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Chase’s Place & RLBC 972.243.2676 14210 Marsh Lane Addison, TX 75001 | A Partnership?

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1 Chase’s Place & RLBC 972.243.2676 14210 Marsh Lane Addison, TX 75001 | A Partnership?

2 Chase’s Place Agenda Chase’s Place Introductions What is Chase’s Place? How did this conversation start? Task force membership Video Lori Myers Remarks Progress to Date Next Steps Challenges Q&A

3 Chase’s Place Chase’s Place Introductions Cindy Klymov, Director Lori Myers, Board President & mother of Sarah Molly Smith, Teacher

4 Chase’s Place What is Chase’s Place? Chase’s Place is a non-profit private school serving students with developmental disabilities including mental retardation, PDD/Autism, traumatic brain injuries, and neurological disorders. Class sizes are limited to 4-6 depending on age and ability. Our Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Therapist on staff support an impressive 2:1 student to staff ratio We accept students with disabilities (ages 5-14) of any color, race and creed, and national or ethnic origin.

5 Chase’s Place At Chase’s Place, we believe that every person possesses unique talents and qualities that enrich their lives and the lives of others. Our mission is to support our students in discovering these abilities so that they develop independence to their maximum potential, thus allowing them to live life to the fullest. Chase’s Place Mission

6 Chase’s Place How did this conversation start?

7 Chase’s Place RLBC Task Force Members Garland Hamic, Chair David Doom, Personnel Paulette Harrison, Deacon Secretary Jim McLean, Properties Jack Mullinax, Treasurer Cookie Stokes, Children’s Sunday School Dennis Turnbull, Finance/Risk Mgt Ex Officio: David Matthews, Shelly Watts, Harry Wooten

8 Chase’s Place Chase’s Place Video

9 Chase’s Place Lori Myers Remarks Married to Trent Myers for 16 years 3 kids – Rachel (14 in August/freshman) Sarah (11 in September) and Emma (9 in October/3rd grade) Sarah has been going to Chase’s Place for 6 years Chase’s Place Board President

10 Chase’s Place Progress to Date 6/26: Task force appointed 7/6 noon: CP staff met with Garland, Harry, David 7/6 pm: CP staff met with task force 7/10: Garland met with Deacons 7/13: SS teachers toured CP facility 7/24: Garland met with Program Council 7/27: Congregational update in quarterly business conference

11 Chase’s Place Next Steps Detailed feasibility analysis by Task Force Ongoing discussions with CP IF Task Force deems partnership is feasible, then development of recommendation to congregation, including revenue/expense projections and terms & conditions of partnership. Must be cost neutral to RLBC. Called congregational meeting to vote on whether to enter into partnership

12 Chase’s Place The Big Challenges How to co-exist in the space? Who will be the day-to-day liaison ?

13 Chase’s Place Q & A

14 Chase’s Place 14210 Marsh Lane Addison, TX 75001 972.243.2676 Thank You

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