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Be a Hero-In DuPage Heroin Prevention Campaign

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1 Be a Hero-In DuPage Heroin Prevention Campaign
Sponsored by DuPage Coalition to Prevent Heroin

2 What if these people were still alive?
Cory Monteith - Glee Chris Farley – Saturday Night Live Mitch Hedberg – comedian Brad Renfro – The Client, Tom and Huck Jim Morrison – The Doors Kurt Cobain – Nirvana Amy Winehouse – singer-songwriter

3 What is heroin?

4 Heroin comes from poppies
Harvesters cut the pod and juice seeps out. The sap has a high content of morphine, which creates heroin.

5 How is heroin used? Smoked, injected, snorted, ingested or sniffed.
Addiction will occur with any of these methods.

6 Why do people use heroin?
Need another high after running out of prescription painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin “It felt so good.”* But this is only the first time. After that, you are addicted and just using to stop the withdrawal effects. Genetically vulnerable (addict in the family)

7 Why do people use heroin? (continued)
Lack of knowledge, they think it’s “no big deal” Use of other drugs can lead to heroin Cheaper than cigarettes and prescription pain killers Increased purity (35% in 2010 vs. 4% in 1980’s) allows users to snort or smoke it, which is less scary than injecting

8 Prescription Drug Abuse
Using prescription painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin can lead to addiction. When the pills run out, the person may turn to stealing pills from family members. Then they may turn to buying heroin because it is cheaper for the beginning user than black market painkillers.

9 How does heroin hurt your body?
Be a hero….protect yourself!

10 Short-term Effects Vomiting Constipation
Severe flu symptoms, then alternately alert and drowsy state Slowed and slurred speech Impaired night vision

11 – DuPage County Coroner
Long-Term Effects Addiction “Every heroin addict that you talk to will tell you that the first high was the greatest, and then they spend the rest of their life trying to chase that one great high. And then eventually it devolves into being all they’re doing is taking the drugs to keep from being sick.” – DuPage County Coroner Dr. Richard Jorgensen

12 Long-Term Physical Consequences
Death Bad teeth, inflammation of the gums Permanent damage to lungs, liver, kidneys and brain Coma Muscular weakness, partial paralysis HIV/AIDS

13 Long-Term Physical Consequences
Reduced sexual capacity and long-term impotence in men Loss of memory and intellectual performance Blister-like lesions on the face Constant runny nose Menstrual disturbance in women

14 Addiction Comparison Heroin is one of the most addictive substances on the planet! It is more addictive than tobacco, cocaine and most other drugs.

15 Skag Smac Big H Muc Dope Black tar Heroin Slang Names Brown sugar
Junk Black tar Brown sugar Big H Horse Skag Muc Smac Dope

16 How can I tell if my friend is using?
Major changes in attitude and behavior – moody, angry, lying Ditching school MIA Dark pupils Falling asleep in class Stealing, pawning personal items

17 Signs of a heroin overdose
Slow breathing Blue lips and fingernails Cold clammy skin Shaking At a party and see someone has overdosed? Call 911! Otherwise, your friend could die. The “Good Samaritan Law,” Illinois Public Act , went into effect June 1, 2012. Be a hero…protect your friends!

18 Suspect your friend is using heroin?
Tell a trusted adult – your parents, a teacher, a coach, a counselor or faith-based connection – so your friend can get help. Be a hero…Save a life!

19 Be a hero, report a drug dealer!
Report directly to your School Resource Officer.

20 The Good News – you’re not alone!
89% of high school students in a national 2012 study said they disapprove of peers using heroin. Be a hero…protect your peers!

21 Your choices affect others. You’re not alone.
Why does this matter? Your choices affect others. You’re not alone. You Parents Friends Teachers Other loved ones Church group Classmates Teammates Be a hero… believe in yourself! Respect others!

22 What could I miss out on? Be a hero…respect yourself!
Changing the world Peace Corps or Red Cross Teaching Serving your country in the military Being a positive role model Family & Relationships Falling in love Spending time with family and starting your own someday Having great friends Seeing your brother or sister trip at graduation Education Going to college, trade school, cosmetology school Your career Learning another language Learning a musical instrument Other fun stuff Traveling the world Playing sports Shopping Video games, Vine and YouTube videos Be a hero…respect yourself!

23 Where to go for help 360 Youth Services, Naperville
Robert Crown Center for Health, Hinsdale ParentsMatter, Naperville Linden Oaks Behavior Health Hospital at Edward, Naperville Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield Rosecrance Health Network, Naperville Presence Behavioral Health, Downers Grove

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