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J. Merritt 20Sep10 My Transfer Experience Joshua Merritt.

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1 J. Merritt 20Sep10 My Transfer Experience Joshua Merritt

2 J. Merritt 20Sep10 The Ohio State University First a little bit about The Ohio State University…  Established in 1870  Large Student Population (50,000+ Students)  Large Campus  A Top 20 Public University (US News and World Report)  Currently on Quarters, will be moving to Semesters in AU12

3 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Department of Mechanical Engineering Now a little bit on my department…  Routinely ranked in the Top 20 for Mechanical Engineering by US News and World Report  One of the better funded departments on campus  The largest department in the College of Engineering  Access to many resources reserved for ME students  ME Students learn and study in Scott Lab. The $71.1 Million Facility is one of the premier engineering facilities in the country  We boast a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, remarkable considering the student body size overall  OSU offers both a ME Honors Program, as well as a BS/MS program

4 J. Merritt 20Sep10 My Path to Columbus  Started at Cabrillo College, originally as an Economics major  Switched to Mechanical Engineering just before I moved back home to help out with my family  Took classes at Chabot and Laney, while working part-time  Transferred to OSU in Winter Quarter of 2009

5 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Biggest Changes  Must larger classes, initially  Much, much faster pace  Coordinating schedules with study groups takes more effort  Professors are there to research, as well as teach courses, so can be more difficult to get questions answered

6 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Greatest Opportunities  Large campuses have large resources  Many clubs and events to participate in  Access to machine shops, electronics labs  A great employment center to aid in finding Internships, Co-Ops and Jobs  State-of-the-Art Building (Scott Lab)

7 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Choosing a School There is not a right or wrong school to transfer to, only right and wrong for you, so…  Consider what criteria are important to YOU  Whatever gets you excited about a school is a viable rationale for consideration  Consider things like school size (this is really important based on your personality type), faculty-to-student ratio, availability of clubs or internships, location, school setting…  DO NOT pick a school because you heard it was a good school

8 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Tips for Transferring  Keep ALL syllabi, tests and work you do in your classes, you never know when it will help for having a class evaluated.  Being outgoing, the best way to join a study group is to be friendly and attentive  If at all possible, visit the campus a few times before you go  If you move away to school, find an apartment within walking distance  DO NOT skip classes, you WILL fall behind

9 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Some Things I’ve Done @ OSU  Joined ASME, have been an active participant  Earned membership into Pi Tau Sigma National Mechanical Engineering Honor Society  Joined and worked on the Solar Decathlon Team  Played for the OSU Rugby Club  Worked on the Solar Decathlon Team

10 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Take Advantage Moving onto university affords you many opportunities, you should take advantage  Join a club  Gives you hands-on experience outside the classroom  Apply for as many internships as you can  Do not be rigid on which companies you apply for, all internships offer an opportunity to grow as an engineer

11 J. Merritt 20Sep10 Questions? Any Questions?

12 J. Merritt 20Sep10 No More Questions? Fine… Now you get pictures from my time at THE Ohio State University

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