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Foreign Entanglements, War, and Annexations

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1 Foreign Entanglements, War, and Annexations
*As the U.S. sought to increase its influence abroad, it frequently found itself feuding with other nations

2 Three Main Areas Latin America Pacific Islands China

3 Stirring in Latin America
Three Major Diplomatic and Military Conflicts - 1891, U.S. force Chile to pay American families after mob killed/injured sailors on shore - 1893, rebellion in Brazil, U.S. sends troops to protect shipping - 1895, British/Venezuelan dispute over land, U.S. enforces Monroe Doctrine

4 The Spanish-American War
Jose Marti- Cuba’s Greatest Hero

5 The Cuban Rebellion 1868, Cubans rebel against Spain
1895, economy collapses, Cubans blame Spain Spain sends Valerian Weyler Cuban exiles, led by Marti, urge U.S. to intervene Guerrillas destroy U.S. sugar plantations U.S. business urges intervention


7 Pressure For War Builds
1898, riots erupt in Havana, President McKinley moved U.S.S. Maine to city’s harbor to protect U.S. citizens/property Feb. 1898, explosion on Maine kills more than 250 American soldiers (probably caused by a fire that set off ammunition) Spain’s other remaining possession, the Philippines, also rebel

8 U.S.S. Maine                               <>

9 Theodore Roosevelt (assist. Sec
Theodore Roosevelt (assist. Sec. of Navy), views Philippines as key base from which U.S can protect Asian trade McKinley, with influence from Roosevelt, directs Admiral George Dewey to attack Spanish fleet in Philippines if war broke out with Spain

10 Final Attempt At Peace List of demands included
- compensation for Maine - end to concentration camps - a truce - Cuban Independence Cuban agrees to negotiate, but McKinley doesn’t resist war cries April 11, McKinley sends war message to Congress, a few days later, Congress responds with “Remember the Maine”

11 “A Splendid Little War”
First action in Philippines, May 1, Admiral Dewey launches surprise attack In Cuba, U.S. traps Spanish fleet in the harbor at Santiago Roosevelt leads a group of hastily organized volunteers- “Rough Riders”, in charge up San Juan Hill African-American troops also aide the land war- know as “Buffalo Soldiers”

12 “If it had not been for the Negro Calvary, the Rough Riders would have been exterminated”



15 Dilemma in Philippines
Treaty recognizes Cuba’s independence For $20 million, Spain gives up Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam to U.S U.S. calls them “unincorporated” Question- How could the U.S. become a colonial power without violating the nation’s most basic principle—that all people have the right to liberty?

16 The Fate of Cuba and Rico
U.S. involvement does not end To protect American business interests, McKinley installs military Platt Agreement- allow U.S. to establish two naval bases and intervene when necessary Puerto Rico Never gained Independence from treaty To steam a growing revolt, U.S. gives Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenship in 1917

17 Other Pacific Gains In 1887, Hawaii leased Pearl Harbor to the U.S. as a coaling and repair station for naval vessels 1896- McKinley supports Hawaii annexation, “We need Hawaii just as much and a good deal more than we did California. It is manifest destiny.” Acquire land in Samoa for trade

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