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Bell Ringer Discuss with an elbow partner: Can you name the time periods for art? Can you give the name of an artist for that time period?

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1 Bell Ringer Discuss with an elbow partner: Can you name the time periods for art? Can you give the name of an artist for that time period?

2 Art History A “crash course” for Art I

3 Prehistoric Earliest known date back to 33,000 BC Highly stylized and very simply done Representative of important events

4 Egyptian Wanted to show figures from the “best possible angle” Descriptive perspective is used to make some figures seem more important

5 Egyptian Strong belief in the afterlife Exterior of sarcophagus represents who was inside What you own in life, you shall also in death

6 Greek Sculpture Humans were placed at the center of Greek culture The human body was considered beautiful & perfectly proportional Greeks encouraged all forms of art

7 Greek Architecture

8 Roman Sculpture Focused on a more realistic approach to creating the human form Often borrowed from and imitated the Greeks

9 Roman Architecture Three emperors were involved in its construction Used for elaborate battles

10 Byzantine Religion played a major role in funding the arts Mosaics made of glass became the primary means of wall decoration and cover the interiors of churches

11 Gothic Church becomes the most important influence in art and daily life Unity is the key concept in Gothic architecture

12 Renaissance Became a period of “rebirth” of the classic Greek and Roman styles Perspective first used to show depth Artists began taking credit (and payment) for their work

13 Renaissance Introduced the world to the artists Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Bosch, Giorgione, and many others

14 Baroque Exhibited a more dynamic approach to art creation Reproduced complicated perspective and used color and value contrasts with ease

15 Neoclassicism Revisited the classic Greek and Roman style per Napoleon

16 Romanticism During the same period as neoclassicism, artists challenged the style with an emphasis on emotion and individuality

17 Realism Artists took everyday life and recreated it as it was Mostly depressing subject matter (death, poverty, etc.)

18 Impressionism Make light and color their subject matter Artists seek to create an instant impression, not a detailed analysis Major artists include: Monet, Manet, Degas, and Renoir

19 Post-Impressionism Combine the color and light theory of impressionists with design and composition of traditional painting Major artists include: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, and Seurat

20 Expressionism An attitude or philosophy of art rather than a particular style Artists include: Munch, Rivera, Kahlo, and Matisse

21 Surrealism Can be found in earlier traditions Artists present recognizable subject matter in illogical situations Artists include: Dali, Chagall, and Klee

22 Cubism Greatly influenced by African geometric art Depict art as being basic shapes in a constant state of motion Artists include: Picasso, Braque, and Duchamp

23 “Pop” Art Originated in the 1960’s and focuses on “popular” culture Art works are mass produced with subject matter that is easily recognizable Artists include: Warhol, Oldenburg, and Lichtenstein

24 Modern Art Can take on a variety of styles including: splatter painting, abstract expressionism, color field, and minimalism Famous artists include: Pollack, Rothko, and Albers

25 Art History Project Choose one time period project! Time PeriodProject NameDescription ImpressionismLandscape DrawingYou will use the style of drawing/painting that the Impressionists used in order to create a landscape drawing. ExpressionismExpress YourselfCreate a self-portrait using the expressive techniques/characteristics. RealismIs it real?Create a realistic drawing of a still life or portrait. SurrealismSurreal DreamCreate a drawing of a dream, using the qualities of surrealism, which involves mixing recognizable subjects within illogical surroundings. Pop ArtFavorite ThingIn pop art style, create a quadrant drawing of your favorite thing; for example, candy, food, or ipod.

26 Art History Project Escoge un proyecto periodo de tiempo! Período de tiempoNombre del proyectodescripción impresionismoDibujo PaisajeQue va a utilizar el estilo de dibujo / pintura de los impresionistas que utiliza para crear un dibujo de paisaje. expresionismoExpress YourselfCrear un autorretrato utilizando las técnicas expresivas / características. realismo¿Es real?Crear un dibujo realista de un bodegón o retrato. surrealismoDream SurrealCrear un dibujo de un sueño, con las cualidades del surrealismo, que consiste en mezclar temas reconocibles dentro de un entorno ilógicas. Pop ArtFavorite ThingAl más puro estilo pop art, crear un dibujo cuadrante de su pasatiempo favorito, por ejemplo, los dulces, los alimentos o ipod.

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