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Parts One and Two Notes Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Students, read the following: Because of the snow days, the study guide questions for Parts One,

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1 Parts One and Two Notes Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Students, read the following: Because of the snow days, the study guide questions for Parts One, Two, Three, and Four will be optional. I will consider the completion of the study guide questions to be the equivalent of a Double Entry Journal and it will count as 10 bonus points on your test. Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled to be held on Thursday, February 12 th which is the same day as our test. Therefore, the test will be Wednesday, February 11 th and you will be given 2 additional days to outline your next critical essay.

2 Part One  The Code of Chivalry  Physical ideals of knighthood:  Strength  skills at arms  horsemanship  Mental ideals of knighthood:  Prowess- a combination of courage, strength, and skill that commands respect.  Honor- having a strong sense of morality, integrity, and deference before those in the offices of authority.  Courtesy - respectful behavior not only towards one’s betters, but also towards those who are “below” one’s cast as well.  Loyalty - meaning the pledged word. This emphasis given to it derived from the time when a pledge between lord and vassal was the only form of government.  Courtly Love- designed to make the knight more polite and to lift the tone of society, courtly love required its disciple to be in a chronically amorous condition.  Developed out of the cultish worship of Mary, elevating woman’s status and making them into an object to be worshiped. Part One Notes

3  Genre: Medieval Romance  Romances typically recounted the adventures of a chivalrous, heroic knight, often of super-human ability, who abides by Chivalry’s strict codes of honor and demeanor, embarks on a quest to defeat monsters and win the favor of a lady.  The focus is adventure (whereas The Odyssey focused on glory and Beowulf focused on honor).  King Arthur  Characterized as being slightly boyish, too restless to stay seated for very long.  Arthur vows not to sit or eat until he has heard a story of courage and bravery. Part One Notes

4  The Green Knight  Huge giant, clearly a powerful fighter but not dressed for a fight because he carries no shield and is not wearing battle armor. Instead he carries an axe for his game and a branch of holly as a symbol of peace.  He wants to challenge the reputation of Arthur’s famous knights of the round table and suggests a game.  Any knight may use his axe and take a swing at his neck if he may take a swing in return one year later.  No one accepts the game which causes Arthur to wince from embarrassment  Finally, Gawain, who calls himself a lesser knight, asks Arthur permission to accept the challenge. Part One Notes

5  The Importance of the number five  Gawain’s shield has a 5-pointed star on it which is referred to as the “pentangle” or “endless knot”  Each point of the star represents Gawain’s five virtues:  Gawain is faultless in his 5 senses  His 5 fingers have never failed him  Gawain is devoted to the 5 wounds of Christ  Gawain has control over his 5 virtues- generosity, good fellowship, purity, courtesy, and charity.  Gawain is supported by the 5 joys of Mary  ** This makes Gawain’s shield one of the two chief symbols in the poem**  The outside of the shield is a symbol of Gawain’s virtues and talents with which Gawain defends and upholds the Code of Chivalry.  The inside is a reminder of the supernatural aid that preserves him; it’s a reminder for him to remain humble. Part Two Notes

6  FOIL  The beautiful lady vs. the ugly old woman  Each heightens the effect of the other- beauty is intensified by ugliness & ugliness is intensified by beauty.  Chivalric Test  Gawain’s host, Bertilak, suggests a game that will call Gawain’s virtue to question  Terms of the game: Each mangives to the other their “winnings” of the day  What part of the code of chivalry does this game test? Part Two Notes

7 12 Study Guide! (Part 2) 3 Study Guide! (Part 2) “Chivalry and Courtly Love” Article HW: Study Guide 4 Study Guide (Part 3 & 4) HW: Study Guide 5 Notes on Part One & Part Two HW: Study Guide 6 Notes on Part Three & Part Four HW: Essential Themes 7 89 Understanding Medieval Romances 10 Study Guide Review & Review of Essential Themes 11 Test 12 Outlining and Planning of Critical Essay #2 13 Outlining and Planning of Critical Essay #2 14 February Revised Schedule I will offer 5 bonus points to any student whose parents attend parent-teacher conferences!!!!!!!!

8  The hunt  Day 1- the host hunts a deer, calling it the best hunt he’s seen “in the wintertime for seven years.” Gawain, in a similar fashion, awakes to find the lady stealthily entering his room. He pretends to wake up and acts surprised to see her there. It’s clear what she wants, but Gawain fends her off politely and she leaves with only a kiss as her reward.  Day 2- the host hunts a boar ; the lay again visits Gawain, claiming that he has no manners because he has not kissed her again. This time, she is more forceful than the previous day, suggesting that he should force a kiss from her and boast of his heroic deeds. After dodging her attempts to seduce him, Gawain gives her two kisses.  Day 3- the host hunts a fox. The fox does all he can to trick the host, but Bertilak does not give up. Similarly, the lady attempts to trick Gawain into sleeping with her and demands to know if Gawain is promised to another woman, but Gawain explains that sleeping with her is against his code of honor. She leaves with three kisses. Part Three Notes

9  Explanation of the hunt  There is a subtle relationship between the two hunts:  While the host hunts deer, Gawain acts like a deer who is being hunted by the lady. First, he is lying still in hopes of evading the huntress, then numbly evading her pursuit through alertness.  While the host hunts a boar, Gawain is direct in his reaction to the lady who has come upon him with more aggression.  While the host hunts a fox, Gawain responds to her seduction with cunning and hopes to outwit the Green Knight with his secret gift. Part Three Notes

10  The Lady’s gift  Because Gawain will not sleep with her, the lady demands that Gawain take a gift from her- a gold ring. He refuses.  Then, she offers him a green girdle/sash which Gawain declines at first, but then accepts when the lady explains its magical powers. Part Three Notes

11  The two symbols:  Gawain’s shield- a symbol of Gawain’s pure outer and inner nature.  The Sash- symbol of Gawain’s fall; it represents secrecy and worldliness.  The guide  Begs Gawain not to see the Green Knight and return home; he promises not to tell anyone so that Gawain may keep his glory.  Line 2125 pg. 114 Part FourNotes

12  The Green Knight  Gawain bends over for the stroke and flinches at the last second; he is mocked.  Line 2270  Gawain only receives a nick on his neck; Gawain jumps back prepared for battle.  Line 2330  The Green Knight is Lord Bertilak & he planned the test with Morgal Le Fay  The purpose of the test: To test the pride of King Arthur’s Round Tabel & determine the truth of the Knight’s fame.  The belt becomes a symbol of Gawain’s cowardice, but Arthur turns it into a reminder that Knights are human and must fight their weak natures. Part Four Notes

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