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Top Tech Tools By Winnie Milner Fall 2011. First things first... Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand.

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1 Top Tech Tools By Winnie Milner Fall 2011

2 First things first... Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand.

3  As technology changes, so must the way we teach and think. Technology helps us address all of these skills. What is the most important 21 st century skill? Collaboration Communication Global Empathy Problem Solving Multi-Tasking Technical know-how

4 There are lots of great resources, but it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.

5 My Favorites First... Best in the category of media sharing & presentation

6 1. EDU Glogster  Students create educational interactive posters. (FREE basic version)  Incorporates: audio, video, text, links, and pictures  Can be public or private  Edu.Glogster Edu.Glogster 

7 Educational version offers perks-  Access to student accounts  Student sharing  Class projects/ assignments  Class page  One-click class messaging  Project reminders  Project templates for specific assignments  Ability to draw & insert artwork  To be rolled out- Fall 2011

8 2. Prezi  Present information with flair or have students go beyond the typical PowerPoint presentation. (FREE basic and education version)  What is it? What is it?  Create non-linear online presentations  ITSCO tutorial on iTunesU  /library-media-specialist/ One of my Prezis--

9 3. Wordle  This site allows students and you to make “word clouds.”(FREE)  Ability to change font, color, layout  Print, save or share  Option to make public  No account necessary  See Thing #11 in INFOhio Learning Commons

10 More Wordle...  Sample Secondary Assignment: English  Students are divided in groups of 3-5, all reading the same book. Their assignment is to complete a Wordle for the book.  In addition to creating the Wordle, students must submit a list of the words and/or phrases used and explain how their choices are related to the book. Any pictures that are added must be included on a works cited page.

11 4. tagXedo  Similar to Wordle (FREE)  Word clouds can be made into shapes  Must install Silverlight to use (FREE easy to install app)

12 5. Animoto  This allows you to make professional looking videos with music. (30 second vidoes are FREE)  Don’t have to worry about using copyright-free music.  You can use video footage or still pictures.  Larry the Gnome video Larry the Gnome video

13 5. Blabberize  You are able to put 30 seconds of audio to any picture, making in the subject “talk.” (FREE)  See me for a list of potential lesson plan ideas. Blabberize Gary Blabberize Prom Girls

14 6. Dipity  Interactive digital timeline website (FREE basic version)  Able to use video, audio, images, text, links, and social media.  People can click on timeline events to get more information and other internet resources.  Users are able to “follow” people’s work.  Essentially this means you are able to be updated whenever a person updates his or her timeline. 

15 What Dipity looks like...

16 7. Jing  This is another site you can use to make screenshots and easily share it via email, the web, IM, twitter or blogs. (FREE basic version) 

17 But kind of like JING is...  Microsoft Office’s Snipping tool that comes with our software package  To find it-- Click on Windows icon on the far bottom left of your screen. Type “snip” into the search box.  Snipping Tool will pop up. Open it up.  To make it easily accessible, right click and attach it to your tool bar.  Easy Peasy

18 8. Voice Thread  This is an incredibly interactive way to communicate and interact about a given subject. (FREE limited version)  Classes can interact and comment about presented information.  Five ways to participate: phone, text, microphone, webcam, or digital upload  ITSCO tutorial in iTunesU 

19 Ways teachers have used VoiceThread...

20 9. MakesBeliefsComix  Choose from premade characters, props, settings and other drawings to create original comic strips (FREE)  Excellent for ESL students and students learning a foreign language because they can write in other languages other than English.  Does not save your comic strip– you may email or print the final product.   21 Ways to use this in the classroom 21 Ways to use this in the classroom 

21 10. PodOmatic  Podomatic- This is touted as the world's biggest FREE site that helps to create podcasts.  It allows its users to become fans of other podcasters so that they can be notified when new podcast episodes are released. 

22 11. Photo Peach  Easy to use tool that creates slideshow in seconds. (FREE)  It has background music available.  Within minutes people can insert captions and comments so you can elaborate on your story.  Easy to share on social networks  Not presently an audio recording feature.  SUPER EASY! I made one this summer for my husband’s 40 th birthday and posted on my Facebook account. Mike’s Photo Peach Album

23 12. Voki  Create your own avatar for free using their easy tools and sound access  Check out mine at

24 13. Fix8  Software that allows you to animate yourself.  Need a camera and webcam  Can dress up your actual image with props or can fully animate an avatar.  FREE 30-day trial (I think this is the only paid resource in this PP, but I thought it was good enough to be noteworthy.)

25 14. Storybird  Online writing tool  Writers choose pictures from various artists  Writers then accompany the pictures with original writing.  Great elementary tool, but could be used in the higher grades for things like vocabulary or a creative writing class.

26 15. Movie Maker-Xtranormal  Their web site boast “if you can type, you can make a movie.”  Software is downloaded.  They has an “educational/ safe” version.   One minute Techie Example One minute Techie Example

27 More of my favorites... Best in the category of organization and managing of information

28 16. Live binder  Touted as “your 3-ring binder for the Web”  Collect your resources  Organize them neatly and easily  Never lose web resources or sift through bookmarks again.

