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BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!!. Channeling Your Inner Rebel  Have you ever felt like those in power around you are TOO powerful?  Do you think the wrong.

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2 Channeling Your Inner Rebel  Have you ever felt like those in power around you are TOO powerful?  Do you think the wrong people are given power all too often?  Do you ever wish you could stand up for yourself but feel powerless to do so?  Do you ever feel like your opinions don’t matter?  Do you ever feel like the people around you are too apt to believe what they are told?  Do you ever question authority figures?  Do you ever wish you were powerful enough to change the world?

3 If you answered “Yes” to most of those questions, you are a lot like 1984’s protagonist “Winston Smith”…  "The Man" is a slang phrase that may refer to the government or to some other authority in a position of power.slang governmentauthority  The phrase "the Man is keeping me down" is commonly used to describe oppression. The phrase "stick it to the Man" encourages resistance to authority, and essentially means "fight back" or "resist", either passively, openly or via sabotageoppression resistance to authoritysabotage

4 Do-Now:Pre-reading  1. What rules govern your life? Make a list.  2. Are these rules self-imposed (created by you) or are these rules dictated by somebody else? Indicate next to each.  3. Do you ever feel like authority figures are controlling your life? (Think school, the government, police, your parents, etc.) If you agree, explain how this is true in your life. If you disagree, explain how you manage to live by your own rules.

5 RESPOND HERE on ppt. notes

6 Paradox What do these contradictions mean?

7 The Setting: OCEANIA  London, England—aka “Airstrip One”  The year 1984 (sometime in the future)  Government=totalitarian dictatorship  Big Brother: a symbol and glorified persona of the government  Inner Party: (The 2%) Wealthy intellectuals devoted to the gov’t and regulating IngSoc & Thought Police. Upper class.  Outer Party: (13%) Powerless middle “working” class.  The Proles: (85%) The “subhuman” poor, lower class workers.

8 1984 Literary Genre: = Dystopia Dystopia = a perfect society gone wrong (Think novels like Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, Feed, etc.) The rise of totalitarian governments The use of science and technology to regulate or brainwash society The distortion of truth through rhetoric The restricting of individual freedoms * Can you think of any examples of this happening in our society today?

9 Terms to Know Oceania =Americas, Britain, Australia, S. Africa Eurasia = Russia, Western and Eastern Europe Eastasia = China Land that’s up for grabs = Middle East and Northern Africa—(fight for control of that land) Emmanuel Goldstein: Eurasian enemy of Oceania & a traitor of the “Party” (gov’t) *He is the most hated enemy of Oceania *Advocates “democracy” in speeches shown on telescreens during the “Two-Minutes Hate”- a political rant about the enemy broadcast daily

10 Newspeak- official language of Oceania, words are condensed and simplified for communication, resulting in less free thought/creativity Ingsoc- English Socialism- Oceania’s gov’t/rule Socialism= Political system where the good of the group is preferred over the good of the individual (Think “universal health care”) Doublethink- believing two contradictory ideas at the same time Telescreen- a two-way TV screen that watches you as you watch it! (Big Brother’s presence)

11 Real Life Application  In what ways have our lives become much like the world of in 1984 where “BIG BROTHER” is watching us? List some examples below!!!

12 Main Characters Winston Smith = the “everyman”; member of the Outer Party; rewrites history, begins to rebel O’Brien = a man with whom Winston feels a connection; member off “the brotherhood,” an underground rebel group Julia = a girl from Winston’s work with whom he becomes infatuated

13 Things to think about... How does this novel connect with our own society and our values and actions? What is Orwell’s ultimate message ?: *Free thought and individualism * The dangers of an imposing gov’t that goes unchecked * Putting yourself ahead of others for gain or fighting for humanity *The use of fear to control others *Isolation vs. individualism

14 1984 Article – Annotate 3 passages  1. What was George Orwell’s background? (Discuss his past)  2. What are Orwell’s beliefs and personal values?  3. What do you think caused him to write the novel 1984? What message do you think he wanted to share with readers?

15 Do-Now: Ch. 1-3  What message would you leave for the world in your own diary/notebook like Winston did for future generations to read if you knew that the government was forbidding independent thought & freedom in our society? Describe your thoughts, beliefs, values, warnings, etc.

16 Journal- Close Reading Analysis  Focus on the passage where Winston tries to remember the details about the world BEFORE the “Revolution” and Big Brother. How were things different? (p. 32-33)  How were things different from when you were a child to now? List some specific things you remember from when you were a child and then list how they have changed.

17 Part 2: Ch. 1-2 HUMANITY  Can Big Brother ever take away someone’s humanity? Explain why or why not.  Find some examples that prove Winston still has his humanity.  *Focus on his interaction with the dark haired girl, Julia.

18 Explain the following quote as it relates to Winston’s “Humanity”  “At the sight of the words I Love You the desire to stay alive had welled up in him, and the taking of minor risks suddenly seemed stupid” (109)

19 Diary: Winston and Julia Xoxo  Pretend to be Winston and write a letter in his diary describing Julia based on his interaction with her in Ch. 2. Focus on the details on p. 120-123 and refer to specific things that Winston notices about Julia, or things that Julia says to him. In Winston’s voice, show the world how you feel about this rebellious, clever young girl!

20 Wallstreet Journal Articles: 1a. What is your opinion about the ways we are being watched and losing our privacy? 1b. Share your own experience of “Big Brother watching” in a 1-par journal entry. 2.) Based on the article on p. 6-9, what are the ways in which we are being watched and why? 3.) Are any of the reasons for watching us justified in your opinion? Why/why not? How does it make you feel that we are watched?

21 Do-Now: Ch. 3- p. 135-136  Focus on Winston’s convo with Julia on p. 135-136. Compare/Contrast their differing values and beliefs when it comes to life and happiness.  *Hint: Winston says, “We are the dead” whereas Julia thinks that by living, we are winning the battle of life.

22 Do-Now: Ch. 4- Close Reading  What is the significance of the glass paperweight with the coral in the center?  *Focus on p. 147

23 Room 101 As a result of his thought-crime, and his refusal to accept the doublethink of Big Brother, Winston is taken to Room 101 to face his worst fear and become “cured”. Room 101 is different for each person who enters it; it is customized to coerce you through YOUR individual fear. Think about what it would take for you to become brainwashed into believing the doublethink of Big Brother. Write a paragraph describing your own personal Room 101. Be specific, detailed, and descriptive (make me scared of your worst fear!).

24 Memory & Existence  The concept of memory and existence provides an interesting debate point. Does the past exist if no one remembers it? How can it be proven? Debate this topic after reviewing O’Brien’s arguments to Winston.

25 Final Passage Reflection:  What is the significance of the last passage in the novel on the last page? What is your interpretation of what happened to Winston?  *Consider the symbolism of the “bullet” entering his brain.

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