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Since a young boy, Bill Ernst has been obsessed with the outdoors. Bill began hunting at a young age and hasn't looked back since. Being raised around.

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2 Since a young boy, Bill Ernst has been obsessed with the outdoors. Bill began hunting at a young age and hasn't looked back since. Being raised around the hunting lifestyle and the outdoors, He was taught to respect the game, respect the land and to pass on his knowledge of the outdoors to the next generation. Over the years Bill has become one of the most respected names in the Outdoor Industry and holds several Pro Staff positions, including Mossy Oak, Browning, Commando Hunting Products, Rut Wear, and Heartland Hunters just to name a few. In 2009 after a lot of creativity, thinking and planning, 'Spur Chaser' was born and is sure to become one of the leading Outdoor TV Series. With Bill's passion and determination, the Spur Chaser Crew hopes to bring to each and every hunter an inside look at their lives and experiences in the outdoors. Good and Bad of their efforts in the pursuit of their game, all Fair Chase, all REAL. This is just the beginning for what the future will bring for the Spur Chaser Crew and its Fans/Sponsors. It goes to show you, if you have a dream and a vision, anything is possible! Spur Chaser is the perfect example of how hard work does pay off. Bill recently secured a spot in one of the largest markets in the Outdoors Industry, his own television show. Spur Chaser TV is set to air beginning the first quarter of 2014 on the leading outdoors network, The Pursuit Channel. The Show is set to Air 3 times a week for 52 weeks. (Mon.8am/Wed.2:30pm/Sun.8:30am) Be looking for the new promo for Spur Chaser TV coming soon.

3 The Pursuit Channel, America’s most widely distributed hunting and fishing television network which is available in 38 million households nationwide through a variety of cable and satellite providers Bill and his Crew promise to deliver an entertaining new look into the outdoor lifestyle and hunting Fair Chase, while sharing their ventures and insights with the viewing audience in an upbeat manner. No fancy editing or trick photography, just real men, real animals, real TV.

4 Currently have 4 Crew Members, Along with the basic Crew, I have secured a new/upcoming Editor, as well as an Industry Leader for my Closed Captioning requirements. I do have the intention of adding 1 or possibly 2 more Pro Staff members in the upcoming year. Currently hold several Pro Staff positions within the Hunting Industry - Mossy Oak - Browning - Rutwear - Commando Hunting Products -Heartland Hunters -Dead Center Archery Currently working with and have worked with Charitable Organizations and and Youth Organizations alike. The Spur Chaser name/brand have been in the market since 2009 with study growth, From the initial Business License and Incorporation to the Trademark filing/approval. The company currently has and markets a personal apparel line and a line of outdoor game calls.

5 - Currently working on the scheduling of several upcoming episodes of the show featuring 1) A up and coming driver in the ARCA Series of NASCAR 2) A NFL player 3) A 3 time recipient of The Purple Heart who is a Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran who was a member of the Special Forces and active in the Afghanistan War on Terror. - Have built and am promoting my own line of Whitetail, Turkey and Predator calls for the Outdoors Industry. Work is currently being done on packaging for these products to more easily stock on store shelves. Product line is currently being carried in several localized stores. - 2 properties that I operate an Outfitting business focusing on Fair Chase Whitetail, Turkey and Hog Hunts. One being located in Oklahoma, the other in Missouri. - An Active Member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Quality Deer Management Association and the National Rifle Association to name a few. I do a lot of work with Chapter events and Handicap Organizations on a localized show/banquet level basis.

6 Potential Sponsor Advertising Opportunities - Promotion through Social Media / Outdoors Forums - Logo / Link on Website(s) / Blog page(s) - Logo Displayed on Vehicles / Trailers - Logo Displayed on Crew Event Shirts - Logo Displayed on Crew Event Banners - Personal Appearances at Events / Shows / Expos - Product Displayed / Highlighted on Show - Banner ad Displayed at end of Show - 30 Second Commercial spot - Show lead These are just a few of the examples available to suit your advertising needs. Feel free to contact Bill directly to discuss a Custom Sponsorship Package to fit your budget.

7 From whitetail hunting with a re-curve to mule deer hunting with a muzzle loader, if there is an Outdoor Adventure to take on, the Spur Chaser Crew is there. Bow fishing Bull Shoals and chasing Thunder Chickens across the Country with family and friends alike. The time spent together and the memories made are the thrill of the hunt. I like passing on family values and the values of the Outdoors to our next generation. Sharing time and experiences around the bonfire, in camp, in the woods and on the water alike with our next generation of outdoor enthusiast.

8 Bill ‘Spur Chaser’ Ernst 5517 N. Farmer Branch Rd. #122 Ozark, Mo. 65721 (417)353-2598 Bill@SpurChaser.Com!/bill.ernst.73!/pages/Bill-Spur-Chaser- Ernst/125055520904735?fref=ts

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