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By Anna Font, Jacob Wade, Vincent Cordisco, & Amy Choudhari.

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1 By Anna Font, Jacob Wade, Vincent Cordisco, & Amy Choudhari

2 Sources Rasheed Wallace image: celtics/ celtics/ Colt McCoy image: Brian Dawkins image: need-to-get-over-brian-dawkins/ need-to-get-over-brian-dawkins/ Ronaldinho image:

3 Pictorial Essay Image #2 This image will feature basketball player LeBron James on a golf course dunking a golf ball into the hole while a crowd of people in the background look amazed!

4 Sources _ jpg _ jpg _1_800x600.jpg _1_800x600.jpg galleries/122807_bobbygrace_a.jpg galleries/122807_bobbygrace_a.jpg

5 Pictorial Essay Image #3 In this image, we will have Chase Utley and Derek Jeter playing at Wimbledon. They will be in action and the Philly fanatic and the Yankees’ former mascot Dandy.

6 Sources Derek Jeter: rek_Jeter_2007_by_Keith_Allison.jpg/200px- Derek_Jeter_2007_by_Keith_Allison.jpg rek_Jeter_2007_by_Keith_Allison.jpg/200px- Derek_Jeter_2007_by_Keith_Allison.jpg Chase Utley chase.utley.jpg chase.utley.jpg Philly Phanatic 540fdda231efba20.jpg 540fdda231efba20.jpg Dandy Mascot Wimbledon Image Moments/668_centre_court_2009_inside.jpg Moments/668_centre_court_2009_inside.jpg

7 Pictorial Essay Image #4 This image will illustrate the soccer player Ronaldinho in a hockey rink with a hockey stick and puck.

8 Sources Ronaldinho: Hockey Rink: lg.jpg lg.jpg Other Player: ockey.jpg ockey.jpg Ronaldinho's Ice Skates & Hockey Stick: content/uploads/2008/11/ice_rink1.jpg content/uploads/2008/11/ice_rink1.jpg

9 Pictorial Essay Image #5 This image will illustrate the soccer player Kaká in a basketball court with a basketball at hand.

10 Sources Kaká: /p1_kaka_1228.jpg /p1_kaka_1228.jpg Jay Wright: baskbl/auto_action/ jpeg baskbl/auto_action/ jpeg Other Player: baskbl/auto_action/ jpeg baskbl/auto_action/ jpeg The Pavilion: Basketball:

11 Pictorial Essay Image #6 This image was taken at the Sprint Cup. Dwight Howard was victorious which is upsetting for Dywane Wade who came in with a close second place.

12 Sources Dwight Howard: 3C02EA BA39E3A6E70CBD BBED31A5FCC352DAFD4E30A760B0D C02EA BA39E3A6E70CBD BBED31A5FCC352DAFD4E30A760B0D Dywane Wade: VS-CHICAGO- BULLS/049c3b1c88cedde507b6e1248cef90d3/D_1.jpg&imgrefurl= Wade/&usg=__5hVNSjJ458T5TUC2B2cxVMJwgAk=&h=575&w=437&sz=31&hl=en&start=7&um=1&itbs =1&tbnid=iFumbTDcLQEy6M:&tbnh=134&tbnw=102&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddwyane%2Bwade%2Bon %2Bfloor%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26tbs%3Disch:1 Sprint Cup: sprint-cup-trophy.jpg&imgrefurl= loose- ends/&usg=___NMBqpX5iQI_WalpD0EaMu42foY=&h=594&w=400&sz=86&hl=en&start=1&um=1&itbs =1&tbnid=I0y5VHkx98sV4M:&tbnh=135&tbnw=91&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dsprint%2Bcup%2Btrophy% 26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN%26tbs%3Disch:1 Paparazzi: /paparazzi_at_gift_suite.jpg.scaled.1000.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=1C9REJR1EMRZ83Q7QRG2&Expires= &Signature=iiQ6a0aNK%2BNWo8eYF61eid7EbqI%3D /paparazzi_at_gift_suite.jpg.scaled.1000.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=1C9REJR1EMRZ83Q7QRG2&Expires= &Signature=iiQ6a0aNK%2BNWo8eYF61eid7EbqI%3D Racecar: i i Tires: ock-photo-red-and-white-tires-from-race-track jpg ock-photo-red-and-white-tires-from-race-track jpg

13 Pictorial Essay Image #7 This image will feature Olympic snowboarder Shaun White on a surfboard.

14 Sources Shaun White: depth/winterolympics/sports/images/ g depth/winterolympics/sports/images/ g Ocean and surfboard: usives/kerr-air-surf-baja-300.jpg usives/kerr-air-surf-baja-300.jpg

15 Pictorial Essay Image #8 In this image Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, along with other sprinters, is seen running a race in a Olympic pool and setting a new world record, which is displayed on the time screen in the background.

