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Improving health in Africa Masanga Leprosy Hospital A post war rehabilitation project in Sierra Leone.

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1 Improving health in Africa Masanga Leprosy Hospital A post war rehabilitation project in Sierra Leone

2 Introduction  About Sierra Leone  Masanga Hospital  How you can help

3 Sierra Leone Background -5 million -70% less than $1/day -Ranked 176 out of 177 in UN Human Development Index (2005) -Life expectancy 41 yrs (UK is 79 years) -Less than half of the population have access to safe and clean waater -Illiteracy. Very high esp amongst girls -Highest rate of maternal mortality in the world – 1800 per 100,000 women die during child birth Highest infant immortality in the world 283 out of 1000 Children die before 5yrs (2004) –Diarrhoea from drinking water –Measles –Malaria Health problems 1 medical doctor per 104,000 Malaria endemic – 48% of total outpatient morbidity HIV/AIDS – 3% and rising

4 Masanga Leprosy Hospital Pre rebel war Before it was destroy during the 10 year swar in Sierra Leone the hospital: The largest of three hospitals specialising in leprosy treatment in Sierra Leone. 200 bed hospital providing primary health care in northern province of SL, and treated patients from Liberia and Guinea Operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church Well recognised for treatment of Tuberculoses and Polio Acted as a vaccine inoculation centre in the Northern province, e.g.against river blindness Provided education/rehabilitation and vocational training for ex-leprosy patients and schooling for children

5 Masanga

6 Brutal rebel war devastated country  Lasted 10 years  Over two million displaced  Tens of thousands deaths  Civilians amputated  Ended by UK led International Community Child amputees are a common sight

7 Effect of war on Masanga Leprosy Hospital Rebels attacked the hospital Infrastructures damaged - operating theatres, wards, laboratory, staff quarters, physiotherapy, class rooms, water supply system were, burnt, vandalised and looted. Hospital staff and Masanga town residents displaced

8 Masanga Leprosy Hospital Post Rebel War Basic building structure survived but remained derelict. Leprosy cases are rising in Sierra Leone - The 2003 annual report National Leprosy/TB control programme in Sierra Leone reported a rise of 8.3% in new cases, from 751 in 2002 to 814 in 2003. Tuberculosis is on a slow and steady rise SLAA (Sierra Leonean Adventists Abroad) embarked on a project for rehabilitation of Masanga. Project proposal drawn up to raise fund worldwide, rehabilitate the hospital and manage it. Done in consultation with and approval of the Government of Sierra Leone Phase 1 to open an out-patient clinic.

9 SLAA Acronym for Sierra Leonean Adventists Abroad A UK Charity Commission registered (no 1085938 ) objectives: 1.To assist with the advancement of education in developing countries as an instrument to achieve longer lasting improvement of economic standards 2.To provide assistance to people affected by war and natural disasters 3.The relief of poverty by providing aid to people in sever financial distressed MISSION STATEMENT is to contribute to long term poverty alleviation in deprived communities by sustained and targeted funding of health and educational Working to make a difference in Masanga though health project since 2004 - People with local knowledge - Ex Masanga Hospital staff - UK healthcare professionals

10 EXECUTIVES  Operational management TRUSTEES  Responsibilities :- constitution etc How SLAA is STRUCTURE MEMBERS  Elect Exec  Decides on projects undertaken & all business matters by majority voting  Internal funding by voluntary subscription SLAA representative in Freetown. Mr Val Thomas LLB Masanga Hospital Education BENEFICIARIES/RECIPIENTS OF AID Project Committees

11 The Project Planned in phases -Out patient clinic -Hospital -Sustainability Finance Progress -Partner -Contract with Gov 06 -Opened July 06 -Patents treated Needs and Challenges

12 Local & International Approval  Approved by Government of Sierra Leone Part of national heath strategy  endorsed by local people & European partner (AFOM)  Three way agreement between SLAA, AFOM & Gov SL Raise funds. £100,000 target Rehabilitate hospital Manage hospital Agreement with Government of Sierra Leone

13 Employs Local People  Staff team of 25  Only $3.00 per patient per month to run  12,000 patients in 1 st 6 month  $100,000 investment to date

14 Masanga Hospital- Early stage Budget Projection Budget for start-up of OPD: Amounts are per annum and in USD Staff Medical co-ordinator38,709 1 doctor (local)6,429 1 clinical officer2,142 2 nurses3,000 2 midwives 3,429 1 radiographer1,548 1 lab tech 1,287 17 auxiliary staff14,620 Total staff 71,123 Running costs: Medical equipment 9,000 Transport/freight5,000 Consumer goods8,000 Fuel9,000 Cars/rental/maintenance6,193 Cleaning683 Communication 1,612 Other expenses8,387 Total running costs47,893 Total staff and operations 119,016 Investments for start-up Generators, cables etc24,193 Sanitation16,129 Medical/technical equipment8,064 Total48,387 Total start-up and operations first year167,403

15 Masanga Hospital Now Clinic opened July 2006 TOP TREATMENTS Leprosy Malaria 70% Claims 48% outpatient morbidity in SL Pregnancy Pneumonia Tuberculosis Diarrhoea/ Typhoid Motherhood

16 Paediatric Ward opened Jan 2007 -Need 8 Staff to operate -$500/month salary bill

17 Past & New Medical Professionals & Student Volunteer combination to Operate Masanga

18 Management Structure of Masanga Hospital Management board Business manager Hospital Administrator Departmental Heads

19 How you can Help? Financial Donations -Running costs, salaries, drugs -Capital equipment, buildings Personnel -Resident doctor -Visiting specialist Infrastructure -Laboratory -Staff quarters -Water pumps – clean water -Incinerator -Patient toilets -Clean reliable power supply - solar Ambulance -Outreach into surrounding areas Tell Others

20 SLAA Contacts SLAA P.O.Box 86 Bromley Kent BR1 5SY Web: Email: Phone: +44 (0)844 800 5696

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