29 Livebinder uses...

30 Notable Livebinders  Algebra =8937  English =19579  Science =121964  World history =121184

31 17. Exploratree  Library of “thinking guides” (FREE)  Use the guides to explore, analyze, problem solve, evaluate differing perspectives, etc.

32 More tools... Best in the category of information inquiry, instruction & content resources

33 18. Triptico  Awesome interactive resource for teachers. Great for Smartboards (FREE)  Resources are:  word magnets,  class timer,  random student selector,  two team scorer,  student order creator,  find 10,  order resource organizer,  flip timer,  student group selector,  text spinner,  image spinner,  number workout,  random task generator,  what’s in the box?,  question quiz User’s Guide _Guide.pdf

34 Few examples of Triptico... Find Ten Order Resource

35 19.  Online idea organizer tool (FREE)  See me for a “cheat sheet” of commands

36 20. Similar Sites  This is a great resource that allows you to search for sites that are exactly that, similar to your own favorites.  It’s a great spot to revisit regularly so that you may be current. 

37 21. Diigo  Social bookmarking, file sharing, organizer, personal learning network (FREE)  Cool features: digital highlights and sticky notes  Highlight, tag, and capture webpages in a cloud so these changes are available everywhere with internet access  Excellent resource for eReading  Educator option available

38 22. Dropbox  Have your information anywhere that you need it.  Service stores your content in the cloud.  Two gigabytes of storage are FREE. Other packages are available with a fee. Great Video Explanation

39 23. DebateGraph  Site that enables people to collaborate and debate with others around the world.  People are able to discuss, model, analyze and visualize complex debates.  Visually demonstrate differing perspectives.  The extension from each branch is limitless.  People click on a branch to investigate & further debate more specific issues.

40 24. FlashMeeting  It is a tool that allows you to have a meeting with people all over the world. (FREE)  Like Skype but there can be multiple locations of collaborators.  You book a meeting time and are assigned a password.  You share the time and password with whom you want to collaborate.

41 25. Masher  Online video editing tool (FREE)  Mashes video clips, pictures and music tracks together  Videos can be emailed, posted on blogs, websites or social networks  Can store up to 100 Mb of videos, images and music  The site has a bank of video clips you can use.  Easy to add visual effects and text Hands Off Example da05-00000bdbcb89&adscheme=0

42 26. Wiffiti  It is a novel way to allow your students to communicate and collaborate in the classroom. (FREE)  Students text responses to a teacher generated prompt.  Web-based/ No installation  The service has a built- in language rating system to prevent inappropriate comments.  NOTE: Teachers would need to get administrative permission to allow students to use phones. Classroom Discussion Example

43 27. Museum Box  Create a virtual diorama to organize and share images, video, text and sound (FREE)  Build an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box  Can create student accounts and have students submit boxes for your review

44 28. Khan Academy  A library of 2,000+ videos (FREE)  Practice exercises for some of the videos  Topics include: algebra, calculus, chemistry, biology, economics, finance, geometry, history, statistics, probability, physics, SAT & GMAT NBC Nightly News Clip about Khan Academy

45 29. TED  Small, nonprofit organization devoted to ideas “worth spreading.”  (FREE)  This has videos of the speakers at conferences and other venues  Worth checking out: anything by Sir Ken Robinson but especially this video. video

46 30. FoldingStory  Game that asks you to collaborate with others in order to complete a story.

47 31. Font de Music  Lets people add sound and movement to words.  Might be great for conveying a mood with vocabulary, acting as a memory device for new vocabulary or an excellent tool for a beginning reader.

48 32. Wattpad  Site boasts that it is the world’s largest FREE eBook community  Writing can easily be uploaded and updated as many times as needed-- like adding new chapters  People can leave feedback for the writer.  People can follow the writing and get update when new things have been published.  eBooks are divided by genre.  Users can vote on their favorites.  The community has reader & writer clubs/ forums.  Wattpad has writing contests.

49 Top Educational Resource Sites...  Thinkfinity: 1000s of lesson plans & interactive tools  Lesson plans organized by grade and subject  Shmoop: Fun site with links, guides, and lesson plans  teAchnology: 1000s of lesson plans and holiday resources  Super Teacher Worksheets: Huge list of printable worksheet and activities that could also be used digitally  Educational World: Lesson Plans  Cybraryman: Links & resources for teachers and students  FREE (Free Resources for Educational Excellence): Has lessons, videos, documents, etc.

50 Honorable mention for particular subjects:  Math- National Library of Virtual Manipulatives National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NSF & Utah St.)  Language Arts- Read, Write, Think (NCTE & IRA) Read, Write, Think (NCTE & IRA)  Early childhood- International children digital library  Science- National Science Digital Library Jason Project

51 Other things worth mentioning...  Google for teachers: Books, Docs, Maps & More Google for teachers: Books, Docs, Maps & More  t-preview.aspx?doc_id=32003426 t-preview.aspx?doc_id=32003426

52 Did You Know 4.0? bedded&v=6ILQrUrEWe8&safety_mode=true&persist_s afety_mode=1

53 Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2011  Every year educators rank which tech tools rank highest. This initiative is led by the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT).  Check out the web site to see which ones are valued most.  Keep this site in mind when you want to stay up with ed tech trends.  html html

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