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Global I * Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS

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1 Global I * Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS
Ancient China Global I * Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS

2 Aim: What are the aspects of Ancient Chinese civilization?
Do Now: Copy terms Mandate of Heaven – Claim by Chinese emperors that they had the right from the heavens to rule. What does the Mandate of Heaven tell you about the relationship between government and religion in China?

3 The Geography of China China was an isolated country from the rest of the civilized world because of distance and natural barriers separating it from Egypt, Mesopotamia and India. This isolation contributed to the Chinese belief that they were the center of the civilized world. What are some positive and negatives of being isolated or having no contact with other cultures?

4 The 4 Old-World River Valley Cultures

5 Geography Rivers: Yangzi and Huang He (Yellow)
Natural Barriers: Himalayan Mountains, Gobi Desert Why did Chinese civilization begin around the Yangzi and Yellow River? What would a natural barrier such as the Himalayan Mountains prevent?

6 What natural boundaries isolated China from the rest of the world?

7 Writing in Chinese - Activity
Choose 3 of the symbols from Chinese Calligraphy on the next slide that you feel is most important to you. Create a linear personal statement on the paper provided. Write Large Use dark colors Write definitions nest to the symbols.

8 Calligraphy (Chinese Writing)

9 The Shang Dynasty Around 1650 B.C. a people called the Shang controlled the Huang He Valley of China. They are best known for their bronze work

10 Religious Beliefs Ancient Chinese practiced ancestor worship in which they worshiped their dead relatives. The Chinese used oracle bones to communicate with these ancestors. What questions do you think the ancient Chinese asked their ancestors?

11 The Zhou Dynasty Overthrew the Shang and justified their rule by promoting the idea of the Mandate of Heaven or divine right to rule. Claimed the cruelty of the last Shang Emperor had forced the gods (heaven) to overthrow him and put them in charge.

12 Aim: How did the Dynastic Cycle explain the rise and fall of Chinese Dynasties?
Do Now: List three things that would make people unhappy with their government.

13 “T’ien Ming” The Mandate of Heaven
The leader must lead by ability and virtue. The dynasty's leadership must be justified by succeeding generations. The mandate could be revoked by negligence and abuse; the will of the people was important.

14 The Dynastic Cycle. The Chinese expanded the idea of the Mandate of Heaven to explain the dynastic cycle, or the rise and fall of dynasties. As long as a dynasty provided good government, it enjoyed the Mandate of Heaven.

15 The Dynastic Cycle Start here A new dynasty comes to power.
The emperor improves government. Emperor is defeated !! People’s lives improved; taxes reduced. The Dynastic Cycle Rebels find strong leader and Rebel against Emperior. Problems begin (extensive wars, invasions, etc.) Poor lose respect for govt. They rebel. Economic problems, high taxes Droughts, floods, famines occur. Govt. corruption.

16 How are the Dynastic Cycle and the Mandate of Heaven related?

17 Activity: Create storyboards showing the Dynastic Cycle visually. (p

18 Activity: Create storyboards showing the Dynastic Cycle visually. (p
Show a dynasty or ruler going through the dynastic cycle NEW DYNASTY - Show the new dynasty/ruler taking charge and being supported by the people. GOLDEN AGE – Show the Dynasty bring peace and prosperity DARK AGE – Show the decline of the dynasty where the leader is losing the Mandate of Heaven. Wars, Famine/Starvation, Natural Disasters, High Taxes REBELLION – Show in some way the people rebelling against the Dynasty/Ruler and taking them off the throne of leadership.


20 Exit Slip How can we apply the dynastic cycle to American politics?

21 Instructional Objectives
Describe the impact of geography on Ancient China. Understand the mechanics of Chinese Writing. Understand the Mandate of Heaven. Describe the purpose of the Dynastic Cycle. Graphically show the

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