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Bell Ringer What are the similarities and differences between the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies? List them!

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1 Bell Ringer What are the similarities and differences between the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies? List them!

2 Africa, the Unknown Continent Mediterranean Europeans only knew the parts of Africa that touched the Mediterranean sea. Muslim Sahara North Africa flourished due to the influence of Islam and its Muslim followers. The rest of Africa was fairly unknown because of the vast Sahara desert. Africa navigate winds The Europeans couldn’t just sail down the coast line of Africa until the 15 th century because they lacked the technology to navigate the harsh winds. Vasco de Gama Africa Vasco de Gama sailed for Portugal, and was credited with sailing around the tip of Africa and on to India.

3 Africa, the Unknown Continent strong European America The African warriors were too strong for the European sailors to take over the land as they had in America. technology Kings The sailing ships brought one idea with them, technology, which interested both peoples. The Europeans brought guns, cloth, kettles, iron and mirrors that the Kings wanted. PEOPLE- crops NEW WORLD The Africans had PEOPLE- healthy and hardy people that could be used to mine and grow crops in the place that the Europeans were calling the NEW WORLD.

4 Slavery In Africa West Kings Arab economy Every year West African Kings sold about 1,000 slaves to Arab traders and thus became an important part of their economy. Slaves warfare Slaves came from the conquered and captured during warfare.

5 Slavery In Africa Africa racial Americas Slavery in Africa wasn’t based on racial superiority or inferiority. That concept developed in the Americas.

6 The Portuguese Exploit the Slave Trade gold coast trade Kings The desire for gold led the Portuguese down the coast of Africa, but over time they found that trade with the coastal Kings of Africa was more profitable. enslaved armies This trade included enslaved Africans that were rounded up by the King’s armies.

7 The Portuguese Exploit the Slave Trade Portuguese harbors slaves transport The Portuguese developed fortified posts at key harbors on the western coast of Africa, which held the slaves that were waiting for transport. plantations Atlantic Middle Most of the slaves were then transported to the American plantations, by crossing the Atlantic and enduring the brutal Middle Passage.

8 Triangle Trade





13 Slavery in the Americas 10 million From the 1400s to the 1800’s, more than 10 million Africans made a forced journey to the Americas. indentured servants freedom In the beginning of the slave trade colonists treated African slaves like indentured servants; they could earn their freedom. lawspermanent Soon laws were passed to support permanent enslavement; children of slaves would now be slaves too

14 Slavery in the Americas racist This change in the law promoted the racist idea that people of African origin were inferior to whites. 41% 37% Spanish 4.5% British 41% of African slaves went to Caribbean Islands; 37% went to Portuguese Brazil; 15% went to Spanish America; and only 4.5% went to the British colonies.

15 Africans in the Americas families auctions Enslaved families were often broken up at slave auctions to make it more difficult to escape or rebel. North sailors Slaves in the North usually worked as farmhands, dockworkers, sailors, and servants. Southern 40% In the Southern Colonies slaves made up 40% of the population and worked on the large plantations. 12lived – Here, they worked 12 hour days; 6 days a week and lived in huts with dirt floors, no windows, and almost no furniture.

16 Africans in the Americas rebel common Some enslaved Africans would rebel, but running away was more common; others would rebel by working slowly, pretending to be sick, or breaking tools life free northern Most Africans remained slaves for life, but some did become free; most of these lived in small free black communities in the northern colonies.

17 A New Culture culture traditions In the colonies, African Americans developed a rich culture based on African traditions and life in America. blend African lifestyles Those African traditions were a blend of many different African cultures and lifestyles.

18 A New Culture Christianity beliefs Most African Americans adopted Christianity, and blended it with some of their own beliefs. instruments banjosdrums music They also modified African instruments including banjos, rattles, and drums to create a music that focused on rhythm and percussion.

19 Exit Ticket What was the saddest part of the Middle Passage?

20 Off The Tee How were the New England colonies involved in the Triangular Trade?

21 In The Hole Which of the 13 colonies would you most like to live in?

22 Off The Tee List any terms from the board that you aren’t sure you could define if you had to?

23 In The Hole How do you think you did on the test? Did the study guide help?

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