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2 Film released in October 1955 Dean is killed in September of 1955

3 James Dean 1931-1955 Highly charged, neurotic, super intense performances Ambiguous sexual orientation proved effective in his performances Died before his popularity and career gained steam Like Brando extremely popular with young audiences Key Films: REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955) EAST OF EDEN (1955) GIANT (1956)

4 New to town (L.A) Drinks Parent’s always quarrel Gets into a dispute with school bully Buzz Befriends a boy named Pluto Falls for a girl named Judy who belongs to the high school gang

5 Born Jan. 10 1939 Died Feb. 12 1976 (Homoside) Lived in the Bronx in NY Thrown out of school by 8 Member of a street gang Had a choice after, robbery to be thrown in jail or go to professional acting school Seen in Escape From the Planet of the Apes Was seen as the young prince in the King and I

6 Idolizes Jim When Jim befriends him, and gets into fight with Buzz, he and Jim are being hunted down by Buzz. Acts out a “fantasy family” With Jim and Judy being the parents and him the child Is fatally shot in a chaotic scene with Police.

7 Born on July 20 1938 Died on November 29, 1981 Born and raised in California Daughter of Russian Immigrants First film was Happy Land Seen in: 1947’s Miracle on 34 th Street. West Side Story Rebel Without A Cause Drowned while trying board the dinghy tied.

8 In the bully, Buzz’s gang. Runs from the police, after a tragedy occurs where she goes with Jim and Plato to a Villa Plays “mother” to Plato Is the “eye candy” to Jim Not well liked by Plato because he feels like she is taking “Jim always from him”


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