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Christian Communities and Scriptures (pgs. 44-63).

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1 Christian Communities and Scriptures (pgs. 44-63)

2 The Communities on Paul’s Second Journey Love Brings Conversion in Philippi Run Out of Thessalonica Rejection in Athens Challenge in Corinth The Communities on Paul’s Third Journey Taking on the Magicians in Ephesus House Churches

3 Troubles for Paul in Jerusalem A Mission of Mercy A Touching Farewell A Mob Attack and Roman Protection Paul’s Final Years in Rome House Arrest Death in Nero’s Persecutions For Review pg. 55

4 Philippi Steadfast in Faith – Philippians 1:27 Thessalonica Church Order – 1Thessalonians 5:12-22 Corinth One Body, Many Parts – 1Corithians 12:12-26 Ephesus Battle against Evil – Ephesians 6:13-17

5 Paul’s Epistles: Letters of Love to the Christian Communities Written to the Local Assembly Paul’s Message Summarized Treasures Passed On The Gospels: Answers to the Question, Who Was Jesus? The Good News Told, Then Written Down Different Gospels, Different Audiences Other Writings of the Christian Testament

6 Jesus the Jew Made sense for Jewish Christians to live as Jews The Breach Widens James (leader of Jerusalem Christians) Arrested, thrown off temple roof, stoned to death Christians flee out of fear A Matter of Survival Jews rebel by discontinuing daily sacrifice to Emperor Nero Roman army take the city and destroy the temple Judaism needed unity

7 JesusPaul

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