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Beowulf + The Seafarer Eric Lax Hillary Redisch Josh Skurnik.

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1 Beowulf + The Seafarer Eric Lax Hillary Redisch Josh Skurnik

2 CharactersThemesPlotGood Vs. Evil Seafarer 100 200 300 400 Final Jeopardy

3 Figure out this riddle: A wonderful warrior exists on earth. Two dumb creatures make him grow bright between them. Enemies use him against one another. His strength is fierce but a woman can tame him. He will meekly serve both men and women If they know the trick of looking after him And feeding him properly. He makes people happy. He makes their lives better. But if they let him grow proud This ungrateful friend soon turns against them. Fire

4 Plot 100 Where does Beowulf fight Grendel? Herot back

5 Plot 200 What clan is Beowulf? The Geats back

6 Plot 300 Name 3 accomplishments of Beowulf. Fought a swimming march with Brecca, Killed nine seamonsters, killed Grendel. back

7 Plot 400 How did Beowulf die? He was killed by the dragon back

8 Themes 100 What is the main theme of Beowulf? Good Vs. Evil back

9 Theme 200 Name three out of the seven Anglo-Saxon codes. Bravery, honor, fame, generosity, loyalty, and friendship back

10 Theme 300 Was it ok for Beowulf to boast? And why? Yes, because he had accomplished so many things. back

11 Theme 400 When reading through From Grendel what is conveyed in the story? That Grendel is the victim, while Beowulf is the monster. back

12 Characters 100 Who is the “Shepherd of evil”? Beowulf back

13 Characters 200 Who is the King of Herot hall? Hrothgar back

14 Characters 300 Who is Higlac? Beowulf’s cousin back

15 Characters 400 Who is Welthow? The queen of the Danes back

16 Good Vs. Evil 100 What two locations represent good and evil? Herot and Grendel’s Lair back

17 Good Vs. Evil 200 In From Grendel which character is depicted as good and which character is depicted as evil? Grendel is good and Beowulf is evil back

18 Good Vs. Evil 300 Is Unferth good or evil? Neither back

19 Good Vs. Evil 400 What three monsters represent evil? Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the Dragon back

20 Seafarer 100 What does the first part of the poem describe? The pain and suffering the sailor goes through when he is at sea. back

21 Seafarer 200 To what is the speaker constantly drawn too? The sea back

22 Seafarer 300 According to the poem, what qualities might earn a person a place in heaven? Humility, courage, love, faith, chastity, self- moderation, and control back

23 Seafarer 400 What are the three images the speaker uses in the first stanza? Icy dungeon, no shelter, and rocky cliffs back

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