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Religion and Politics Continued Mr. Carney CPW4U 2011.

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1 Religion and Politics Continued Mr. Carney CPW4U 2011

2 A fundamentalist believes that he or she has the ‘truth’ and that anyone who deviates from the ‘truth’ is a form of evil. It is a strict adherence to a set ideology. Christian Fundamentalism – if you don’t take the bible literally you are not a Christian. There is no possibility of a middle ground. Suggesting that parts of the bible could be taken metaphorically would deem non fundamentalists, non Christians. Fundamentalism

3 The Danger of Fundamentalism When religion is used as a device for political gain, the chance of a negative outcome is probable. Fundamentalism is a rigid form of thought, and does not necessarily fit into a definition of the common good for all people. In a pluralistic society, Fundamentalism becomes increasingly difficult to exist.

4 Coup D'état A radical overthrowing of the government. A coup d'état happens with 24 hours. It is a result of a mob like group over turning a government with force. A coup d'état is a radical form of democracy – the mob rules, even when the government fails. Most recently, a Coup D'état attempt happened in Ecuador.

5 Political Protest Political protest is an expression of democracy. It is the ‘mob’ voicing their concerns. Various forms of political protest happen constantly throughout the world.

6 Vietnam protests Americans protest the USA involvement in Vietnam. President Johnston imposes the ‘draft card.’ Mob protests demonstrate by burning the draft cards. NYQ&feature=related NYQ&feature=related

7 1960’s-1970’s Marks a time when ideologists and conservatives clashed like no other. Music, Art, Drama, are excellent recounts of the time. Political protests were often enhanced through the art forms. FbA FbA

8 1960’s and 1970’s A central theme of peace was promoted by the ‘mob’ and a growing suspicion of the governments ulterior motive. Anti establishment / anti government YiQ YiQ

9 Folk Hero’s Bob Dylan – The Times they are a Changing Phil Ochs – Universal Soldier These idealists effectively promoted a peaceful resolution to war by empowering the youth.

10 June 5 th 1989 Tiananmen Square – the ‘Tank Man’ protests the Chinese military forcible removal of protesters from Tiananmen Square in Beijing. nXT8lSnPQ nXT8lSnPQ This is raw footage of ‘Tank Man’ or ‘Unknown Rebel’

11 G20 Toronto Protests Demonstrators accused leaders of turning blind eyes to countries with people in great need. ozD4 ozD4 The protests took a violent turn when riot police used force to restrain protesters. Police were accused of brutality.

12 Task Based on our class exploration of the three original ideologies – Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism. Please state the pro’s and con’s of each. (pro’s and con’s are unique to every student) Please write an opinion piece about your own ideologies. Refer to any of the ideologies that we have discussed in class.

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