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9  I Integrity  U Unity  P Passion  C Caring  E Excellence  A Accountability

10  The Core of Success is “ Internet, Website, e- Education and Entrepreneurship”.  More than 140 Crore people uses internet everyday & it is growing @ 2300% a year.  5 Lac people are joining internet daily and 100 Crore people will join in next 5years.

11  I Internet & Website brought “Rags to Riches” at a very young age.  e e.g. Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Lawrence Ellison, Google, Orkut, Ibibo, Facebook etc.  Sabeer Bhatia, Narayan K. Murthy, Nandan Nalkani, Ajim Premji, Pranab Mistry..  I In today’s IT based economy we are well aware about the rising trends of e-Banking, e-Education, e-Tickets.

12 EEducation via the Internet, network, or standalone computer. e-learning is essentially the network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. e-learning refers to using electronic applications and processes to learn. ee-learning was first called "Internet-Based training" then "Web-Based Training" Today you will still find these terms being used, along with variations of e-learning such as elearning, Elearning, and eLearning.

13  S Still 90-95% is raw market to be ventured…  E Either the big shots or university holder will chase this market or we shall chase this market..  B But whosoever will chase it will be rich in fact ultra rich:-  N Now people don’t have that:- Investment, R & D Experts, Marketing experts, experience and knowledge… then how can a common man compete with those big shots or universities…  M M M Retail :- PROVIDES US ACOMPLETE PLATFORM AND WELCOMES U WITH UNIQUE CONCEPT TO PROVIDE U INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM……

14  T To provide education via e-education and profession oriented as well…  E Education is Business now a days…  1 10-15% budget of govt. of India but no improvement in govt. educational system…  P Privatization of education has made education very costly…

15 Beyond Classrooms... into the Future!! With Mastani Education world class online learning packages Offline education class room teaching DDon’t have enough money. DDon’t have enough time to go to the institutes. PPlace Boundation LLanguage. CConcentration. NNot interesting.

16 1. Internet & Website is a “Trillion Dollar Industry”, which also brought Largest, Costliest & Unending Revolution: “e-Revolution”. e.g. e-banking, e-commerce, e-governance. Still it shocking to know that 53% uses it for just official use, 37%for social networking but only 10% uses it for other useful purposes and the major reason is unawareness. 2. Almost 3-4 Websites are launched every second, but still 95% people still don’t know how to use them properly in our day today life.

17 3. Internet & Website brought “Rags to Riches” at a very young age. e.g. Bill Gate, Lawrence Ellison, Google, Orkut, Ibibo, Facebook, Sabeer Bhatia, Narayan K. Murthy, Pranab Mistry etc.. & there must be many others to come but still there are lot of people who don’t even know have the basic computer knowledge because they might don’t get time to learn from work, study & profession. 4. Although online bill payments, shopping, banking.. etc. saves lot of time, energy and even money but mostly people still feels good wasting time in queues and saying “mera no. kab aayega?”.

18 5. Studies says India is 5 th most vacation deprived nation which is not a good trait for a developing nation. 6. Indians do not even use 20% of allocated leaves or feel guilty to apply. e-Education is supported & promoted by “UGC & AICTE”. Colleges & Universities promoting e- Education are top ranked. e.g. IITs, IIMs, Symbiosis, IGNOU, ICFAI


20 Fundamental Courses - 5 Windows 7 Windows 8 Ubuntu 12.0 MAC OS X Internet Official Work - 5 Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Access Tally ERP Programming & Software Development - 8 C C++ Data Structure through C C#.NET VB.NET ADO Visual Basic 6 Core Java Civil Engineering & Architecture - 1 AUTODESK AutoCAD Database - 2 MS SQL My SQL Web Designing and Scripting - 8 HTML HTML 5 Java script HTML DOM CSS XML PHP, ASP.NET Desktop Publishing - 3 Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Coral Draw Animation & Movie Making - 4 Adobe Flash AUTODESK 3D MAX Adobe After Effects Adobe Premier

21 1. Accept & Reject Cookies 2. Archive Multiple Files 3. Change Default Search IE 4. Compressing A File 5. Decompressing A File 6. Digital Rights Management 7. Download Numbers 8. Download Webpage 9. Face book 10. File Recovery 11. Google Books 12. Google Chrome 13. Google Maps 14. Google Search 15. Hard Disk Drive 16. Hibernate 17. Hide Recycle Bin 18. How to Burn A CD 19. How to File Copy Right 20. How to Find IP Address 21. How to Install Printer 22. How to Install Speakers 23. How to Transfer Images Mobile to PC 24. Internet Explorer 25. IP Address 26. Laptop Buying Tips 27. Mozilla Firefox 28. Multiple Programs 29. PC Buying Tips 30. PC Security Tips 31. Random Numbers 32. Safe Internet Surfing Tips 33. Spy Ware 34. Stop Unwanted E-mails 35. Troubleshoot common comp Problems 36. USB 37. Virtual PC 38. Website Shortcuts 39. Downloading A File 40. E-mail Filter 41. E-mail with Attachment 42. Format Pen drive 43. Internet Browsers 44. Network Printer 45. Online Computer Tech Support 46. Register Domain Name 47. Remote Assistance 48. Remote Desktop 49. Safe Mode 50. Computer Monitor 51. Disk defragmenter


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