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Programming & Funding 101 Bates College Winter 2015.

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1 Programming & Funding 101 B.E.S.T. @ Bates College Winter 2015

2 Agenda:  Programming 101  Logistics  Publicity  Funding 101  Budgeting  Reaching out to other schools  Misc.

3 Programming 101  Think about your goals and what programs would help you meet these goals  Decide on a time, location and date that is ideal for your audience  Figure out what needs to get done and delegate  Consider budgeting and assessment

4 Logistics  Reserving a Room  Room Set-Up  Reserving Vans  Sound  Bates Catering Order  Alcohol and Blueslipping  Security  Contracts

5 Reserving a Room  1. Log In 2. EZ Request for no set up VS. Room Request if you have any room or catering set up 3. Fill in information to look for open space with features you need 4. Reserve space by filling in necessary information  Consider set up and clean up time  MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL FOR YOUR SPACE

6 Room Set-Up  Either include this in your Room Request  Or contact Nelson Pray and Kelly Perreault 1. Confirmation # for space if possible 2. Location, date and time of your event 3. What time you need room set up by 4. Room set up needs (i.e. tables, chairs, garbage/ recycling bins)

7 Reserving Vans  Must be van driver certified – John Heutz  Van requests should be placed at least 48 hours in advance (M-F 10am-4pm)  Van Availability Calendar: availability availability  Van Reservation Form: activities-van-reservation-form  Some vans are free. You’re responsible for gas but this can be reimbursed through orgs and departments  Key for vans should be picked up at Bates Security

8 Sound/ Tech  If you have sound or tech needs make sure that these are feasible with your space or that your space has necessary features  For concerts and other events where you may need more high-tech sound supplies, contact DJ Society, WRBC or Student Activities. Campus Life can assist with hiring outside sound if necessary  Loaner Pool from the Digital Media Studio: - You can borrow equipment on a first come, first serve basis for no more than 5 days without renewal

9 Bates Catering Order  These can be included in the Room Request  Or can be done by emailing Donald Desrosiers 1. Confirmation # of space if possible 2. Location, Date, Time (generally orders are set up 30mins in advance) 3. Order 4. Payment (account name and number to be charged)  Bates Catering Guide:  Donald can also assist with cost estimates and orders

10 Alcohol and Blueslipping  No club funds may be used for alcohol  If you are getting alcohol from a Wind Down Wednesday or Late at Bates fund, Qiu Fogarty will order your alcohol  If you are getting alcohol on your own, money from members needs to be collected prior to purchasing alcohol  All events with alcohol that are not private parties or all-campus events with a licensed caterer will be in the Little Room of Chase Hall or the Underground in 280 College and they must be blueslipped by a 21+ student who will be present and sober for the entirety of the event

11 Alcohol and Blueslipping  Qiu Fogarty will assist with the following:  Wind Down Wednesday/ Late at Bates 1. Alcohol Order (she has a list of options) 2. Blueslipping Space and running through alcohol policy 3. Hiring Security and alcohol monitor  Separate, Non-Campus Life Events 1. Blueslipping Space and running through alcohol policy 2. Hiring Security

12 Security  Big events (dances) and events with alcohol may need security  Contact Qiu Fogarty if you are hosting a dance or event with alcohol  Generally Campus Life, Wind Down Wednesday or Late at Bates will cover the costs of security

13 Contracts  If you are hiring an outside vendor or performer, you will encounter contracts  Never sign a contract until it is reviewed by someone in Campus Life (Qiu Fogarty)  For vendors and performers we need a signed contract and W-9. Some performers may also need a Certificate of Insurance with Bates named as a co- insured.

14 Publicity  Utilize JARC Staff and other people power resources! Connect with departments and clubs  Make sure you list co-sponsors of your event  Announce and Class Email Lists  Posters  Chalking  Bates Daily/ Digest  Tabling  Social Media

15 Announce and Class Lists  For messages to the whole student body:  For messages specific to certain classes:,,,

16 Announce List Policies  Announce messages are moderated (M-4 by 4PM)  No more than 2 announcements are allowed per event  Announce must include date, time, location of event and a paragraph explanation  Subject line must clearly identify the nature of the event and the sponsoring organization or department  Message cannot be larger than 100KB

17 Poster Policy  r-policy r-policy  Post posters only on established bulletin boards and public poster areas  Do not post on doors, windows, buildings, lamp posts, or in stairwells or these may be removed  If you event has alcohol this should not be the focus and no images of alcohol are allowed on posters  Advertisements which fail to meet the poster policy requirements may be removed.

