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Japan A Unitary Nation A presentation by Brock Reish and Patrick Meador.

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1 Japan A Unitary Nation A presentation by Brock Reish and Patrick Meador

2 Emperor Ceremonial duties only The throne is dynastic. NO power in the government The Emperor

3 Key Characteristics of the Government  The House of Representatives (low house)  The House of Councilors (upper house)  Collectively called “The Diet”  The executive branch  Prime Minister  Appointed cabinet

4 Government Structure  House of Reps. appoint the Prime Minister  Nothing happens without Diet approval

5 Constitutional Highlights Equal Rights – No discrimination based on race, creed, sex, social status, or family origin. (article 14) Religious Freedom – The government will refrain from religious involvement. People are free in all religious decisions. (article 20) Renunciation of War - A military will not be maintained for the purpose of intimidation or war. Global peace will always be the goal. (article 9)

6 Where did it come from?  Outlined by General Douglas MacArthur after WWII.  Strong American influence

7 Rule of Law  The Diet is the highest power of the state.  Prime minister appointed by the house of representatives.  People vote directly for representatives.

8 Court System  5 levels of courts  Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Family Courts and Summary Courts  The Supreme court is the highest and handles all final appeals  Supreme court composed of 15 justices divided into 3 benches

9 Voting  House of Councilors  100 members voted at large  152 voted as prefectural members  6-year terms, one half every 3  House of Representatives  467 members  Voted from districts (3-5 reps each)  4-year terms

10 Economics  Boast one of the most economically free nations  Ranked 24 th “freest” nation by the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom

11 Major Issues  Aging Population  Slow birth rate  Government is unpopular  Poverty is growing

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