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Round 1 Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s. 1 Admiral Mahan had a 3 Part Suggestion for US Imperialism – Name the 3 Suggestions.

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1 Round 1 Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s

2 1 Admiral Mahan had a 3 Part Suggestion for US Imperialism – Name the 3 Suggestions

3 1 Naval Bases in Caribbean Canal through Panama Acquire Hawaii and other Pacific islands Home

4 2 Who (1 group and 1 person) was involved in the overthrow (coup) of the Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani?

5 2 White Planters (American Businessmen) and John Stevens (US Ambassador to Hawaii)

6 3 Who was President of the United States during the Spanish-American war?

7 3 William McKinley

8 4 What two events really outraged Americans against the Spanish?

9 4 De Lome Letter Explosion of USS Maine

10 5 What country did we purchase Alaska from?

11 5 Russia

12 6 This exiled man was a Cuban revolutionary poet who upset the Spanish with his poetry (and later warned US may be just like Spain).

13 6 Jose’ Marti’

14 7 What specifically made Americans mad when the de Lome letter was published?

15 7 Criticized Pres. McKinley for being weak

16 8 How did the American newspapers portray the Spanish General Weyler?

17 8 The Butcher; Cruel; Savage; Monster

18 9 Which ship was involved in the overthrow of the Hawaiian Queen – the USS _______________?

19 9 USS Boston

20 ROUND 2 A Game of X’s and O’s

21 1 Where did the US Pacific Fleet easily defeat the Spanish Fleet?

22 1 The Philippines Home

23 2 How long did the Spanish-American War last?

24 2 4 months

25 3 What was the name of the volunteers cowboys who Theodore Roosevelt commanded in Cuba?

26 3 The Rough Riders

27 4 Name 1 thing that the United States got from Spain in the Treaty of Paris

28 4 Puerto Rico; Guam; or the Philippines (for 20 million)

29 5 United States did not grant the Filipinos their independence once the Spanish were defeated – how did they react?

30 5 Angered them since one colonial ruler was now replaced by another  REBELLION

31 6 Name 1 reason why the US wanted to stay involved in Cuba, Philippines, and Puerto Rico after the war?

32 6 Strategic Position ; Not allowing other nations to gain control ; Protecting American Business Interests

33 7 Who (specifically) joined in with the Filipinos to fight against the Americans?

34 7 Some of the African American US soldiers

35 8 What did the Americans do to the Filipino rebels (which is ironic since we criticized the Spanish for doing it)?

36 8 Concentration Camps

37 9 Where did the US build a canal through?

38 9 Panama

39 Round 3 A Game of X’s and O’s

40 1 The policy by a stronger nation to attempt to create an empire by dominating weaker nations economically, politically, culturally, or militarily.

41 1 Imperialism Home

42 2 To incorporate (territory) into an existing political unit such as a country

43 2 Annexation

44 3 A country whose affairs are partially controlled by a stronger power

45 3 Protectorate

46 4 A belief in the superiority of the white race produced the idea that whites had a responsibility to civilize non-whites “inferior people”.

47 4 White Mans Burden

48 5 Became Provisional Governor of Hawaii after overthrow of Hawaiian gov’t; refused to give up power when Pres. Cleveland asked him to

49 5 Sanford B. Dole

50 6 US ambassador to Hawaii who helped overthrow the Queen

51 6 John Stevens

52 7 Sec. of State who arranged the purchase of Alaska?

53 7 William Seward

54 8 Assistant Sec of Navy – Leader of Rough Riders – VP and then President

55 8 Theodore Roosevelt

56 9 What was different about the US annexing Midway and Wake islands as compared to Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa, Guam (and not just they were different places) ?

57 9 Home No Native Population

58 Round 4 A Game of X’s and O’s

59 1 What branch of the military did Admiral Mahan encourage the US to build up (to protect our interests overseas)?

60 1 The Navy Home

61 2 At the beginning of this timer period we have been studying, how did most Americans feel about imperialism?

62 2 Liked it – thought is was a good idea

63 3 Some people felt that imperialism violated which document that the US used to announce their independence against Great Britain?

64 3 Declaration of Independence

65 4 What disease did the French and Americans have to deal with down in Panama?

66 4 Yellow Fever

67 5 Some newspapers reported that this ship was blown up by the enemy but evidence shows it was an accident.

68 5 USS Maine

69 6 President Grover Cleveland was ______ annexation while President William McKinley was _____ annexation

70 6 (Cleveland) Against (McKinley) For

71 7 How did the newspapers get a hold of the de Lome letter to publish?

72 7 Stolen by Cuban Rebel from Havana Post Office

73 8 Mark Twain – Anti Imperialist or Imperialist?

74 8 Anti-Imperialist

75 9 What type of guerilla tactics did the Filipino rebels engage in against the US?

76 9 Guerilla tactics – snipers, blend in with civilians, nighttime raids, booby-traps

77 Round 4 A Game of X’s and O’s

78 1 To incorporate territory into an existing political unit such as a country is known as

79 1 Annexation Home

80 2 Queen Liliuokalani’s slogan to rally her people around a new Constitution

81 2 Hawaii for Hawaiians

82 3 The newspaper headlines that you see is example of?

83 3 Yellow Journalism

84 4 How long did the Philippine America War last?

85 4 3 years

86 5 These two newspaper tycoons engaged in a type of sensationalized or made-up journalism

87 5 Home Hearst and Pulitzer

88 7 Who became President after McKinley was assassinated?

89 7 Home Teddy Roosevelt

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