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1 The Mainframe Is Dead, Long Live The Mainframe Craig Hodgins.

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1 1 The Mainframe Is Dead, Long Live The Mainframe Craig Hodgins

2 22 Batch – 1960’s

3 33 TSO – 1970’s

4 44 Online – 1970’s to 1980’s

5 55 PC Age – 1980’s to 1990’s

6 66 Prediction #1 “I believe OS/2 is destined to be the most important operating system, and possibly program, of all time.” Bill Gates, 1987

7 77 Prediction #2 “The last mainframe will be shut down by 1996” Stuart Alsop, 1991 HAL9000 became operational on 12 January 1997

8 88 Cloud – 21 st Century The mainframe is still alive because business-critical applications run there – 80% of business data is stored on mainframes – 200 billion lines of COBOL (adding 5 billion a year) – 1 trillion dollars of application value – 50 billion devices connected to z/OS by 2020 – 43 billion banking transactions in 2013 The mainframe evolved – Unix – Linux – Petabytes of data The cloud providers are trying to recreate the mainframe on another platform

9 99 The web did not kill print MP3s did not kill the record industry The mobile phone did not kill the desktop Cloud computing has not killed off the mainframe The mainframe is a 50 year old machine that has evolved and improved You could say the mainframe of old really is dead, but adapting to each new IT disruption has changed it into a different beast

10 10 z/OS Market Trend MIPS vs. Customers Overall MIPS utilization within the market is expected to grow… …while small and some medium customers are anticipated to leave mainframe environment ,000 mainframes worldwide

11 11 Prediction #3 “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

12 12 Growth of Corporate Mobile Apps 12

13 13 Increasing Transaction Volume 13 Consumer driven transactions introduce 24x7 workload demand.

14 14 Performance Still Matters

15 15 UPS Blue Christmas “A slow application is a down application” Before Christmas last year UPS was struggling delivering packages. Customers were repeatedly checking from their mobile devices to see where their packages were. Every day people were sending 2, 3 or more requests to get an update on their package status. Each request sends an MQ message to the MF which gets processed in CICS before sending it back to the user. The CICS regions failed to keep up with the new increased activity.

16 16 Quick Fix “Zero Balance in Your #Chase Account” (Twitter post re: Chase Mobile App Outage) “JPMorgan Chase customers see zero balances after technical glitch” (ComputerWorld) “JPMorgan Chase customers see zero balances after technical glitch” (ComputerWorld) “Has #Chase been hit by hackers?” (Twitter Post) “Has #Chase been hit by hackers?” (Twitter Post) IMS DB2 16

17 17 Application Complexity Web ServersApp Servers CICS DB2 CICS DB2 CICS DB2 CICS 17

18 18 Open-systems Impact on Mainframe 18

19 19 Aging Workforce 40% of CIOs have no formal plans in place to handle mainframe skills shortage. 66% of CIOs fear the impending retirement of the mainframe workforce 19

20 20 Mainframe Landscape 2014 – What’s changed?

21 21 What Shall We Do Now?

22 22 Compuware Mainframe 2014 – What’s New!

23 23 DevOps in a Nutshell Share knowledge DevOps is confusing Faster is better Software is the interface for consumption Test in production Failures will happen Give people tools and trust them Measure everything Gather feedback

24 24 Why DevOps and Why Now? US Air Force dog fight victory study The answer was not a faster jet The answer was not more fire power The answer was the pilot that could react to change faster won most of the time

25 25 Why DevOps and Why Now? It’s all about reducing cycle time between delivering software updates Software automates the business process Software extends the business functionality Software disrupts the business model (massive change in a short period of time)

26 26 Why DevOps and Why Now? It’s all about a competitive advantage AMEX is afraid of Apple Pay because the latter can respond faster to customer needs DevOps is critical to business survival Continuous delivery is all about removing the bottlenecks that stop you from delivering value to the customer. Software rollout horror story 7 departments involved in a single release deployment that took 3 months

27 27 Agile Agile does not mean doing more with less Compuware is going agile Agile is part of DevOps but is not DevOps

28 28 The Best Place to Test is in Production Deploy code to 1 or 2 servers Enforce failures and see what happens If you do not proactively test failure your customers will test it for you. It is a controlled environment It is easier to restore service with experts at the ready than at 3:00 AM You need to test the defect-handling code! Need to discover what normal looks like when things are abnormal

29 29 Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. Pablo Picasso A Final Thought….

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