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The Rise of Christianity

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1 The Rise of Christianity
Coach Crews World History

2 Bellringer 2/7 Using our study of the Ancient Israelites as a reference, answer the following questions: 5. Who raised 12 sons, which eventually became the 12 tribes of Israel? 6. Given to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai, the _____ described a covenant with God and was the first part of the Hebrew Bible. 7. The ancient land of Canaan is which modern-day countries?

3 Preview Quiz Answer the following questions in your notes:
Why was Jesus charged and put to death by Rome? He didn’t pay his taxes He lied to the government He died voluntarily He was disloyal to their government 2. Jesus had a small band of followers called ____. Disciples Apostles Messiahs Parables

4 Preview Quiz 3. Roman officials feared Jesus’ message because they thought it might ____. Cause Romans to leave the city Bring peace to the region Ruin the Jewish holiday Threaten law and order 4. After Jesus was crucified for being a political rebel, reports of his resurrection led to the creating of a new religion called ____. Judaism Catholicism Islam Christianity

5 Preview Quiz 5. How did the Roman Empire help spread Christianity?
Supported by building churches Officials gave money to apostles and disciples Roads allowed Christians to travel and spread their message Adopted Christianity as their official language 6. Christians began to criticize Roman customs and refused to participate in government, so Roman officials began to ____ Christians in A.D. 64. Persecute Abolish Accept Listen to

6 Preview Quiz 7. The Roman emperor ____ issued an order called the Edict of Milan that granted all people religious freedom and made it legal to practice Christianity. Diocletian Theodocsius Constantine Paul 8. The bishop of Rome was given the title of ____. Pope Archbishop Patriarch Diocese

7 Preview Quiz 9. Latin-speaking Christians accepted the pope as the leader of their church and it became known as the ____Church. Methodist Greek Orthodox Roman Catholic Baptist 10. Pictures of Jesus, Mary, and other saints are examples of ____. Schisms Icons Iconoclasts Gospels

8 Quiz Answers Charged with treason, disloyalty to the government
Disciples Threaten law and order Christianity Roads allowed for travel and spread to the message Persecute Constantine Pope Roman Catholic Icons

9 Christianity Preview Before Christmas, we began our study of the Romans. As we learned, the Romans ruled many areas of the Mediterranean. In one of these areas, Judaea, a new religion called Christianity began. As the Romans ruled Judaea, some Jews opposed Rome peacefully while some Jews rebelled. Suppose you were separated from your home and could not return, what effect might this have on you?

10 Where?

11 The Jews and the Romans 1. Ancient Israel
Saul, David, and Solomon united the Israelites into one kingdom The capital city of the kingdom was Jerusalem After Solomon’s death, the kingdom divided Israel in the north Judah in the south These kingdoms were eventually defeated and the people scattered

12 The Jews and the Romans 2. Roman Rule Rome took over Judah in 63 B.C.
Augustus made it a Roman province named Judaea Some favored the Romans Others opposed the Romans and held to Jewish traditions

13 The Jews and the Romans 3. The Jews Rebel
Zealots led a rebellion in A.D. 66 Rome put down the rebellion and burned the temple Another rebellion in A.D. 132 led to all Jews being removed from Jerusalem and banned from returning After scattering around the world, their faith remained through studying ancient works

14 Timeline Using page to construct a timeline of major events in the lives of the Jewish people. This timeline will reveal when Jesus lived within the Roman Empire. (Hint: 8 dates are included in these pages) ____________________________________________________

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