.

4 Timeline 7008009001000110012001300140015001600 Macbeth (Scotland) Shakespeare (England)

5 Geographical location: the British Isles

6 British Isles

7 Macbeth’s Scotland

8 Characters

9 What do we call a character that changes during the play? A dynamic character.

10 Conflict External: There is a civil war in Scotland when the play opens. The Rebel thanes (lords) hire Irish soldiers. The King of Norway takes advantage of the situation.

11 Who supported King Duncan during the civil war? Support DuncanAgainst Duncan Sons: Malcolm and Donalbain Macbeth Banquo Ross Angus Macduff Others Macdonwald Thane (lord) of Cawdor 1 Other rebel thanes (lords) Hired Irish soldiers King of Norway

12 The North Sea

13 Waves in the North Sea

14 North Sea Coast of Scotland

15 Internal conflict Macbeth, the main character, asks himself: Should I or shouldn’t I murder Duncan?

16 Plot

17 Plot of Macbeth Copyright: Daydream Education, UK

18 Malcolm Flees to England. Macduff follows.

19 Themes Copyright: Scribd

20 Another way to mention the themes, and additional themes. Ambition Superstition Deceitful appearances (cheating) – Hipocrisy Disloyalty Guilt The ideal ruler vs the vice-laden ruler. The concept of a true man: he who respects rules or he who ignores all authority and rules The state of the psyche and the time that goes by while an action is not executed.

21 Tone What is the attitude of the author while he writes? Elevated Serious Mysterious Contradictorily, there is a short humorous scene. Shakespeare´s sense of humor is lewd in it. Why? When and why does the author include this scene? Is the audience feeling anything else simultaneously?

22 Mood What emotions do you experience at the end of the play?

23 Ran into these interesting links of/Detail?category=Key+Stage+2%3AWall+Charts%3AEnglish+Literature of/Detail?category=Key+Stage+2%3AWall+Charts%3AEnglish+Literature








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