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Cut-to-the-Chase Research Why & How to Pursue Evidence-Based Practice in Your School Library Keith Curry Lance.

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1 Cut-to-the-Chase Research Why & How to Pursue Evidence-Based Practice in Your School Library Keith Curry Lance

2 Evidence-Based Manifesto for School Librarians 2007 Leadership Summit School Library Journal, April 2008 Core beliefs about evidence-based practice Challenges ahead Key actions to be taken

3 Core Beliefs Fusion of learning, info & technology presents challenges School libraries essential to addressing standards, learning & quality teaching Certified librarians best equipped to apply research to practice School libraries equip all students to achieve & learn more Library instructional interventions help students transform info into knowledge

4 More Core Beliefs Value of school libraries can be (& has been) measured Existing evidence is not seen or understood Accountability is essential to sustain development of school librarianship Requires shift of focus from process to outcomes If we do not show value, we will not have a future

5 Challenges How to make research-based evidence more accessible & applicable? How to build stronger participation in research? How to share & accumulate local evidence? How to deal with negative evidence?

6 More Challenges How to build commitment to EBP? How to train librarians in EBP? How to address “not enough time” perception? How to persuade administrators to support EBP by librarians? Does librarian need “authority” to engage in EBP?

7 Key Actions To Be Taken by School Librarians Shift from advocacy to outcomes focus Just do it Share outcomes rather than seek permission Establish EBP mentorships, partnerships

8 More Key Actions To Be Taken by School Librarians Gain access to test score data Get involved with school improvement Build research into practice Work within school’s data structures

9 Make advocacy evidence-based Construct evidence portfolio Identify professional development needs More Key Actions To Be Taken by School Librarians

10 Evidence-Based Practice Model Todd’s School Librarianship & EBP in Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 2009 Evidence FOR Practice Literature Existing formal research Evidence IN Practice Applications/Actions Local evidence Librarian-observed evidence Data from practice combined with formal research Evidence OF Practice Results: impact, outcomes, evidence of closing gaps User-reported evidence Learner changes as result of inputs, interventions, activities, processes

11 EBP Evidence-Building Tools CISSL’s SLIM (School Library Impact Measure) Toolkit Nancy Miller’s IMPACT Excel- Based Software

12 The Impact of School Libraries on Student Learning (NJ) SLIM (School Library Impact Measure) Toolkit Demonstrated how NJ libraries helped students become More skillful & confident as info seekers More engaged, interested & reflective learners More critical thinkers about info sources & purposes Use SLIM’s 4 guided- inquiry instruments to document how students gain practical skills in inquiry-based learning & independent info seeking experience conceptual change regarding info

13 IMPACT! Documenting the LMC Program for Accountability Communicate value of what you do via: Collaborative planning Information literacy Links to state standards After you record units of instruction and teaching you have been doing, this Excel- based software transforms what you do into charts Also collapses data across schools to provide district overview

14 What You Are Already Doing? Familiarity with, use of published research? Usage data you collect for library program? Engagement with test score data? Observations you make of teacher & student users of your library? Outcome data you collect? Outcome data you could be collecting? What outcomes are you intending?

15 Other EBP/Action Research Resources Articles and Books About Evidence- Based Practice American Association of School Librarians, Crosswalk of the Common Core Standards and the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner inesandstandards/commoncorecrosswa lk inesandstandards/commoncorecrosswa lk

16 More EBP/Action Research Resources Daniel Callison, Action Research, School Library Media Activities Monthly, June 2007 Lesley S. J. Farmer, How to Conduct Action Research: A Guide for Library Media Specialists. Bottom Line series. American Association of School Librarians, 2003. Carol Gordon, A Study of Three-Dimensional Action Research: A Training Model for School Library Media Programs. School Library Media Research 9, 2006. David V. Loertscher with Ross J. Todd, We Boost Achievement! Evidence-Based Practice for School Library Media Specialists. Hi Willow, 2003. Leslie Preddy, SSR with Intervention: A School Library Action Research Project. Libraries Unlimited, 2007. Judith A. Sykes, Action Research: A Practical Guide for Transforming Your School Library. Libraries Unlimited, 2002.

17 Closing Thought If being an effective school librarian was a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

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