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Global Positioning System GPS Computer with internet access.

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4 Global Positioning System GPS Computer with internet access

5 Longitude and Latitude Coordinates (A Waypoint)



8 David Ulmer hid the first cache outside Portland Oregon Mike Teague was first to find it Jeremy Irish designed the website was launched in August 2000 with 75 caches


10 Anyone can play and Everyone can find some aspect of the game that appeals. Techies Puzzle seekers Outdoor enthusiasts


12 Geocachers College Crowd Families Pets Seniors People with accessibility issues


14 K0L 3C0



17 Extend your geocaching adventures to the and FEEL THE FORCE

18 Eastern side of Haliburton County Irondale Gooderham Tory Hill Wilberforce Harcourt Highland Grove Cardiff

19 Haliburton Bancroft

20 Numerous pristine lakes Outstanding scenery Quaint villages Hiking, ATV and snowmobile trails 190,000 acres of Crown Land A business association looking for a new twist on tourism



23 Algonquin Gateway Business Association formed a Geocaching Committee to promote the area as the Geocaching Capital of Canada


25 WGS84 World Geodetic System Wilberforce and Greater Surroundings





30 Put out more caches and encouraged others to do so


32 Local newspapers as well as The Toronto Sun Cottage Central and Cottage Life magazines have written articles. Mary has appeared live on Canada AM and in a Ryerson University student’s video on You Tube!

33 Professor Hossenfeffer ‘s Faux Pas

34  Funding from the Haliburton County Development Corporation  Support of the Algonquin Gateway Business Association  Municipal encouragement  Donated services and skills  Enthusiastic volunteers

35 Cachers are coming and they are enthusiastic about caching in the Geocaching Capital of Canada Resorts, B&Bs and Motels have reported that they are getting bookings from Geocachers A local restaurant offers the GeoBurger The Riding Stable has partnered with an Eco-Lodge to provide Geocachers with a Geocaching Horseback Riding Adventure

36 Library has seen an increase in the use of its computer / internet service Red Cross Outpost Historic House / Museum has had more visitors through The General Store now stocks Geocaching supplies Real Estate agents appreciate the exposure the area is getting Cottagers are trying our the new recreational activity Community spirit is high - Locals now boast of our new title

37 Improve our website Create additional promotional material Continue to develop the Geocaching theme throughout the Geocaching Capital Involve more local businesses Seek out resources available to small businesses wanting to develop the Geocaching theme Encourage Government assistance to broadband suppliers so that they can supply high-speed internet throughout the Geocaching Capital of Canada Source out resources and funding




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