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Civil War Review Shaffer/Lusk 2012-13. 11 Confederate states that seceded from the union Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia Tennessee.

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1 Civil War Review Shaffer/Lusk 2012-13

2 11 Confederate states that seceded from the union Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia Tennessee Arkansas Alabama Louisiana Texas Mississippi

3 A machine that cleans seeds from cotton a.Cotton Gin b.Yeomanry c.Overseer d.Slave Codes

4 A member of the Confederate Army during the Civil War a.Union b.Yankee c.Rebel d.Abolitionist

5 A member of the Union Army during the Civil War a.Abolitionist b.Yankee c.Rebel d.Confederacy

6 A person who wanted to end slavery a.Suffrage b.Yankee c.Rebel d.Abolitionist

7 A person who wanted to end slavery a.Cotton Gin b.Yankee c.Rebel d.Abolitionist

8 Admiral of the union navy that gained control of the port of New Orleans a.Farragut b.Yankee c.Rebel d.Abolitionist

9 Agreement that admitted California as a free state, banned slave trade in DC, etc. a.Farragut b.Compromise of 1850 c.Rebel d.Abolitionist

10 Angel of the Battlefield; started the Red Cross a.Farragut b.Compromise of 1850 c.Clara Barton d.Abolitionist

11 Another name for the South during the Civil War a.Confederacy b.Union c.Emancipation d.Abolitionist

12 Another name of the North in the Civil War a.Confederacy b.Secede c.Suffrage d.Union

13 Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln a.John Wilkes Booth b.Compromise of 1850 c.Clara Barton d.Union

14 Battle that was considered the turning point in the war a.John Wilkes Booth b.Gettysburg c.Clara Barton d.Union

15 Born into slavery before escaping in 1838; Edited the North Star (abolitionist paper) a.John Wilkes Booth b.William Lloyd Garrison c.Nat Turner d.Fredrick Douglass

16 Captured (burned) Atlanta and led a march to the sea a.George Meade b.William Tecumseh Sherman c.George McClellan d.Robert E. Lee

17 Defeated Lee's troops at the Battle of Gettysburg a.George McClellan b.Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson c.George Meade d.Fredrick Douglass

18 Delivered Emancipation Proclamation a.William Lloyd Garrison b.Abraham Lincoln c.John C. Calhoun d.Dred Scott

19 Families on small Southern Farms a.Yeomanry b.Underground Railroad c.Border States d.Slave Codes

20 Famous "conductor"; led 300 to freedom a.Fredrick Douglass b.Abraham Lincoln c.Harriet Tubman d.John Bowen

21 Famous union General that destroyed the city of Atlanta on his "march to the sea' a.Yeomanry b.Abraham Lincoln c.Sherman d.Fredrick Douglass

22 Federal fort located in South Carolina; the surrender essentially started the Civil War a.Shiloh b.Fort Sumter c.Appomattox Courthouse d.Vicksburg

23 Founded The Liberator; supports emancipation a.William Lloyd Garrison b.Clara Barton c.Sherman d.Fredrick Douglass

24 Freeing of enslaved persons a.Sectionalism b.Compromise of 1850 c.Emancipation d.Fugitive Slave Act

25 General who helped the Confederates win the First Battle of Bull Run; shot by another rebel a.Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson b.William Tecumseh Sherman c.John Wilkes Booth d.Clara Barton

26 He and followers murdered 5 proslavery settlers a.Dred Scott b.John Bowen c.Nat Turner d.Fredrick Douglass

27 In 1854, this repealed the ban on slavery north of the Missouri Compromise line a.Compromise of 1850 b.Fugitive Slave Act c.Kansas-Nebraska Act d.Sectionalism

28 Laws that denied enslaved Africans most of their rights a.Yeomanry b.Underground Railroad c.Overseer d.Slave Codes

29 Led slave revolt in Virginia; killed about 60 whites a.Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson b.Nat Turner c.Dred Scott d.Clara Barton

30 Lee's surrender here officially ended the Civil War a.Appomattox Courthouse b.Shiloh c.Vicksburg d.Atlanta

31 Mandated harsh penalties for those who assisted runaway slaves a.Kansas-Nebraska Act b.Fugitive Slave Act c.Compromise of 1850 d.Sectionalism

32 Meade and the Union defeated Lee and the Confederate here; the turning point of the war a.Fort Sumter b.Richmond c.Gettysburg d.Antietam

33 Much of this place was burned to the ground, and the Yankees then marched on to the sea a.Washington, D.C. b.Richmond c.Antietam d.Atlanta

34 Official surrender of Robert E. Lee to Ulysses S. Grant occurred at Appomattox Court House which is in which state a.Florida b.Virginia c.West Virginia d.North Carolina

35 Rejected Lincoln's offer to lead the Union armies and took command of Confederate forces in Virginia a.Robert E. Lee b.Clara Barton c.Ulysses S. Grant d.George Meade

36 Rivalry based on the special interests of different areas a.Sectionalism b.Emancipation c.Secede d.Compromise of 1850

37 Series of houses where "conductors" hid runaway slaves a.Slave Codes b.Overseer c.Underground Railroad d.Atlanta

38 South Carolina Senator; warned the South would secede a.John C. Calhoun b.Willima Lloyd Garrison c.Fredrick Douglass d.John Bowen

39 Sued for his freedom because his master had taken him to free territory; unfortunately, he wasn't a citizen a.John C. Calhoun b.George McClellan c.Clara Barton d.Dred Scot

40 The capital of the Confederacy a.Richmond b.Washington, D.C. c.Vicksburg d.Atlanta

41 The direct supervisor of enslaved workers a.Cotton Gin b.Border States c.Overseer d.Dred Scot

42 The Federal capital a.Richmond b.Virginia c.Washington, D.C. d.Atlanta

43 The right to vote a.Union b.Suffrage c.Confederacy d.Emancipation

44 The states along the line that divided the Union and Confederacy a.Overseer b.Slave Codes c.Yeomanry d.Border States

45 This battle ended in a draw; known as the bloodiest single day of the war a.Antietam b.Richmond c.Vicksburg d.Appomattox Courthouse

46 This siege split the Confederacy in half and gave the Union control of the Mississippi River a.Vicksburg b.Fort Sumter c.Washington, D.C. d.Antietam

47 Union General nicknamed "Unconditional Surrender" a.Robert E. Lee b.George Meade c.Ulysses S. Grant d.George McClellan

48 Union General who gained control of the Mississippi with a victory at Vicksburg a.William Tecumseh Sherman b.Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson c.Ulysses S. Grant d.John Wilkes Booth

49 Union set up along the waterways that cut off the south access to supplies and resources a.Blockade b.Suffrage c.Farragut d.Border States

50 Winner at the 1st Battle of Bull Run a.Union b.Suffrage c.Confederacy d.Border States

51 Withdraw from a large political body a.Blockade b.Suffrage c.Confederacy d.Secede

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