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Things I Wish I Had Known About Funding My Education.

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1 Things I Wish I Had Known About Funding My Education

2 You CAN receive Financial Aid, even if you are not a full-time student Financial Aid is available for Summer classes Outside funding sources are abundant Textbooks do not have to be so expensive IRA Educational expenses can be tax deductible Things I Wish I Had Known

3 Financial Aid is available to part-time students Complete your income taxes early and save a copy Go to Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) website (FAFSA) website  Request a PIN  Complete a FAFSA online  Submit electronically using the PIN and print a copy  Wait patiently Purdue may request supplemental information

4 Financial Aid for Summer classes too…. Complete a simple supplemental form available through the financial aid office.

5 Outside Funding By filing a FAFSA prior to March 1, you are automatically considered for need- based aid through Purdue Other aid is available  Demographics  Activities  Academic achievement  more

6 Outside Funding Finding funding sources  Span Plan website Span Plan website  Financial Aid website Financial Aid website  Fastweb Fastweb  You Student Services Office  News and media

7 How do I apply? Most require a completed FAFSA Financial information (refer back to tax forms and FAFSA) Official transcript  Request through My PurdueMy Purdue Recommendations Personal essay

8 The Essay Write one essay and modify Pay attention to specific requirements Boast with moderation Explain goals for the future Don’t forget to “give back” Think about ALL of your added costs beyond tuition and books PROOFREAD!

9 Buying Textbooks: What a scam! Check Follett’s and University Bookstore websites early to determine the books you needFollett’s University Bookstore Buy elsewhere  Other students  Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Search by author/title/ISBN Reserve copies in libraries

10 Selling Books Sometimes the bookstores will give you a fair buy-back price Sometimes they won’t!  Sell to another student-you will gain and they will save  Set up a seller’s account on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or

11 IRA 529 Plan An IRA 529 Plan is established to fund a college education (typically for your children) You can make the beneficiary YOU! Consult a financial advisor

12 Tax Benefits Sometimes college expenses can produce tax benefits through a Hope or Lifetime Learning credit Consult a tax advisor

13 FAFSA: Span Plan: Financial Aid: Fastweb: My Purdue: Follett’s: University Bookstore: Amazon: http://www.half.com Barnes & Noble: Important Websites for Funding Your Education

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