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Rewards will be given based on grade-level accomplishments as well as individual accomplishments.

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2 Rewards will be given based on grade-level accomplishments as well as individual accomplishments.

3  Each day that a grade level does not have a student referral to the principal’s office, they will receive one point.  Rewards will be issued when a grade level has acquired a certain number of points.  Note- A minimum of 98% (2 offenses) of the grade level must have no office offenses.

4 20 Points- Eat lunch in the classroom 40 Points- Snack party during homeroom 60 Points- Battleball game during homeroom 80 Points- Special assembly  Points will start anew each semester. If a grade level reaches 80 points both semesters, they will receive a field trip.

5 TEACHER-HANDLED OFFENSES PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE OFFENSES  Less than 3 tardies  Being unprepared  Cheating  Damaging or destroying school property  Displaying a poor attitude  Publicly displaying affection  Refusing to work  Talking out  Throwing items  Touching others  Using electronic devices  Using profane or indecent language (minor)  More than 3 tardies  Bringing/using alcohol, drugs, or weapons  Chronic offenses  Fighting  Gambling  Harassing or threatening others  Stealing  Truancy  Using profane or indecent language (severe)  Vandalism  Violating the dress code

6 Each student will receive a Rebel Rewards card. Rewards

7  When a student exceeds normal behavioral expectations, he/she will receive a punch on his/her Rebel Rewards card.  Note- The Rebel Rewards card should be punched only for behavior-related deeds. Academic accomplishments should not be rewarded using the Rebel Rewards card.

8  A student helps another student gather his/her dropped materials  A student helps a staff /faculty member transport items  A student cleans up an accidental spill in the cafeteria without being asked

9 After punches are accumulated, the following rewards can be received. (Note- Rewards are not given at 6, 12, and 18 punches. Instead, students may bypass a 6 punch reward in order to “save up” for a 12 punch reward.) 6 Punches- School supplies (composition notebook, mechanical pencils, colored pens, highlighter, post-it notes, etc.) 12 Punches- Ballgame ticket or food coupon 18 Punches- Movie or Rebel gear (beanie, backpack, jewelry, etc.)

10  One time per month, students will be able to redeem punches for rewards.  Rewards will be brought to the homeroom beginning in September. First Wednesday - 5 th grade Second Wednesday - 6 th grade Third Wednesday - 7 th grade Fourth Wednesday - 8 th grade

11  After a student has received 18 punches, he/she will turn in the Rebel Rewards card to be entered in a monthly raffle.  Upon turning in the card, students will receive a new Rebel Rewards card.  The raffle will take place during the monthly student recognition program.  One student from each grade level will win a raffle reward.  Prizes will vary from month to month. A few raffle rewards include: iTunes cards, MP3 players, and various gift cards.

12  Students will be responsible for their Rebel Rewards cards. If a card is lost, the student will be issued a new card. However, all existing punches will be lost.  Please add any other info.

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