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Belle Boyd the Spy of the South

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1 Belle Boyd the Spy of the South
By Ethan Cross and Josef Garcia

2 Belle Boyd

3 The Start of Belle Boyd the Spy
Belle Boyd was a spy for the Rebels She was born in Martinsburg, Virginia on May 9, 1844 The event that started her career as a spy was when a group of Union soldiers pushed her mom after raising a flag over her house and Belle Boyd drew a pistol then shot and killed one of the soldiers.

4 Belle Boyd’s Base Belle Boyd’s base was in her aunt’s hotel when she first started to be a yet to be very famous Rebel spy Belle Boyd also went to a school if you did not know (most people don’t even know about Belle Boyd in the first place). She went to Mount Washington Female Collage. She went from 1856 to 1860.

5 Belle Boyd’s Personality
Belle Boyd was a very impolite person as a child. Belle Boyd was also very rough growing up.

6 Belle Boyd’s Personnel Life
Belle Boyd, amazingly, married a Union soldier who was one of the jailmasters of one jail she went to. After she had married the soldier she became an actor. Her husband and her moved to England so she could become an actress. She was also arrested 6 times and imprisoned 2 times.

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