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Discipline  Doctor for vaginal delivery $2095.00  Doctor for C-section $2350.00 Plus:  Asst. surgeon$400.00  Lab fees$300.00  Ultrasound$260.00.

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Presentation on theme: "Discipline  Doctor for vaginal delivery $2095.00  Doctor for C-section $2350.00 Plus:  Asst. surgeon$400.00  Lab fees$300.00  Ultrasound$260.00."— Presentation transcript:


2 Discipline



5  Doctor for vaginal delivery $2095.00  Doctor for C-section $2350.00 Plus:  Asst. surgeon$400.00  Lab fees$300.00  Ultrasound$260.00 each

6  1 hour$ 528.00  3 hours$ 704.00  5 hours$ 836.00  10 hours$1100.00  C-Section$ 435.00 If a mother has an epidural and then has to have a C-Section, she has to pay for both.

7  24 hour stay$ 600.00 - 1,200.00  2 day stay$1,200.00 - 1,500.00  3 day stay$1,500.00 - 2,200.00

8  Initial exam in hospital$ 95.00  Daily check$ 50.00  Circumcision in hospital$150.00


10  Pharmacy Morphine$ 12.40 Promethazine$ 11.50  Radiology US OB follow-up$ 91.00  Labor & Delivery 2 Patient Eval$294.40 14-30 min observation$634.20

11  Laboratory Blood Typing$18.20 Blood Count$17.60 Venipnct$ 7.20  Pharmacy Benzoca$ 8.00 Codeine$ 4.40 Docusate$ 3.20 Erythromycin$ 7.60 Ibuprofen$ 4.40 Oxytocin$ 9.70 Phytonadione$18.60  Room Room Charge$333.00 Labor Level I$234.60 Nursing Level III$141.60  Labor & Delivery Patient Eval$147.20 Delivery$555.30 Recovery$135.00  Respiratory Services Delivery Call$28.50

12  Laboratory Reactive Pro$23.20 Hemogrm$29.40 Sedimentation$16.60 Venipnct$7.20 Culture$64.20  Pharmacy Ampicillin$42.00 Gentamicin$17.40  Radiology 5 Chest View$360.00  Room Nursing Level I$772.20  Testing EP Eval$17.60  Therapy Acoustic Testing$43.10  Nursery Daily Room $172.00  Respiratory Services 2 Med Gas$329.80 2 Med Aerosol$54.00

13 Amb NMICU non em$327.77 Mileage Ambulance$ 60.45 Pt Care Items$ 10.50 Transport Team Pick up$ 40.00 Ambulance Ride to different hospital 12/23/01 $435.82 LDS Hospital Life Flight Crew$ 4,600.64 Utah Valley 1 st Day Bill$14,912.30


15  Financial obligations begin before a child is born.  Insurance is a must.  Children are elf-centered and demanding.  Children have an impact on the marital relationship.

16 Handout You must figure out the items you would need for one year, the quantities and the cost of each.

17  Means to teach.  To train by instruction and exercise.  Training a behavior in accordance with rules and conduct.  A long term process that gradually leads to a child becoming responsible for his own behavior.

18  The act or function of guiding.  Giving advice or counseling.  Helping, teaching, showing.

19  A penalty inflicted for a crime or offense.  Treatment – verbal attacks, withholding privileges, removal, hit, spank, hurting, prison.  May restrain a child temporarily, but it does not teach self-discipline.  Might teach obedience to authority, but not self-control which enhances self-respect.

20 Page 3

21 a. The goal of discipline and guidance is to help the child learn self-control b. Self-discipline is the ability to direct one’s own behavior c. Parent’s who punish rather than discipline may have children that rebel d. Respond to aggressive behavior in a non- aggressive way. e. Adults who do not reinforce appropriate behavior, may have children who resort to problem behavior f. Children often misbehave for attention. Withdraw from the conflict and resolve the problem later. g. Attention is a powerful reinforcer that guides children positively or negatively.

22  Remember that we all act in certain ways to meet our own needs.  Children are no different and their behavior, or misbehavior, can be understood best if the underlying need or reason for their behavior is identified.  A child misbehaves when one of the following behavioral needs are not being met

23  Have appropriate expectations for the child’s developmental age

24  Provide opportunities to experiment and satisfy curiosity

25  Inadequate or misunderstood instructions, they really are trying to do what was asked (too high of expectations).  They are trying something new and do not realize what the consequences might be.

26  Give attention only to that which you want to be repeated and ignore questionable or undesirable behavior.  Negative attention is still attention

27  Children want some power and control in their lives or they become upset over the amount of control others have over them and might rebel or assert a degree of power and control.

28  Working to hurt or “get even” for what they have been made to do or feel

29  Constantly correcting or giving negative reinforcement might make a kid quit trying because the are afraid of failing

30  Wanting to find a place in a family or peer group where they fit in.  This place may be positive or negative, but the need is met

31  Firm: Consequences should be clearly stated and then adhered to when the inappropriate behavior occurs.  Fair: The punishment should fit the crime. Also in the case of recurring behavior, consequences should be stated in advance so the child knows what to expect. Harsh punishment is not necessary. Using a simple Time Out can be effective when it is used consistently every time the behavior occurs. Also, use of reward for a period of time like part of a day or a whole day when no Time Outs or maybe only one Time Out is received.  Friendly: Use a friendly but firm communication style when letting a child know they have behaved inappropriately and let them know they will receive the "agreed upon" consequence. Encourage them to try to remember what they should do instead to avoid future consequences. Work at "catching them being good" and praise them for appropriate behavior.

32  Behavior Needs Situations- page 3

33  Discipline Video

34  child-calculator

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