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The Paper Chase Matt Shott Akimel A-al Middle School.

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1 The Paper Chase Matt Shott Akimel A-al Middle School

2 What If? What if you had $10,000 to invest in any two companies on the New York Stock exchange?

3 I could choose only two companies and they had to have the following characteristics: –Interest to me –Demonstrate freedom, reward, recognition and/or hope. –Give back to society Procedures

4 My choices After researching, I choose the following companies: PEPSI EXXON - MOBILE


6 Exxon Mobile – Company Information World’s largest integrated oil company Exxon Mobil engages in oil and gas exploration, production, supply, transportation, and marketing around the world 2001 Sales (mil.): $187,510 1-Yr. Sales Growth: (9.0%) NYSE: XOM

7 EXXON MOBIL INTEREST EXXON MOBIL was interesting to me because my grandma gave me 3 shares of stock when I was little and they keep splitting which gives me twice the amount of stocks each time they split.

8 EXXON MOBIL FREEDOM EXXON MOBIL represents freedom to me because I do not believe a company like this could have become so large except that it is in a free society like America.

9 EXXON MOBIL SERVICE EXXON MOBIL gives grant money to such organizations as the Children’s Museum of Houston and cultural matching gifts to libraries, museums and historical preservation organizations.


11 Pepsi – Company Information Second biggest soft drink company in the world Makes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Sold in 170 countries around the world 2001 Sales (mil.): $6,424 1-Yr. Sales Growth: 25.2% Part of bigger company called PepsiCo, Inc NYSE: PEP.

12 PEPSI INTEREST I love Pepsi and wouldn’t mind investing in a product that I drink almost everyday. In fact, I can’t understand why anyone drinks that other brand. Besides, Pepsi has Britney Spears as their promoter now.

13 PEPSI RECOGNITION I really like the way PEPSI appeals to the younger generation. They feature the movies I like and have a cool interactive website.

14 PEPSI SERVICE PEPSI lets you become an advisor to the company. You log into their website and you can “advise” them how to spend their money for the good of others.

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