18 Poster (Graphics)  Utilize Chase Hall Committee or Bates Arts Society for help with Graphics  Contact the Imaging Center for extra help: William Ash  William Ash may lead a Short Term program on graphics 101 for poster- making

19 Chalking Policy   Chalking is permitted only on the Quad walkways.Reservations for the space must be made through, and may last up to one week.  No threatening messages promoting physical harm to persons or property are permitted.  No libelous statements about individuals are permitted.  Only chalk may be used; no permanent markers or paint.  No one may write on or deface any chalked messages.  Anyone responsible for chalking will be expected to clean up the message at the end of their one week, and will be provided the necessary cleaning materials by Facilities, upon request. Failure to comply with the clean-up requirement will risk future chalking privileges being revoked, or being charged.

20 Bates Daily  submission submission  Bates Daily is compiled by 4pm the day prior and the Monday edition is compiled by 4pm on the prior Friday  This will be published online, sent in an email and printed for the tables in Commons  For more information or edits, contact Qiu Fogarty

21 Tabling   Reserve space for tabling with EZ Request  Tabling spaces are labeled: Tabling Area A, B, C, D and Tabling in Fireplace Lounge

22 Social Media  Facebook  Instagram  Campus Life pages

23 Funding 101  Accounting  Club Funds  Community Liaison  Campus Life  BCSG  Other Clubs  Other Departments

24 Accounting   Payment Request Form: Reimbursements  Inter-Org/ Co-Sponsorships Form: Transferring money from one account to another  Travel Expense Report: Conferences, gas, travel  Advance Request Form: For cash advances exceeding $150 – this must be approved by the President or Treasurer

25 Club Funds  Every year during budget allocations with the BCSG your group will have a budget to get started with  Treasurer should have your account number, but the Treasurer or President can check their budget by visiting the Accounting Office

26 Community Liaison  Each club is required to have a community liaison who works to create programming and events that connect Bates to the greater L-A  They can work with the Harward Center on projects  They can access the Harward Center Grant through Campus Life/ BCSG

27 Campus Life  Wind Down Wednesday  Student-sponsored events on Wednesdays 9-11pm in the Little Room or Underground with a budget of $150 (can be used for alcohol)  Late at Bates  Student-sponsored events that are chem-free or low-chem on Friday and Saturdays starting after 9pm  Ronj  Ronj has limited fund for programming. Contact the Ronj Manager responsible for programming (Johan Mohtarudin)  Harward Center Grant: Community Engaged Funding  More on this following  Contact Qiu Fogarty for info on any of these funding sources

28 Bates College Student Govt.  Co-Sponsorship Fund  consponsorship consponsorship  Proposals will be approved by Budget Committee. You will be required to attend the Senate meeting approving your proposal  It’s most effective to show you’ve exhausted other funding resources  Community Engaged Funding (Harward Center)  community-engaged-funding community-engaged-funding

29 Other Clubs  Talk with other student groups and clubs  Figure out what they could fund (useful if it’s relevant to their purpose/ mission)  Have them transfer funds to your club (Inter-Org/ Co-Sponsorship Form with Accounting)

30 Other Departments  Figure out what they could fund  Talk with other departments and faculty (especially if your event is educational)  Departments have very limited funds (athletics included), but they will be able to provide some for events they feel have value  Have them transfer funds to your club (Inter- Org/ Co-Sponsorship Form with Accounting)

31 Budgeting  Write a list of all of your expenses and projected/ estimated costs for each event  If you know you have certain events each semester, pre-planning is key and consider diversifying your funding co- sponsorships  Get as accurate price estimates as possible

32 Reaching Out to Other Schools  Very unlikely to receive funds from other schools  For open events, could be useful for publicity  This involves doing some individual research on who to contact or utilizing prior contacts (i.e. Chase Hall Committee)

33 Misc: Other Information  For your event purchases, you can go to the Bookstore and check-out the BJ, Walmart, Best Buy cards to use  The Walmart and Best Buy cards are credit cards so you will have to return your itemized receipt to the Bookstore and give them your account number (this needs to be written on the receipt)  The Bookstore staff can assist with this.

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