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By Molly. Cher Lloyd came 4 th in the x factor!

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1 By Molly

2 Cher Lloyd came 4 th in the x factor!


4 Name: Cher Lloyd Born on: The 28 th July 1993, in Malvern, Worcestershire England, UK She had auditioned two times to get on to the x factor, when she was the minimum age. She was on the x factor & she came 4 th !!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Cher Lloyd used to live in Malvern with her parents Darren and Dina, and brother Josh, and sisters Sophie and Rosie. She used to live in a flat in London with her boyfriend Craig. She is of Romani ancestry through her mother Cher Lloyd attended several different schools in Malvern including The Chase and Dyson Perrins CE Sports College, where she studied performing arts in 2009. She also attended theatre arts school Stagecoach, also held at Dyson Perrins CE Sports College out of school time. Before The X Factor, Cher Lloyd took part in the X Factor- inspired Sin and Bushwackers' Text Factor, in which she came second. During The X Factor, contrary to reports of her being in a relationship with some other contestants, she was dating singer/songwriter Kameelion. She is currently in a relationship with hairdresser Craig Monk, whom she met in a hairdressers where Cher Lloyd has become a regular since relocating to London from her hometown of Malvern


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