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Farhat Hached Prep.School

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1 Farhat Hached Prep.School
Farhet Hashed prep school is in Hammamet. It's a new one. It has been founded for eleven years (in 2002). The total area is m2 with 3300 m2 covered. It takes its name from the Tunisian Martyr Farhat Hached. He is one of Tunisian militants who defended Tunisia against the French colonization. On December 5th , 1952, Farhat Hached, legitimately considered the key founder and father of the independent Tunisian trade union movement was assassinated by agents of French colonialism. There are 2200 students (boys and girls) and 66 teachers in different fields.


3 School Day Our Students Arrive :
Our school day starts at 8:00 a.m and finishes at 5:00 p.m. Students start their school day by saluting the Tunisian flag and listening to the national anthem. Each lesson lasts about 55 minutes. Our Students Arrive : The students start arriving to the school from about 7:45 am. Most of them take the school bus to go to school but some go by taxi. Some parents take their children to school by their cars, and few students go by bike. Only school girls wear a school uniform. Boys are always previlidged ; ‘no uniform for boys’ in our school. But in other schools boys , too, must wear blue - of course not pink - uniform

4 English: Defenders of the Homeland Ḥumāt al-Ḥimá
Chorus: O defenders of the Homeland! Rally around to the glory of our time! The blood surges in our veins, We die for the sake of our land. Let the heavens roar with thunder Let thunderbolts rain with fire. Men and youth of Tunisia, Rise up for her might and glory. No place for traitors in Tunisia, Only for those who defend her! We live and die loyal to Tunisia, A life of dignity and a death of glory. Chorus As a nation we inherited Arms like granite towers. Holding aloft our proud flag flying, We boast of it, it boasts of us, Arms that achieve ambitions and glory, Sure to realize our hopes, Inflict defeat on foes, Offer peace to friends. Chorus When the people will to live, Destiny must surely respond. Oppression shall then vanish. Fetters are certain to break. Chorus




8 Breaks : Students have three breaks a day. Morning break : At ten o’clock we have a break. It’s about 15minutes. We meet each other, eat snacks, go to the toilets… Lunch break : Some students have their break at 12:00, others have it at 13:00. Some students have just one hour, others have two hours. It’s according to their timetables. Afternoon break : It’s at 15:00 p.m. Students have a qurter of an hour to refresh their minds.



11 Lessons Students in our school have different subjects.
They study about 14 subjects : Languages : French, English and of course Arabic. In secondary schools students can study more languages for example, German, Italian, Spanish,… but they are optional. They also study maths, technology, biology, physics, civic education, Islamic education, computer science, physical education and arts.


13 Lunch There’s no school canteen. So students bring packed lunch. It’s always a sandwich made of bread, Tunisian harrissa , tuna and fried potatoes. Other students prefer to buy sandwiches but they are not different from those they bring from home.


15 Holidays In Tunisia schools have many holidays and it’s the same for all schools. We have three main holidays Winter holiday : It lasts 15 days. It starts from the 17th of December to the second of January. Spring holiday: It’s the same as the first one. Summer holiday : It’s the longest holiday. It starts from the 10th of June to the 15th of september for students but for teachers it starts from the 30th of June.

16 We also have other holidays. In Tunisia we have three terms
We also have other holidays. In Tunisia we have three terms. In the middle of each term we have three days as a holiday called the mid term holiday. We also have other different holidays that last just one day, for example : the labours’day on the first of may; the Tunisian martyrs’ day on the 9th of april; the ‘eid idha’ holiday and ‘eid elfitr’ holiday,… Of course we feel very happy and excited when we have a holiday like all students all over the world. It’s a rest after a long time of hard working.

17 Physical education Physical education is one of the most liked subjects. Pupils feel at ease when playing sport. They run, scream, play hide and seek, do everything they like. P.E. teachers let us do what we like. They are not so strict because they know that it’s our own way to release the stress inside of all the homeworks, subjects that we have everyday.

18 This doesn’t mean that we don’t follow a program
This doesn’t mean that we don’t follow a program. We play basketball, handball and gymnastics. We have a football team. It has won many cups but it’s not so excellent. We don’t have clubs or other acitvities that enable us to have fun.



21 Arts and music Arts and music are students’ favourite subjects. With physical education arts and music are so enjoyable. Students paint, sing and listen to music. You are not obliged to write and write and write. Even we don’t have musical instruments at school but we follow the rythm that our teacher plays with our knock on the desks. Unfortunately, we have music only in the 7th form. However we have arts in the 7th, 8th and 9th forms, thank God.



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