16 Sources content/uploads/2009/09/usa-el-salvador-1206-ju.jpg content/uploads/2009/09/usa-el-salvador-1206-ju.jpg content/uploads/2009/08/usain-bolt-fans-supporters-berlin jpg content/uploads/2009/08/usain-bolt-fans-supporters-berlin jpg 17/U3029P461T74D7396F1664DT jpg 17/U3029P461T74D7396F1664DT jpg /lee1.jpg 16/lee1.jpg

17 Pictorial Essay Image #9 In this image we have Hockey star Alexander Ovechkin bowling against rival Sidney Crosby, who is seen watching Ovechkin take his approach.

18 Sources kWW9GFf/Chris+Paul+PBA+Celebrity+Bowling+Fu ndraiser/_fhtzpbkKyY/Norm+Duke kWW9GFf/Chris+Paul+PBA+Celebrity+Bowling+Fu ndraiser/_fhtzpbkKyY/Norm+Duke hows/201/slideshow_20124/display_image.jpg hows/201/slideshow_20124/display_image.jpg /ovechkin.jpg /ovechkin.jpg content/uploads/2009/10/449px- Hhof_stanley_cup.jpg content/uploads/2009/10/449px- Hhof_stanley_cup.jpg

19 Pictorial Essay Image #10 Ryan Howard at Wimbledon hitting a tennis ball with a baseball bat.

20 Sources mienny/498px-Ryan_Howard3.jpg mienny/498px-Ryan_Howard3.jpg ons/1/15/Tim_Henman_Wimbledon_2005_1.jpg ons/1/15/Tim_Henman_Wimbledon_2005_1.jpg

21 Pictorial Essay Image #11 In this photo Jeff Carter is playing defense on Ronaldo in skates on a soccer field.

22 Sources content/uploads/2008/10/ronaldo1.jpgn content/uploads/2008/10/ronaldo1.jpgn os/Carter%20action%20-%20PHI.jpg os/Carter%20action%20-%20PHI.jpg

23 Pictorial Essay Image #12 This image shows tennis champion Venus Williams snowboarding in the Himalayas.

24 Sources Venus Williams: Mountain landscape: Snowboard: d1.jpg&imgrefurl= devo.php&usg=__rKMYWCI6UcnsyuXAA- HMe6oktRg=&h=340&w=429&sz=32&hl=en&start=29&itbs =1&tbnid=5RbtyaTjliI7HM:&tbnh=100&tbnw=126&prev=/im ages%3Fq%3Dsnowboard%26start%3D21%26hl%3Den%26saf e%3Doff%26sa%3DN%26gbv%3D2%26ndsp%3D21%26tbs%3D isch:1

25 Pictorial Essay Image #13 This image is of Wildcats Scottie Reynolds, Corey Stokes, and Maalik Wayns. While the basketball court is their usual home, today they’ve decided to try lacrosse.

26 Sources Scottie: Corey: BFBA49EF ABF3343C02EA5487D75F4A223A6AB60C7DE0EA16C A 4594D5CAF3BF7DE30A760B0D BFBA49EF ABF3343C02EA5487D75F4A223A6AB60C7DE0EA16C A 4594D5CAF3BF7DE30A760B0D Maalik: Lacrossesticks: kins+v+Duke+1qGBIOW1CXIl.jpg FJzwyQi/NCAA+Lacrosse+Semifinals+Syracuse+v+Virginia 4/NCAA-LACROSSE-DIVISION-I-CHAMPIONSHIP-JOHNS-HOPKINS-DUKE.jpg kins+v+Duke+1qGBIOW1CXIl.jpg FJzwyQi/NCAA+Lacrosse+Semifinals+Syracuse+v+Virginia 4/NCAA-LACROSSE-DIVISION-I-CHAMPIONSHIP-JOHNS-HOPKINS-DUKE.jpg Lacrosse field: begin-season/ begin-season/

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