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Creating a Basic Pacman game

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1 Creating a Basic Pacman game

2 This will draw on all your previous knowledge of scratch to develop and programme this game.
If any further help is needed try looking on to assist you

3 Make the background black

4 Sprite 1 will be your Maze draw your own
Use mine as an example to copy To get more levels use costume change programme


6 Add red dot to make end of level

7 Increase size of the sprite to fit screen

8 Draw your pacman. Make sure you have a dot infront for colour sensing function

9 Copy costume and edit

10 Cut out mouth

11 Instructions will make pacman open and close mouth

12 1) This control will allow spite to move
2) First colour must be colour of dot 3 Second colour must be colour of maze trail

13 Now all that is left is to get sprite to change direction

14 Change directions to correspond to arrows

15 On maze sprite make sure that colour one is colour of the pacman dot.
Second colour is your red final point

16 Now add another maze costume to develop a second level
Keep trail colour the same but change the colour that blocks the path

17 Extension Activities Create multiple Pacman levels
Try adding a ghost to chase pacman (you can make this automatic. Or 2 player using W,A,S,&Z as your movement controls for ghost (sprite 3))

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