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1 Poland

2 Famous people from Poland
Poland can boast of many great and famous people. The best ones are: Justyna Kowalczyk Piotr Adamczyk Adam Małysz Krystyna Janda Tomasz Adamek Marek Kondrat Robert Kubica Andrzej Wajda

3 Justyna Kowalczyk ☺ Justyna Kowalczyk was born on 19 January, 1983 in Limanowa. She is a ski runner and has been Olympic champion, twice world champion, four-time Olympic medalist, three times World Cup winner, the winner of the prestigious Tour de Ski. On March 21, 2010 she became the first ski runner who has crossed the threshold of 2000 points in the World Cup.

4 Adam Małysz☺ He is a ski jumper and was born on 3 December, 1977 in Vistula. Adam Małysz gave the first jump at the age of six. He is a four-time Olympic medalist, four-time individual world champion, four-time World Cup winner, winner of the Four Hills Tournament, three-time winner of the Nordic Tournament, three-time winner of the Summer Grand Prix, the winner of the Four Nations Tournament and twenty-time single Polish champion. He finished his sports career on March 26, 2011.

5 Tomasz Adamek ☺ He became interested in boxing in the fourth grade of primary school. At the age of twelve he began training at the boxing club section Goral Zywiec and won the senior championship in In 1999 he decided to turn professional. Adamek’s top positions on the lists is 1 in WBO (August 2010), 4 in WBC (October 2004), 6 in the WBA (October-December 2004) and 6 the IBF (November-December 2004).

6 Robert Kubica ☺ Robert Kubica is a rcing driver. He was born on December 7, 1984 in Krakow. Kubica started his career in karts, first sat behind the wheel at the age of six, four years later he was Polish junior champion. At the age of thirteen he went to Italy to develop his talent. In 1998 he was junior champion in Italy and runner-up in Europe, later he won a prestigious competition in Monaco. On December 20 Kubica signed a contract with the Polish BMW Sauber On February 6, 2011, Robert Kubica had a serious accident but we hope that he will soon return to health and come back on track.

7 Piotr Adamczyk ☺ Piotr Adamczyk is an actor. He was born on 21 March 1972 in Warsaw. He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw in In the second year of study he left for London on a scholarship to the British-American Drama Academy. Piotr Adamczyk can be seen in films and on television, he lends his voice to many characters in dabbed films. He appeared in the title role in the film Chopin. His other famous role was in Charles, the Man who Became the Pope where he plays Karol Wojtyla.

8 Marek Kondrat ☺ Marek Kondrat is an actor, a television and theater director and a private entrepreneur. He was born on October 18, 1950 and stood in front of the camera as a child. In 1972 he graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw, where he later worked as a lecturer. He appeared on stage and in many memorable films, such as: Pacific, Enchanted Favoured territories, The Shadow, CK Deserters, An Asylum, Day of the Wacko and We're All Christs. On March 5, 2007 Marek Kondrat announced the end of his acting career.

9 Krystyna Janda ☺ Krystyna Janda is a film and theatre actress, a writer and columnist, singer, and a director of the theatre. She is best known for her roles in films: Man of Marble, Man of Iron, and Hearing my Mother's Lovers. Krystyna Janda usually plays female characters who are strong and decisive. She has won many awards in Poland and abroad. In polls conducted in the Polish press at the end of the twentieth century, Krystyna Janda has been chosen by the viewers the biggest Polish actress of the century.

10 Andrzej Wajda ☺ Andrzej Wajda is a film and theatre director, co-founder of Polish film school. His artistic creation is an original cinema with a large variety, which derives from painting and literature, Polish and European cultural tradition. He is known especially for a trilogy of war films: A Generation, Kanal and Ashes and Diamonds. Four of his movies have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film: The Promised Land (1975), The Maids of Wilko (1979), Man of Iron (1981) and Katyn (2007).

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