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Causes of Rebellion in the 13 Colonies 7 th Grade Social Studies.

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1 Causes of Rebellion in the 13 Colonies 7 th Grade Social Studies

2 Warm Up! According to this video, why did the people in the 13 Colonies decide to rebel against British rule?

3 Steps Towards Revolution We already know that… America was first a set of 13 Colonies run by England. America became a country when the American Colonists decided to rebel against England and become independent. Today we’ll find out… Why the American colonists felt that they had to break away from England. How the American colonists first showed how they were feeling to the King of England.

4 Life in the Colonies Why did people leave Europe and come to the 13 American Colonies?

5 Life in the Colonies People left Europe and came to the 13 American Colonies because…. There were economic opportunities in America that weren’t available in Europe (land for agriculture, natural resources line timber and furs, possible gold.) Escape Religious Persecution Basically: Life in Europe was crowded, and it was a lot harder to rise up in society!

6 Life in Europe vs. Life in the American Colonies 1700s: London, EnglandJamestown, Virginia

7 But Then the King of England Raised the Taxes! The Sugar Act (1764) Stamp Act (1765) Townshend Acts (1767) Tea Act (1773)

8 Sugar Act (1764) Raised taxes on sugar, molasses, silk, wine, and coffee http://blogs.gla t/files/2009/10/ sugar.jpg

9 Stamp Act (1765) Taxed all printed materials Newspapers Mortgages Licenses Playing Cards Etc. Repealed in 1766

10 Townshend Act (1767) Taxes on glass, lead, paper, paint, and tea Allowed British customs officers to search any ship. commons/thumb/9/9a/CharlesTownsh end.jpg/200px-CharlesTownshend.jpg

11 Tea Act (1773) Actually lowered the cost of tea! Made British shipped Tea cheaper than the Colonial smuggled Dutch Tea Colonists were set to lose lots of revenue m/college_guide/college_guide/ima ges/tea_cup.jpg

12 The Result of All These Taxes? Boston Tea Party! December 17, 1773 150 Men dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor Major Leaders: John Hancock and Sam Adams http://www.wi oto.php/7/7a /JohnHancoc kSmall.jpeg http://www.wea pon- content/uploads /2010/03/Sam_ Adams.jpg

13 Independent Work Complete the “Cause and Effect” worksheet!


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