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9.3 The United States and East Asia

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1 9.3 The United States and East Asia

2 Objectives Examine the causes and consequences of the Philippine insurrection Analyze the effects of the Open Door Policy Describe how the United States dealt with the rising power of Japan

3 The Imperial Menu A pleased Uncle Sam gets ready to place his order with headwaiter William McKinley. Swallowing some of these possessions eventually produced political indigestion.

4 United States Expansion, 1857–1917


6 Filipinos Rebel Against U.S. Rule
Emilio Aguinaldo organized an insurrection against U.S. rule Guerrilla warfare U.S. used concentration camps, mass killings Aguinaldo killed, more died than Spanish-American War William H. Taft became governor of the Philippines Censored press, dissidents in jail Built schools, roads and bridges Jones Act-Philippines would gain independence

7 Dewey’s Route in the Philippines, 1898

8 Emilio Aguinaldo (ca. 1869–1964) and Followers, 1900 Aguinaldo had a colorfully checkered career. Exiled from the Philippines by the Spanish in 1897, he was brought back in 1898 to assist the American invasion. A year later he led the Filipino insurrection against the new American rulers. Captured in 1901, he declared his loyalty to the United States. During World War II, he collaborated with the Japanese when they occupied the Philippines…

9 U.S. Pursues Interest in China
Spheres of Influence Britain, France, Germany, and Russia: privileges to zones of markets and ports Japan later included Sec. of State, John Hay sent notes to diplomats declaring equal trade in China

10 Jingoism

11 Boxer Rebellion Righteous and Harmonious Fists, nickname: Boxers
Secret society, celebrated traditional Chinese customs. Rebellion against the “foreign devils” May 1900, killed foreign missionaries, multinational force called in Chinese forced to pay damages=fuel for nationalists Open Door Policy

12 Boxer Rebellion

13 Tensions Rise Between America and Japan
Russia had troops in Manchuria, Japan attacked Russo-Japanese War Roosevelt stepped in, peace treaty was signed Anti-Asian Prejudice School in CA banned Asian students Roosevelt=“Gentlemen’s Agreement” Great White Fleet

14 The great white fleet



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